Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Hebrew School

No time for blogging, Sam.

Fine. Just a preview of tommorow's! What can google do for you: An look at how valuble google is, and just how much people don't know.

Oh, and Carissa my sister says you are, (note the quotes) "A comment whore". She still thinks you're very funny.

God, Tim, don't show this to your mom. Or Jeff. Well, maybe Jeff. Hmm...

Monday, January 30, 2006

The Prince and the Pencil

I know my title doesn't make sense, but I'm in a hurry. Okay first: new LOTW rule.

I'm tired of combing through the comment boards to find your stupid links. I'm not accepting them unless you email me. My email is also on the sidebar.

Okay? Okay. I'm done my major homework, that is my major core subjects. I still have to make some English notecards for the debate. Damn you Ben, Mona, and Hong, maybe Hong. I'm not sure if Hong was in on it.

Hey, here's a crazy idea. A blog like Maddie's, except just a bunch of team members. We'll have an admin with a password (s)he makes, and a guest account for anyone else. We'll call it, "All The Dirt", where we discuss the going abouts in school, and yeah...

Maybe it was a better idea in my head. Hey do you guys think damn and hell are swear words. And at what point is a blog "abandoned". I mean, Jesse, Sri, and Becky had the obvious one's, but still.

I've also decided my memory sucks. I remeber how I met Jen, but not any of my other friends. So that's bad.

And at what point is someone your friend.

A big hello out to Jeff B. (where are you, man?), and Tripp (has some sickness, get well soon). Tripp doesn't read my blog.

Today I visited someone's blog that was really annoying. Hold on, I'll find the link (well obviously you don't have to hold on, you'll just keep reading). Here it is. This girl is so annoying. Look at her post from the 26th through the 28th of January. It's hilarious. She is like, I got a date with Josh. Josh is my lover. I <3 josh. I like someone else, so I'm breaking up with Josh! I got a date with Justin! etc.

Ah, well. Love is a fickle buisiness at 13, I guess.

Especially with dirt bikers.

That's it for now. See ya.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Anything but...

So I was just thinking the other day how long it's been since I made a blog and how I'm a team member and that I need to pull my weight and then I thought that I would make a blog. Plus Sam turned on this laptop and it's so cool to type on a laptop because you kind of feel like you are really getting stuff done even though you are only making a stupid blog entry. Not that blogs are stupid. But here's the question: are blogs still going to be around a year from now? Are they still going to be around forty years from now? And could Gandalf beat Aslan? because I'm all for Aslan since he's a lion and all and he's really nice and Gandalf is creepy and old. But Aslan is also mysterious. Not that Aslan isn't also...

So I have to go to school tomorrow. Which is pretty bad. And then I have to pick Sam up at his stupid play thing. Which is also pretty bad. Because everybody is always waiting to get their license and then when they get it they hate driving. Because it's totally a waste of time. Like I could be watching Friends. It's all I'm saying...

Well. Once I took a trip took a trip to another state. The flora and the fauna that I saw were really great...

Ok so I was thinking of a game we could play. Like I could put lyrics of musicals in my posts and the object of the game would be to say which song it came from. And then which musical. But you can't can't can't can't can't use Google. because that is cheating and not allowed. But there wouldn't be a prize anyway. Because Sam already made the posts thing and I can't give you candy. Because I'm saving it to bribe the kids I teach with.

Anyway I've already done it. So you should guess. Ok. Well that's about it on the muscial lyrics front.

So yesterday I was eating macaroni and cheese. And then I was singing the macaroni macaroni song where you put the cheese in the noodles. And then you get macaroni. It's like that song that never ends but then there isn't a sock puppet that looks like a lamb in the picture in my brain. So.

Ok. Well it's nine o clock which is my bedtime and Sam and I are watching Friends so I'm going to go. I do really like Friends. In case you didn't know. Well. So I'm going to sign off and go to bed and then my mom won't find out what I'm doing since she'd be mad at me anyway. Because blogging in bed is bad. According to my mother. Well.

Au revoirs mes amis! Bon soir!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Winner of LOTW

Winner of link of the week number something is...

No one! Your links sucked! Leah and Jon, your's was good. But the rest sucked.

You've already won.


Friday, January 27, 2006

On Life at 13

Jeff and Maeve, no commenting for a week.

Kidding, kidding! I need comments. It fills the hole in my ego.

Man, I'm shallow. Kind of. Am I shallow? Don't answer that.

That wasn't that funny, either. Ah, well. And how did Serena find out about my blog? I'd imagine Hong or Frances told them.

