Saturday, January 07, 2006

Some Different Crap

Before I forget take Jen's quiz. This will be especially difficult for those who don't know her.

Abby, I think a small will fit you.

No commenting about the theme song of hamster-themed videogames.

Okay, down to buisiness (that word is impossible to spell). The following blogs will be removed from the sidebar if they are not updated in 24 hours. (It's 10:10 am on Saturday).

  1. Becky's Blog

  2. Jesse's Blog

Sorry to put you on the spot, there.

Don't forget link of the week!

I have to go to synagouge to pray, now.



Jen said...

^^ yay. Thank you for advertising my quiz.

Everybody Dance Now said...

It is spelled bus-i-ness.
And it is 10:39 A.M. I got about six hours of sleep and I am bored until 3:00 P.M.
Save me from my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do not want to study!!!!!!!

nerdjedi said...

Okay. Here's my entry for the link of the week: It's full of funny Star Wars comics. You'd like it.

Jesse said...

I don't actually plan on using that blog, so remove it. You might also want to fix the link to my link of the week post.

Everybody Dance Now said...

I LIED!!!!!
I'm not busy until about 7:00 tonight!!!!

Frances =) said...

Ya. Buiness. Buiness. Buiness. It's not that hard to spell. . .I don't think. . .

Abby said...

hamtarow is a cartoon show. just for the record.

Jen said...

xD well, sure it's a cartoon show, but there are video games too.

u.u they stopped playing the show, so that's all that's pretty much left anyway... poor Hamtaro...