Friday, January 06, 2006

Life, Jim, but not as we know it

Jesse's post. Congrats Jesse.

Hey, this is Jesse. I know you probably would prefer to listen to Sam
and Rachel talk, but for now, you're stuck with me. I get to have this
posted because I won the link of the week contest. If you haven't read it yet, I recommend you read the Dath Vader Diaries. Look for the link on the right.

Well, my life's been mostly good. Except that at a New Years Eve party, this guy decided to wrestle me, and since he's big, and I'm small and weak, my neck has hurt all day. But what is good is that for Christmas, I got a website and a book on programming a programming language called Ruby. That is all I got. And I am very happy with it. The website is, but there isn't anything up yet. I'll probably have some content on it by the end of this week.

I should probably tell everyone here more about me. My name is Jesse, I'm 13, 14 in 8 (I'm not sure if that's accurate anymore) days, and I go to T/E. I know there is a TE/VF rivalry, so if it makes anyone feel better, I was supposed to go to VF. I live in the VF area. As you can probably tell, I'm a nerd with very low self
esteem. I have some inner need to tell everyone my problems. I met Sam at a Bar Mitzvah last year, and he completely forgot me.

Well, thats all Jesse, the nerd with low self-esteem, has to say today. Have a good night.

Well, I never said it would have a point.


nerdjedi said...

Hey, this is Tim(bo) Milbourne, King of the NERDS, with a question: Why do you have low self-esteem? When life gets you down, just remember: "NERD PRIDE!!!" Also, remember that when your about 30, you'll be rich and famous (as all nerds end up becoming... look at Bill Gates), and the "cool" people who oppress you will be cleaning the bathrooms of your three-floor mansion. Also, love the Star Trek themed title. Well, this has been the Supreme Ruler of All Who are Nerdy, and Some People You Aren't, saying: "NERD PRIDE!!! OH YEAH!!!!"

Frances =) said...

Forget the anonymousity (?), but hey, I totally forgot about your b-day! And now I'm taling 2 Jesse on Sam's blog. . .wonderful!
And hey, how could you mention your reunion w/o mentioning me??? LOL JKJKJKJK. I had nothing to do with it. but still. lol. I don't usually give myself this much credit, just so you know people! And right now I'm just sorta rambling on and on about stuff!!! Stuff is FUN to ramble about!
It's weird how I always sound hyper even when I'm not really. Like, right now, I'm just typing on the computer, calmly (sort of) sitting in a chair!!! Yet my typing sounds hyper. . .special! Wow, I use "!"s more than I use "."s!!!!! YAY! I like "!!!!"s!
I'll stop now. . .and guess what???
My topic of the day is going to be "Rambling"!!! YAY!!!

Frances =) said...

YAY NERD PRIDE! I love being spirited. . .YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!
Except I don't have low self esteem. . .well, sort of not really. Every once in a while it'll turn up. For example. . .
Me -> "Oh, gosh, my piano teacher's so discouraging!"
Someone -> "why???"
Me -> "He keeps saying I'm so bad!!!"
Someone -> "But your not!"
Me -> "Well, sort of. I sort of am. . .I mean really! Let's say for example. . .compared to. . .Mozart!!! He played in his major concert at, like, age 5!!! And he wrote his first major sonata at like, age 7!!!!! Waaa!"
Yes, the numbers (ages) might be all off. . .but o well!! I kinda forget. . .but he stared playing at age 3. . .
~This has been another rambling session from Frances, see you next time!!!! =)~

Jen said...

If I'm not mistaken, you are Jesse Siliman? If not, just totally ignore this comment.

not sure if you remember me from hillside or not, but I was supposed to go to T/E because I lived in that area at the time.

Jesse said...

Hey, Timbo, I know I should have nerd pride. Thanks for the Bill Gates comment, it really keeps my hopes up. :)
Oh, and Tim, I agree, the title is awesome. Star Trek is awesome.

Yeah, Frances, you do sound very hyper. Weird. I ramble all the time.

And Jen, whats your last name? I am Jesse Silliman.

And Sam, thank you for finally posting this post. Its been so long since I first wrote it I had to modify some dates an adjectives to make it look as though I wrote it yesterday.

Jesse said...

Oh, and Tim, here's the reason I have low self-esteem: I'm unpopular within the nerds at T/E. Not terribly unpopular, but not popular even compared to a lot of nerds at T/E. I just can't wait for Stoga.

Leah said...

Hey, Jesse. At least you're not stuck as a girl geek. I mean that not just because I'm smart, but also uncoordinated, socially awkward (you know, the defintion of a geek). I always need a freakin' male friend to talk about the stuff most girls don't like, and then some bitch spreads a rumor about it. Anyway, self-pity aside, you're a smart, wonderful person, and don't beat yourself up.