Well, I've decided that, as a kid, I'm powerless. Whenever I argue with my mom or dad, basically they just tell me, "Sam, you're just digging your own grave". They won't listen to reason. For instance, recently I was blogging and my mom said, "come to the dinner table". I ignored her. She began counting down from 5. I finished my post quickly, then left by 1 or 2.

I was punished anyway.


Anyway, I felt this was unfair, and when I tried to reason with her, she just ignored me. It was really annoying.

Well, this rant didn't last as long as I hoped. Now I feel sheepish.

Oh, I know!

Currently Listening To: The Nightfly by Donald Fagen. It's really a great album.

But I can't make any references. Well, let's see. I'll check my comments for inspiration. Angie invited me somewhere. I don't know why.

Wouldn't it be fun if I was a radio show host? That would be so cool. I'd be like blogging but on the radio.

Wake up, darling! The colonel's (what the hell kind of spelling is that) in the sun, with the stupid face, the glasses, and the gun.

That's from this song about a guy who goes to an island where there is a rebellion, then he got stuck on the island and they were killing the Americans. So then he gets off on a boat.

Good song. It's kind of a jazz/latin number.

LOTW tomorrow. Also added a footer at the bottom of the page. Check it out!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Posters, etc.

Blogger makes it so easy to post pictures. Yes, once more, google makes my life easier (blogger is an affiliate of google). That is a picture of Windows "Bliss" wallpaper, complete with a "Tux Xing" sign (that's in case you can read, but are blind somehow). I doubt any of you, except for Tim, Jesse, Sri, and possibly Jeff S. Yes, many of my friends are nerds.

This is one of the many posters I bought offline and arrived today. They include (here comes my HTML skills. Thank you, Neopets)...
  • Mediocrity
  • Rent
  • Cute Penguins. This was not acually the poster I got. To see that go to posters.com and search "Penguins". It's two penguins reaching out.
  • The Simpsons. The one I bought was from posters.com again, but they're impossible to link to, so this was the image I went with.
  • Dizzy Gillespie. For those of you who don't know, he's a trumpet player. I bought the one that's at the top in the middle.
Well, I have to go now. Oh, and Maeve, if you would like to comment, click the button that says some number, then "comments". Then comment! Whee!

I'm going to hell and there are also some pills I should probably be taking. Dain, good luck with your new blog (Dain is named from the Lord of the Rings, possibly from the dwarf Dain Ironfoot).

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Posting Again

Sorry I haven't posted since Sunday. Monday I had play practice, then a project and a try out (tryout?) the next day. Tuesday I had Hebrew School.

Today was very odd. First Mrs. B, our music teacher, told us to walk about the auditorium while we sang. It was funny.

Then we went to the high school to see the music program, and that was fun. That was where I met (again) Jesse (see his post).

I also saw my friend Sanjana (if she ever reads this, which she won't, I definitely spelled her name wrong). Anyway her friends kept telling me there names, and I'm hilariously bad with names so I told them that and they looked at me weird.

Then I had play practice where we sang songs.


Anyway it's possible Maeve (this is an opportunity to use these * with like an action inside but I HATE THAT except for when Jen does it because she's good at it) will be joining us, so Abby straighten your tie and Jesse put some pants on.

Why did I say that? That wasn't even funny. Damn me.

Today I decided I'm going to hell by the way.

And Tim don't show this to your mom.

Hi, Maeve (Jeff - send her my blog again so that she can see this if you don't think she'll read it. Maeve is, by the way, Jeff's girlfriend and I wanted to congratulate him). I was the one at Jeff's party with red hair who kept talking while we were playing some card game like murder or something (if someone would care to share with me the title...). Anyway I don't remember you at all (read above to see that I have bad memory). You should also read some of my sisters' posts!

Anyway, that's that. And maeve you should be a regular that would be fun

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Livin' it up

Oy. Sunday night sucks. Sorry about not blogging today or yesterday. My mom said I couldn't use the computer until I got my Bar Mitzfah thank-you cards done and cleaned my room.

Winner of LOTW: Dash13PA, my father (Man, I can't believe I chose him)(and Tim, pick a different worth1000 and you're in)(Jesse, what was yours? Things to look at when your high?) with this hilarious website. Also, Charlotte: your websites are good, but only one is allowed per week.

I still have no idea when high school tryouts are. And then my mom is going to read this and freak out. Maybe I should just delete it. But the "backspace" key is all the way over there. Ah, well.

Well, good luck with this four-day week (we have Friday off).


Friday, January 20, 2006

On Jokes

Jokes are really funny. Well, I guess that would kind of be the definition of "joke". Whatever.

