Friday, January 06, 2006

An Actual Entry

Went to school today.

The end.

Geez my life is so boring.

Okay, some new rules about people's blogs!

First: Picture is a no! Putting your picture online is just not too smart. If they no your first and last name, your general location, and your picture, they can find you (they being creepy kidnappers, of course!).

Second: No last names! Jen and Jesse, there's probably a better place to talk about your schools and locations.

Third: No deep, dark, secrets. They suck, and we don't care (unless they're who other people like! Keep those coming).

Fourth: No rules about blogging! We'll post whatever we want, whenever we want, with however many last names and secrets as we want!

Fifth: Exclamation points are fun!

Currently Listening To: Counting Crows, "Mr. Jones"
Currently Watching: My Neighbor Beating up her Cat
Currently Typing: This Blog, you morons
Current Quality of Jokes: Mediocre at Best

Ah it's 8:42 (or is it 7:42?) and I'm so bored I could eat a horse. Well, normally it's I'm so hungry I could eat a horse, but eating a horse would take a while.

While I type this I'm playing hamsterball with my sister. That is, she goes, I blog, she plays, I play.

Now we're going to write a story. While she plays, I type some, etc. Let's start.

Once there was a little kid named Fred. Fred lived in a town called "Hamsterballville". All they did for fun was play hamsterball. And eat poptarts. So like one day Fred said to his much prettier sister, " I want you to be the team member on my blog". And then Fred sister (lets call her Rachel for reasons unknown to us) was like no way unless you pay me and then he said I have no money and she said ok well I'll do it anyway. As Fred's plan continued, he began to feel guilty about breaking the knife he would stab into Rachel's back. Then he looked over and saw how bad Rachel was doing at hamsterball and felt okay. (that part about the knife was Sam- obviously I would never put something so gross). And then Rachel was like Fred our mother is getting mad at us for playing on the computer and listening to the Counting Crows and we have to go upstairs now or she will be really mad at us. And Sam was like screw her and free will makes the world go round but then he said ok lets go upstairs. And then they lived happily ever after. THE END.

well that was completely fictional. Except wait! we have to go because our mother is yelling at us...

BON SOIR, amigos!


Everybody Dance Now said...

That is the most fictional story I have ever read.
There was no truth of events in that at all.
And I am bored for the first half, up to three p.m. tomorrow. If anybody wants to el-do-sumthing-oh.

And I do not want to study for my english exam on Monday.

Jesse said...

Oh, right, not being kidnapped and stuff is probably smart.

laura said...

dearest sam,
you are the jelly on my toast.
fondly, laura

Carissa (was here) said...

That was the most ORIGINAL story i ever heard. where did you ever come up with the idea?

srry. i'm feeling very cynical today. but i'm too tired to be good at being cynical.

I think that because I comment on Sams Blog he should comment on mine. thats just my opinion tho.


Jen said...

oO;; ever notice how hamsters make a perfect star of a video game? I mean they're cute little furballs that run around on wheels! also, some go on adventures. I enjoy playing my old Hamtaro games every now and then...

*sings theme song* It's Hamtaro time!! (cush-cush tiki-tiki boom!) Hamtaro! We can work together, it's much better! My best friend! We like sunflower seeds crump-crump-crump! My ham-ham! If she heads for trouble, we won't let her... *continues singing rest of it*

Anonymous said...


Keep writing about the poptarts, and change the name of your blog from five years apart to pop tarts!!!!

Thats my suggestion.

Have a great day!

Frances =) said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Frances =) said...

. . .how. . .special. . .
That's how special it was. This is my (I think) shortest comment ever. The end.

Abby said...

"Currently Watching: My Neighbor Beating up her Cat"

am i the only one frightened by this?

nice combo of french and spanish *snaps appriciatively"

your short story changed my life forever. now i want a hampster... where does that word come from, anyways? it's completely random. I mean, guini (*sigh* if only i could spell) pig makes some sense; "small pig". but hampster?