Saturday, January 07, 2006


You click the Firefox button on your desktop.

If you don't have firefox, please get. Click here, then click "Get Firefox". You don't need it to read my blog, but it's really better than explorer.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. The internet comes up, and there you are: your homepage. Sometimes it's MSN, or Google, or Neopets. Whatever. But there are customizable homepages. Like Google, Myway, and Yahoo. These are the three I will be reviewing tonight, so let's get started.

The first is Google's homepage. See sarpics now for its picture. Once you've seen it, come back here. I'll wait.

Now that you've done that, this is my review. Google has the worst quantity of content (Or maybe I just can't figure it out!). However, it does have the funniest content. See the eyes in the center of the screen? They follow the mouse.

However, if you like to add things that change, like my blog *cough cough*, you just post the URL into the "Create A Section" box, then click okay. It will come up no problem.

For color it's the worst. That color scheme is the only one available; it's not too good.

However, I'm still using it. Myway and Yahoo have none of the great content, and they have no "gmail" thing. Google is also the easiest to use and change. For those of you that want to have a cool looking homepage, this one's not for you.

Now visit sarpics and look at my screenshots of myway.

Okay, Myway is by far the best for color schemes and the likes. It also probably has the most content, however, I find most of it is junky. Some is cool, but whatever.

It's color schemes are very good, pictures of all sorts. However, it's email capabilities are pretty much nil. It is also difficult to use.

Yahoo comes last. It's color schemes are okay (I reccomend just plain colors), and it's content is very good. It's centered mostly around news, however. Visit sarpics for screenshots.

Well, that's it! My winner is google, it has good email capabilities and I like the format.

To get google, go to and click the personalized home at the top. You have to make an account if you don't have one.

Also myway and yahoo.

The winner of LOTW (link of the week) is Leah with Slow Wave. I'm looking foward to her post!


Everybody Dance Now said...

"The sham I live
The life I lie
The hell I have made twice over"

"The pain from hell is blissful
As the bliss from heaven is painful
The utopia society created tomorrow
As the invisible tears show no sorrow"

I leave you with two exerts from an eight page poem. The first one is on page five and the second is on page seven, and if anybody gets offended by the use of the word hell, even though it is no swear here, I am sorry.

I also leave you with my link for the week, it is so addictive.

Jen said...

oh, I have a link of the week!!!

it's about randomness. if you're looking for one thing in particular about it, try to find the "caffiene" strong bad e-mail. it's hilarious.

Frances =) said...

1) The Exclamation points are fun is SOOOOO my thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2) About the pic, I know it's stupid. I was feeling unintelligent at that moment. And plus, Carissa did most of it. I could undo it, but I don't have time. Yes, I have time to comment but not do that. I should. I'm going to get a picture of a smilie face or somethign tho. . .fun!
3) Deep, dark secrets are for diaries. . .and I'm writing stuff about that on my blog. Especially since. . .ack, nvm. (or else half my entry will be my comments, AGAIN.)
4) Interesting homepage stuff, my parents have it default to some Chinese site. LOL. Sry.
That's all I can think of for now. . .well, I could ramble on. But I'll just go now. . .

Carissa ( is awesome) said...

I don't think i should comment here anymore

i commment faithfully on sams blog... sorta...



Abby said...

how did you manage to have four comments on a post about homepages?

alas, people don't tend to put who likes whom, as it would be either a betrayal of trust (that is if its a friend) or weirdly and riskily (hey, i think i made a new word. fun!) honest. I agree with frances, that stuff is for diaries, not publicly accesssable web pages.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know where to put this so I am putting it in the comments, where some people may read and others may not. For clarification it is 1:25 A.M. and I am needing a good release of rant and built up fury and what not, or atleast it will leave as fury.

First thing is first, I have exams next week, and I am avoiding swearing on this post and comment and stuff. Now that that is clear, I am in a moral dilema, I know that the person I like is gonna read this, and I like her a lot, almost to point of love if not already there, but I have a feeling a few other girls like me. I do not want to abandon my feelings and probably won't but my head is not centered as it is. I have so many built up issues with friends and some family, that I do not know what I might do next, and fear I will regret whatever it is I do, as goes most of my life. I am almost failing, and by failing I mean getting D's, in three out of my five classes at school. This is a year that I should do well or I may be screwed the rest of my life working at McDonald's. I fear for my brother, he seems okay but I dunno. I am void of most basic emotions and am a melodramatic basketcase. I have two true friends at my school, by that I mean people I can actually trust and depend on, but they hang out with a group of people I am at odds with, and the group I currently hang out with is almost the complete opposite of them. I just need this rollercoaster ride to end. I know it is all a part of growing up, but hell, sorry, life sucks. I need some freedom, most likely would have a swear there for lack of better words in my vocabulary. I wish I could escape my life for a month, at least, or maybe just be able to cry or scream or galavant like I just don't give a crap.


Thanks for putting up with me.

Jen said...

aw, so sad. well, even though you posted anonymously, you're obviously Jon or another high school student. (Jon has been talking about exams for a while)

so, anyway, yeah. that sounds pretty sad...

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you like to know who I am. *says the fury filled rants of a pitiful anonymous writer*

Leah said...

Yippee! I win! *Starts doing cabbage-patch* Nice information about homepages. Google rules. I heard they were going to start a dvd rental place to compete with Netflix. I figure either all the other companies will gang up on them and lynch them or they'll become dictators of the world.

Everybody Dance Now said...

Jeez I hate starbucks.

Jen said...

ew..., I agree. I hate starbucks. but seriously, try spending a week out in Seattle like I did this summer. That's where starbucks is from.

well, it was kind of cool to pass by the original one...they still had the old logo...

x.x;; I'm getting off topic again!

Anonymous said...

yo, dont hate on starbucks! with out it i would pass out during school everyday. I NEED my caffine fix.

Everybody Dance Now said...

You mr. anonymous are addicted to caffeine and need to lay off.

Abby said...

poor anonymous (#1), that's tough stuff. I'd usually recommend using a notebook or journal or something because they really do help sort your thoughts out into something understandable (hey, it works for me), but for some reason guys never seem to like them. but, if you're feeling brave, i seriously recommend it, cuz that's a lot of stuff to keep in your head @ once.

Everybody Dance Now said...

I write poetry.

Jen said...

Okay, anonymous person who is obsessed with caffiene, you are beginning to remind me of Katie wats-her-face who is an announcer on Mondays.

by the way, I am the anonymous person who posted something twice on another comment about being sad about communications club not cheering me up, and oh, who cares? it's too confusing!

Everybody Dance Now said...

I have a freaky somewhat disgusting story.
I was playing squash on sunday night, and I injure my knee. It is not that bad I just turned the wrong way. And I start to complain because that is what I do. And then I think, "hmmmmmmm, how can I complain? When a kid in my grade and history class came in all of exam prep week, with his arm being bitten by a german shepherd." And trust me, you could see his arm muscles. And then he came into school today to take an english exam, two hours of writing with that arm. He is either one dedicated student, or is chopped up on pain killers.

Anonymous said...

So...I just played the chain reaction game. I have to say, it's not that addictive. I just got a score of 1002 wasn't much fun after that.

Everybody Dance Now said...

What is hard is trying to get all of them to go in a pattern, I got them to spiral inward. With a high score of 9453