Can you tell people about jokes you made? Today, I was in English class, and the girl near me was singing the beginning of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". Anyway, there in the beginning: "A girl with kaleidoscope eyes", my teacher asked what that was an example of. That, by the way, is actually metaphor. Rather than that, I called out, "Oh, oh! Drugs!". This got some laughs.

See, reading that wasn't funny. It just wasn't! What if I substituted "I" for "some kid in my class".

No. Still not that funny. So why is this funny?

This guy, Fred, goes on vacation. He asks his brother to watch his cat while he's gone. When he gets back, he asks, "How's the cat?"

"Dead" his brother answers.



"Your supposed to break it to me lightly," Fred says, "You tell me, like, the cat's on the roof, the cat fell off the roof, the cat is injured, it doesn't look good, the cat's dead".

"Got it" his brother answers.

"Forget," Fred tells him, "how's mom?"

"Mom's on the roof"

You get the point, though. Maybe it's because it's unexpected. Could that be it? Or why do some people think of the funny jokes they can make from a situation? Why don't others?

Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, chasing rabbits...


See, that was funny. Or at least to those of you that know about "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown".

Oh! My ode to blogs:

Ode to Blogs
So, should I center this or what?
I don't think so.
Align left is probably better.
And who am I talking to?

Call them anything you like
Blog about your life
Choose ea title that fits your post
of love, of war, of strife

As life will often bring you down,
Blogs will bring you up
To read about some whacko's day
Your problems will go "pop"

As friends online, or friends in shcool
Read your tales of horror
They'll laugh, they'll cry, they'll buy a shirt
Leaving them slightly poorer

And then they'll comment on your post
Telling of your musings
And when anonymous people comment
oh, they'll be accusings

And when they leave the glowing screen
To sleep much like a log
They'll smile when they think of you
You, and your great blog.

The ennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd.

Anyway, LOTW's keep coming, pea - oh - puh - lee!

Boy, talk about an inclonsuvive post.

Do you see this tree?

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Can't post.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Metaphorical Fork and Knife

Ok well this is Rachel and Jon (who comments all the time but never gets to actually make a blog) filling in for Sam. Who just got home. After like 11 hours of non play practice and then hanging out (for lack of anything i mean anything better to do) at my father's office. Jon and I made bracelets. Cool ones- not some dinky crap you people are making.

Well. Jon says ello ello without the h and he's not british and he's not trying to spell love like that stupid song that is on Q102 until you are thinking about stabbing your ears with pencils so you no longer have to listen. At like 6:00 in the morning on your bus. And you could drive but then you couldn't read your book which is stupid anyway and hard to understand... especially because some stupid freshman stole your seat near the heater and you're really cold... (if you aren't in highschool when you get there LEAVE THE WARM HEATER SEATS FOR THE UPPERCLASSMEN!!)

For all of you poptart obsessed: Sam and I made cupcakes and now we are eating them. We also bought some stupid poptarts at the store. they didn't have icing. but there is icing on the cupcakes and blue sprinkles that Sam picked out.

Jon says he hates poetry. And that it is the "bane of his existence". Bane is a bad thing. but it sounds like a good thing. Like I bane my brother. As in I love him. or hit him on the head. One or the other.

I have to go now. It's time to watch Friends. And bane Sam on the head. It'll be just like that time I cut his hair and then they had to shave it all off... well not all of it...

Monday, January 16, 2006

3 paragraphs and some poorly placed quotation marks

Finally, I'm posting Jeff's post. See those quotation marks? He put those there: I say "Ha" to Jeff!

"Hi! Jeff here. Most of you are probably thinking "Oh, great. I have to read this crap instead of Sam and Rachel's genius." For those of you who actually think that, I have two words for you: Too bad. Anyway, now that the intro's over and done with
ck up a card from the box, and read the third word on it. Let's say the word is "nullipara". Yes, it is a word. Anyway, the die roller, who will henceforth be known as the "speaker", reads the word and spells it out for each player. The players then write their own definition of the word and hand them to the speaker, with their names on it. The speaker writes the actual definition to the word and mixes it up with the fake ones. The speaker then reads all the "definitions" to the word and each player has to choose which definition is correct. If you get it correct, you get 2 points. You also get an additional point each time somenoe picks your definition. The speaker gets 3 points if nobody gets the definition. If by some stroke of pure luck you write a definition very similar to the actual definition, you get 3 points. You get no points if nobody guesses your definition and you guess a wrong one and yours is completely wrong. You win when you get 18 points. Anyway, you can see how crazy this game can get with words such as "cataplasm", "falcula", "nullipara", "bumicky", and "sostenuto". They mean "a medicinal poultice ( e.g. a mustard plaster)", "a sharp-pointed claw like those of a cat", "a woman who has never had a baby", "cement mixed with stone chunks, used in repairing masonry", and "a prolonged musical note", repectively. In essence, the game is about bluffing a definition and guessing the right one to some obscure word. If this sounds like something that would interest you, I commend you with a good choice. If it doesn't, you have no sense of creativity and imagination. To show how imaginitive people got during this game, the word "charbane" was defined as "Argh me matee! Ye be reading this again!" Nobody guessed it, but it was quite fun to read that definition out loud. That's all I've got on this topic...for now.

