Friday, January 20, 2006

On Jokes

Jokes are really funny. Well, I guess that would kind of be the definition of "joke". Whatever.

Can you tell people about jokes you made? Today, I was in English class, and the girl near me was singing the beginning of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". Anyway, there in the beginning: "A girl with kaleidoscope eyes", my teacher asked what that was an example of. That, by the way, is actually metaphor. Rather than that, I called out, "Oh, oh! Drugs!". This got some laughs.

See, reading that wasn't funny. It just wasn't! What if I substituted "I" for "some kid in my class".

No. Still not that funny. So why is this funny?

This guy, Fred, goes on vacation. He asks his brother to watch his cat while he's gone. When he gets back, he asks, "How's the cat?"

"Dead" his brother answers.



"Your supposed to break it to me lightly," Fred says, "You tell me, like, the cat's on the roof, the cat fell off the roof, the cat is injured, it doesn't look good, the cat's dead".

"Got it" his brother answers.

"Forget," Fred tells him, "how's mom?"

"Mom's on the roof"

You get the point, though. Maybe it's because it's unexpected. Could that be it? Or why do some people think of the funny jokes they can make from a situation? Why don't others?

Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, chasing rabbits...


See, that was funny. Or at least to those of you that know about "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown".

Oh! My ode to blogs:

Ode to Blogs
So, should I center this or what?
I don't think so.
Align left is probably better.
And who am I talking to?

Call them anything you like
Blog about your life
Choose ea title that fits your post
of love, of war, of strife

As life will often bring you down,
Blogs will bring you up
To read about some whacko's day
Your problems will go "pop"

As friends online, or friends in shcool
Read your tales of horror
They'll laugh, they'll cry, they'll buy a shirt
Leaving them slightly poorer

And then they'll comment on your post
Telling of your musings
And when anonymous people comment
oh, they'll be accusings

And when they leave the glowing screen
To sleep much like a log
They'll smile when they think of you
You, and your great blog.

The ennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd.

Anyway, LOTW's keep coming, pea - oh - puh - lee!

Boy, talk about an inclonsuvive post.

Do you see this tree?


Everybody Dance Now said...

More like Visions in the sky with acid.

Jesse said...

Lysergic acid in the sky with diethylamide

Jen said...

=o whoever wrote that song was like on LSD... I mean Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds??? Seriously...

nerdjedi said...

Sorry, but that wasn't funny at all.

Jeff said...

No comment.

Everybody Dance Now said...

Jen if you do not know the artists and writers of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds we have a big problem.
And for those of you who I now have a problem with because they, like Jen, do not know the artists and writers of said song, it is... THE BEATLES!!
Know this name and remember them...remember them well or you may find yourself in a dark dank alley with me right behind you and it will not be pretty.

Car9ssa said...

go there

It says how to be funny.


Anyway.. what I thought was funny about the joke about drugs in english.... it REALLY was HILLARIOUS if you were there.... was that everyone LAUGHED right? and i was watching cacciatore, because she's the teacher and thats what your SUPPOSED TO DO, and everyone laughs. THEN about 2 seconds later cacciatore laughs. It was like DELAYED. ANd funny.

jen said...

o_O;; the Beatles did that song!?!?!?!

jen said...

you guys, I'm going to be at my dad's house this weekend. I'm going to be pretty bored... so if you wanna send me an e-mail, that would be appreciated. =/

another longtime fan of the four years apart gang said...

the cat's on the roof joke is my absolute favorite joke and it's always funny!

Abby said...

wow, that cat joke may be the funniest one i've heard in a long time.

Jesse said...

I know Your a Good Man, Charlie Brown, and that rabbits comment wasn't funny. I would have laughed if you could mention Robin Hood in the next sentence, though.

Leah said...

Cat's on the roof joke was ok, though it might have been funnier if it'd been spoken with proper timing. Yup, lots of drugs in the 60's.

Carissa said...

Guess what? i'm listening to music right now. Isn't everyone PROUD of me? I know u all are.

dash13pa said...

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PS (Is it possible to win two weeks in a row?)