"I really don't know how long this is supposed to be, so I'll just continue with a different topic now. I'm looking around my desk for inspiration...I see the book Dracula , a tiny flashlight, a picture of my mom in a musical called "The Mikado" by Gilbert and Sullivan, lots of papers that are probably pretty important, a blue sharpie, a pen...I found my inspiration.

"Have you ever noticed how nobody knows how simple machines we use everyday work? Take a pen, for example. I would willingly hand over five bucks to anyone who can tell me how to build a pen and how it works. How does it click? How does the ink stay in until you put pressure on the tip? Why is there a spring inside? Now we'll go up a level. Somene please tell me the inner workings of a refrigerator. You use it everday, how does it work? Why does the light go off when you close it (Okay, I know that one)? How does it keep foods from going bad? My points exactly. Nobody knows. Let's go up another level. How does a camera work? Try a heat-seaking missile on for size. What makes them seak the heat? What type of computer program can do that? Or, perhaps the strangest machine of all, curtains. How do they work? You pull it down, it goes up. Pull it down, it stays down. My point is that nobody knows how things today work. That's all for now. Hope to post again sometime in the future!

(Sam here) I didn't say [INSERT WITTINESS HERE].

Free Fallin'

This is from Leah. She won LOTW with Slow Wave. By the way, I'm losing readers all over the place. Jesse, and possibly Frances (though I suspect she still does check it) just to name a few.

So if you're considering not checking my blog, I tell you, "Don't leave me!", and then claw at your ankle (even though obviously I can't do that).

Without further ado (spelling on that, please!), LEAH'S POST!

In need of a better topic, it's Leah here. Yesterday, I listened to my parents' Tom Petty cd twice. That's not exactly odd for me, when I hear a new cd I like I often listen to it over and over and over.... But Petty's the flavor of the week right now. I remember hearing Honey Bee during our trip to California and I was like, 'Man, this rocks.' Then I tried to listen to it on a trip to my grandmother's house and I ended up with the wrong CD case. I thought it might be Peter Gabriel, so I listened to that. I liked 'Salisbury Hill' (is that like salisbury steak?), and got to hear Sledgehammer, but the last part of the cd was really boring. And there was no 'Honey Bee'. :( Then my dad told me the cd I wanted was Tom Petty. Now I really like 'It's Good to be King'. I just love those lyrics "It helps to make friends, it's good to meet girls." for some bizarre reason. I leave you with Honey Bee:

She like to call me king bee
She like to buzz 'round my tree
I call her honey bee
I'm a man in a trance
I'm a boy in short pants
When I see my honey bee
And I've got something to say.....

(Sam again) Well, that was, er... interesting. Jeff S.: I'm sorry she got it first, just that she won LOTW last week. So your post will show up at like 12.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

And all that Jazz

Currently Listening To: Chicago

And all that Jazz...

To Dash13pa: It's my blog; I will name a winner, and that's it? Got a problem, huh?

To Jeff: Is it Jeff B. or Jeff S?

To the rest of you: You're good. By the way, did you know that good was actually an alternative to the word "god"? It prevented people from saying "I'm God". The old meaning was like "Free of Sin".

Anyway, I just think that's funny. But you know what's even funnier? This (for the record it's clean and safe).

Anyway, got to go now, but just remember: Give 'em the old razzle dazzle!

Edit I now no it was Jeff S., and you'll get his post at 5:00 so my post isn't ignored!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Winner of LOTW

Winner: Jeff, with this annoyingly addictive (alliteration!) website.




I have a problem. By telling you that you can pretty much assume that I'm going to tell you what my problem is. Hey, that reminds me: Do you use contractions in homework or for school? Because often things sound really goofy without contractions, but then again, it would (it'd? Is that a real contraction or just something we made up?) seem kind of informal, like putting 'cause instead of because, or something like that. Oh yeah, can you start a sentence with Because. Or like, if your science teacher gives you a question for homework and says write in full sentences (are there any other kind of sentences? What's the difference between that and non-full sentences? Do you start parentheses with a capital letter or what?), and the question involves explaining something, do you put, "This is because..." or actually restate the question. Because (there, I just did it) writing "This is because..." is writing in full sentences (?), but it's kind of bogus.

Now where was I? Oh yes, my problem. Now, do I just say it, or put "Here it is..."? Wait, no! Gotta concentrate. Gotta concentrate. Here's the problem with the word "Gotta": Once, when I was little, I decided to check the messages. One call was regarding my dad being a soccer coach. I went to talk to him but then got distracted (it doesn't happen to much). A day or so later, my dad was talking about how he wanted to be a soccer coach. I said to him, "Dad, you gotta call". I meant, "Dad, you got a call", but he thought I meant, "Dad, you have to call". He just laughed.

A week or so later he was talking about it again. Once again I said to him, "Dad, you gotta call", and once again he misinterpreted me (does that mean the same as misunderstood?). This time I said it again, and my mom heard it. She explained (with small words) to my dad what I meant. By that time it was too late.

The end.

So my problem is, I don't know what to post about. Normally I post about my blog, but...

Hey, look at that! Problem solved.

*Author's note: This would be a good place to end my blog but I'm going to keep rambling.

So, um...

Ya' know what? I'm bored: So just keep those LOTW's coming in!

Friday, January 13, 2006


I'm back. And blogging.

That should totally be a folk song.

And now I'm gone!


The ennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd.

Blogging From School

Aha! I'm blogging from school. Yes, it's like 2:29 or so. Schools about to end now, yep. But here I am. Blogging from school.

It's hard work, let me tell you. All though it is legal, I keep having a sudden urge to look over my shoulder. I assume Leah has probably put her post in, but I can't get to my gmail from here.

The tone (a bell would be too expensive) is toning now. Now the lady is telliing people who needs to come to the main office over the PA system.

And now, I'm done.


I'll blog like in an hour and a half or so, when I actually have time...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Quick Post

I have to go upstairs now, my mom doesn't like me on the computer past 8.

First off: Opera is a WEB BROWSER! Not actually opera; that was pretty funny.

So I completely lost all of my Social Studies notecards, so I had to make 25 all over again. Now I have a mere 21, I plan to use my book to do the last 4 en la morning.

Promise to post very well tomorrow (TGIF), and fix the sidebar. Leah, unless you email me your post by tommorow night, you lose your chance to post. My email is on the sidebar, by the way!

If you buy like 3 or 4 shirts, I'm thinking of making buisiness cards. What do you think?


Huh? Huh? Pretty good!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


My blog is raging. Truly. The comments are now groing to immense sizes (for a two-month old blog created by me, anyway). The comments I will be referring to are here

First, Jesse asked about shirts.

Next, Tim posted both Jeffs' last names. Then Jeff B. repremanded him. Then, uh..., Jeff B. repremanded him again. Both times involved Tim's poor use of commas. Ha to Tim.

Next came Carissa's complaining, followed by a show of her ignorance to blatant sarcasm. IT WAS A JOKE, DUMMY!

This was followed by Tim again, commenting on my hypocrisy.

Haha (my apologies if this is someone I know) is clearly an impolite moron. You don't start contests on other people's blog. It's quite stupid! And... wait, hold on, I need to use capitals for this:


Ah, that's better. Where was I? Oh yes.

Next came my Dad under the pseudonym "dash13pa", posting an entry for LOTW. Sorry, member's of the family can't win, except for mom, rachel, and the pets.

Jon then took "nya" from Jen... You guys should meet sometimes. Then Jon advertised his blog. I'm not condoning that, but it's very good. You really should check it out.

Ariel came, she was just a guest by the way. I doubt she'll ever check it again, let alone become a regular.

Someone anonymously quoted "Mean Girls" with "Boo you whore". Yes, I watched it, and I liked it! Okay? Okay?

Next came some random crap from Maddie and her friends. Since I don't know who posted what, I won't go into details with that.

Then Dain said "I will get you", assuming that was actually Dain.

Bringing up the rear was Abby, Jen, and Frances. Abby commented on the amount of comments, then came Jen, spewing something about Broadway and rodents. Frances agreed with Abby on the whole comment issue.

Jon rounded it off with a random comment agreeing with Frances and Abby.

Well, that about settles it! 3 by Jon, 1 by Sri, 5 anonymously (counting 2 by haha), 2 by Jen, 2 by Jeff (they were identical. Jeff has some technology problems), 5 by Maddie and Co. (who knows who posted them), 1 by Dain, 1 by Abby, 1 by Frances, 2 by Carissa, 1 by my dad, 1 by Ariel, (that's what, 25?), let's see... ah! 1 by Tim, 1 by Jesse, and 1 by Ariel. That's 27!

And you'll all comment on this one because you're stupid!

The End...

Or is it?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More Blogging Rules

Thank you, Carrissa, can't believe I missed this one:

Rule 6: Posting a comment on someone elses blog comment board for fun is not fun. It's annoying.

Rule 7: No you shut up!

Rule 8: Don't post anonymously if you're not prepared for me to tell the world who you are!

Person with two sisters: Jeff B!

Rule 9: Stop telling me "lol". You're obviously not laughing out loud! Everywhere you look on the web, it's lol! "Hi" lol "No, really, I need to talk" lol "I've lost my will to live! Hear me out!" lol. I don't need it.

I won't tell who the anonymous poster who talked about love and stuff is. But, my comments aren't a message board, a chat room, or a place to get psychological help.

Leah, I'm waiting for your post.

Email me order forms for T-Shirts! They're super!

How about a new contest! Ah, screw it. It's not like I can have the same five people winning the contest over and over.

This is a quick paragraph by Rachel. So I just went to Carissa's blog (or xenga or whatever) because I'm nicer than Sam (but we all knew that) and it's pretty cool. So you should check it out. Because I don't think I was even close to that funny in eighth grade...

What are you doing? No... let me... fadsjaoipjsefpnoaeroji;fz;io &UHl o u8;0wa4e;

Aha, came off with the keyboard, didn't I?

No you shut up!

I should really be doing my science journal, but I'm not. I'll do it tommorow.

New website link (this is just my own): Guess the Google. Just click on the screenshot. My best: 294.



Monday, January 09, 2006

Stepping Up To The Metaphorical Plate

So Sam asked me like nine hundred times to blog for him tonight so that you, our rabid and loyal readers would not be disappointed when you checked your computers. Although how many of you (except jon) are on so late? (as eight twenty two I mean, because I know you all love your computers and are on them all the time, but it's kind of late for people to be checking blogs- especially if you get up at six in the morning...)

Ok well nothing happened to me today. I made these little hot dog things in the oven and I didn't burn them which is good because it's getting really bad with the burning thing. Because I made the hot dog things last time and then I burned them and my mom got me this sushi making thing for christmas and then I burned the seaweed and it smelled really bad (kind of like pot now that I think about it but it's not like I know about pot because I don't get high and you shouldn't either unless you really want to because as we all know free will makes the world go round...)

So I'll tell you this story which is completely fictional. One day there was this girl with naturally curly (or not-whatever) red hair who had this brother who had this blog. And he was like Rachel my mother won't let me on the computer today because I was on it like for nine hundred hours yesterday playing a stupid start wars game so will you blog for me. And his sister was like yeah absolutely I have nothing better to do being in high school and having like hundreds of pounds of homework a day. And then five minutes later he was like Rachel will you blog for me. And she was like yeah didn't I just say that. And then ten minutes later he was going to a play thing and he was like Rachel will you blog for me and she was like SAM STOP ASKING ME! BECAUSE I'M GOING TO BRAIN YOU!! And then like two hours later she remembered that she had to blog and then she did but her mom was yelling at her to get off the computer so she did.

These fictional stories are fun.

I'm going to watch friends and go to bed.

BON NUIT, mes amicos!

Saturday, January 07, 2006


You click the Firefox button on your desktop.

If you don't have firefox, please get. Click here, then click "Get Firefox". You don't need it to read my blog, but it's really better than explorer.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. The internet comes up, and there you are: your homepage. Sometimes it's MSN, or Google, or Neopets. Whatever. But there are customizable homepages. Like Google, Myway, and Yahoo. These are the three I will be reviewing tonight, so let's get started.

The first is Google's homepage. See sarpics now for its picture. Once you've seen it, come back here. I'll wait.

Now that you've done that, this is my review. Google has the worst quantity of content (Or maybe I just can't figure it out!). However, it does have the funniest content. See the eyes in the center of the screen? They follow the mouse.

However, if you like to add things that change, like my blog *cough cough*, you just post the URL into the "Create A Section" box, then click okay. It will come up no problem.

For color it's the worst. That color scheme is the only one available; it's not too good.

However, I'm still using it. Myway and Yahoo have none of the great content, and they have no "gmail" thing. Google is also the easiest to use and change. For those of you that want to have a cool looking homepage, this one's not for you.

Now visit sarpics and look at my screenshots of myway.

Okay, Myway is by far the best for color schemes and the likes. It also probably has the most content, however, I find most of it is junky. Some is cool, but whatever.

It's color schemes are very good, pictures of all sorts. However, it's email capabilities are pretty much nil. It is also difficult to use.

Yahoo comes last. It's color schemes are okay (I reccomend just plain colors), and it's content is very good. It's centered mostly around news, however. Visit sarpics for screenshots.

Well, that's it! My winner is google, it has good email capabilities and I like the format.

To get google, go to google.com and click the personalized home at the top. You have to make an account if you don't have one.

Also myway and yahoo.

The winner of LOTW (link of the week) is Leah with Slow Wave. I'm looking foward to her post!

Some Different Crap

Before I forget take Jen's quiz. This will be especially difficult for those who don't know her.

Abby, I think a small will fit you.

No commenting about the theme song of hamster-themed videogames.

Okay, down to buisiness (that word is impossible to spell). The following blogs will be removed from the sidebar if they are not updated in 24 hours. (It's 10:10 am on Saturday).

  1. Becky's Blog

  2. Jesse's Blog

Sorry to put you on the spot, there.

Don't forget link of the week!

I have to go to synagouge to pray, now.


Friday, January 06, 2006

An Actual Entry

Went to school today.

The end.

Geez my life is so boring.

Okay, some new rules about people's blogs!

First: Picture is a no! Putting your picture online is just not too smart. If they no your first and last name, your general location, and your picture, they can find you (they being creepy kidnappers, of course!).

Second: No last names! Jen and Jesse, there's probably a better place to talk about your schools and locations.

Third: No deep, dark, secrets. They suck, and we don't care (unless they're who other people like! Keep those coming).

Fourth: No rules about blogging! We'll post whatever we want, whenever we want, with however many last names and secrets as we want!

Fifth: Exclamation points are fun!

Currently Listening To: Counting Crows, "Mr. Jones"
Currently Watching: My Neighbor Beating up her Cat
Currently Typing: This Blog, you morons
Current Quality of Jokes: Mediocre at Best

Ah it's 8:42 (or is it 7:42?) and I'm so bored I could eat a horse. Well, normally it's I'm so hungry I could eat a horse, but eating a horse would take a while.

While I type this I'm playing hamsterball with my sister. That is, she goes, I blog, she plays, I play.

Now we're going to write a story. While she plays, I type some, etc. Let's start.

Once there was a little kid named Fred. Fred lived in a town called "Hamsterballville". All they did for fun was play hamsterball. And eat poptarts. So like one day Fred said to his much prettier sister, " I want you to be the team member on my blog". And then Fred sister (lets call her Rachel for reasons unknown to us) was like no way unless you pay me and then he said I have no money and she said ok well I'll do it anyway. As Fred's plan continued, he began to feel guilty about breaking the knife he would stab into Rachel's back. Then he looked over and saw how bad Rachel was doing at hamsterball and felt okay. (that part about the knife was Sam- obviously I would never put something so gross). And then Rachel was like Fred our mother is getting mad at us for playing on the computer and listening to the Counting Crows and we have to go upstairs now or she will be really mad at us. And Sam was like screw her and free will makes the world go round but then he said ok lets go upstairs. And then they lived happily ever after. THE END.

well that was completely fictional. Except wait! we have to go because our mother is yelling at us...

BON SOIR, amigos!

Life, Jim, but not as we know it

Jesse's post. Congrats Jesse.

Hey, this is Jesse. I know you probably would prefer to listen to Sam
and Rachel talk, but for now, you're stuck with me. I get to have this
posted because I won the link of the week contest. If you haven't read it yet, I recommend you read the Dath Vader Diaries. Look for the link on the right.

Well, my life's been mostly good. Except that at a New Years Eve party, this guy decided to wrestle me, and since he's big, and I'm small and weak, my neck has hurt all day. But what is good is that for Christmas, I got a website and a book on programming a programming language called Ruby. That is all I got. And I am very happy with it. The website is http://www.weirdbro.com, but there isn't anything up yet. I'll probably have some content on it by the end of this week.

I should probably tell everyone here more about me. My name is Jesse, I'm 13, 14 in 8 (I'm not sure if that's accurate anymore) days, and I go to T/E. I know there is a TE/VF rivalry, so if it makes anyone feel better, I was supposed to go to VF. I live in the VF area. As you can probably tell, I'm a nerd with very low self
esteem. I have some inner need to tell everyone my problems. I met Sam at a Bar Mitzvah last year, and he completely forgot me.

Well, thats all Jesse, the nerd with low self-esteem, has to say today. Have a good night.

Well, I never said it would have a point.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I'd say the butler

Whodunnits are fun, doubtless. But you know what's even more fun?

Whocommentedonits! The newest fad here at Four Years Apart (we're just always bringing you new things, whether we came up with it or not) is commenting anonymously and providing hints about yourself. We have a couple of regulars here, including a depressed person who's in Communication Club, and someone with two sisters. My guess at Comm. Club person is possibly Tim, as he didn't comment last time, but whatever. I actually kind of think it's a girl. The two sisters person I have no idea.

But who could be doing it? I have no idea (but see my title). But in the legendary explanation of eighth-graders, they probably just had a really smart hamster.

Two readers I'm sending a big hello out to: N. Milson and Charlotte! They are currently my only readers in other countries: Canada and Germany respectively. Charlotte comments about how much she misses Rachel, then says she's kidding. N. Milson's comments (they number few) actually have some meat, so you get the picture.

Abby has ordered my first shirt, coincidentally in a size and color I don't have. Thanks, Abby.

It's a small world after all. It's a- oh wait I was posting.

You've got to try my quiz (see several posts below this). It's really a classic. No you shut up!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Filling In

Well, as the pinch hitter for our blog team, I'm stepping up to the plate. That's a metaphor, by the way. Because there is no plate. Unless I was eating a poptart or something while I'm writing this, but I'm not because my mom bought the strawberry kind and not the cinnoman kind. Plus that wasn't the kind of plate I mean anyway, because I'm talking about baseball. And I don't have a bat near the computer. I'm not allowed anymore after the monitor incident...

No really I'm kidding. I've never hit anything with a baseball bat. Unless you count a softball. Which I have hit. And this kid's head. But I was really little and you can't blame me.

So, seriously, I am really filling in for Sam because as the second team member it is my job to pick up the slack. And Sam is busy making milk plastic or something.

Nothing happened today that is worth commenting on. I learned how to say retirement savings bond in French. And I fixed Musicmatch by myself. Which is hard. But I just cheated by installing a new version. You should try it if you have that problem, but then don't tell you dad later what you did.

Last night I had this dream about lying under a black cover and hiding from people who were fighting a war. And then people were like 'you should fight the war too' and then I did. But I didn't get to go out before my alarm went off. Which in retrospect is ok with me because I don't want to fight a war.

I was also doing Yoga and coloring on the floor but it wasn't real Yoga and I didn't do it because I ran around instead.

Well I just looked at the clock on the phone and it's like ten minutes later than I though it was, which in my highly busy life is like three hours. So I have to go get things done. Which you will too when you grow up.

So I was thinking about the pressure to say funny stuff, which of course there is when you write a blog, and how everybody liked my first post which was funny but now I'm not as funny because you don't know how unfunny obligatory writing can get. So now I'm just at a loss for funny things. Although I did think that subliminal message was kind of funny...

Well this has been what I would call a solid double from pinch hitter Rachel. (that's what we call and extended metaphor, class). She's going to go clean her cleats now, and wash the dirt out of her uniform (although how she got dirty running to second is beyond us...).

Arrivederci mes amis

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Behind the Scenes: An In-Depth Look at blah blah blah blah

Most of you have blogs. But hear at 4YA, we like to provide you with some information on how we make our posts. So let's get started.

Some pictures correspond with the post I'm making. To see them, find "Sam and Rachel's Pictures" on the sidebar.

First, we have the dashboard. When I log in, this is what I see (see SARpics). Mostly, I just click "New Post" next to the label that says "Four Years Apart".

Next I see the blog screen itself (see top). This is where I write my post. It's also where I do my HTML for links and such. Once I'm done that, I click the "publish post" button. After that, I'm done!

But that's not all. When I post a picture, like the one I did today, I use google's "Picasa 2". You can see SARpics for a screenshot of that. Then I do my post likek normal.

After that, I usually visit my blog, to see the finished product.

If that all seem's very simple, it's mostly because it is.

Tune in next time for how I do the HTML, sidebar, and template on Behind the Scenes: Blah etc.

Here's a question: Why is it that no matter how much lint comes out of your clothes when you wash them, they never get any smaller?

And don't forget to buy Tee-Shirts and keep putting up those entries for "link of the week"! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Try my quiz!

No you shut up!

One more thing about the shirts...

Just remember, you have to email me at zziplock156@comcast.net with your name, address, size, and what you want. If I'm going to mail it to you, send $15.00 and $3.00 S+H to my house (I will not put my address for obvious reasons). Your shirt should arrive 1-3 days after I get the money.

I would be happy to make any shirt. So far Tim and Abby (and Jen?) have put in "unofficial" orders. To make them official, email me!

And Jesse has to send me a post via email to the above address if he wants to post.