Monday, January 09, 2006

Stepping Up To The Metaphorical Plate

So Sam asked me like nine hundred times to blog for him tonight so that you, our rabid and loyal readers would not be disappointed when you checked your computers. Although how many of you (except jon) are on so late? (as eight twenty two I mean, because I know you all love your computers and are on them all the time, but it's kind of late for people to be checking blogs- especially if you get up at six in the morning...)

Ok well nothing happened to me today. I made these little hot dog things in the oven and I didn't burn them which is good because it's getting really bad with the burning thing. Because I made the hot dog things last time and then I burned them and my mom got me this sushi making thing for christmas and then I burned the seaweed and it smelled really bad (kind of like pot now that I think about it but it's not like I know about pot because I don't get high and you shouldn't either unless you really want to because as we all know free will makes the world go round...)

So I'll tell you this story which is completely fictional. One day there was this girl with naturally curly (or not-whatever) red hair who had this brother who had this blog. And he was like Rachel my mother won't let me on the computer today because I was on it like for nine hundred hours yesterday playing a stupid start wars game so will you blog for me. And his sister was like yeah absolutely I have nothing better to do being in high school and having like hundreds of pounds of homework a day. And then five minutes later he was like Rachel will you blog for me. And she was like yeah didn't I just say that. And then ten minutes later he was going to a play thing and he was like Rachel will you blog for me and she was like SAM STOP ASKING ME! BECAUSE I'M GOING TO BRAIN YOU!! And then like two hours later she remembered that she had to blog and then she did but her mom was yelling at her to get off the computer so she did.

These fictional stories are fun.

I'm going to watch friends and go to bed.

BON NUIT, mes amicos!


Anonymous said...

Everybody Dance Now said...

That story touches my soul Rachel.
I almost broke into tears it was so heart warming.

Anonymous said...

Where are the pop-tarts?!?!?!?!?!?


Thank you, and good night.

Frances =) said...

Yes, it is a bit late. But I don't really have a bed time. And it's only 8:30. That's NOT that late.
I had a fun day today. Woke up, went to Orchestra, school, Carillion, more school, Model UN until 4:30. Homework for an hour and a half, dinner for half an hour. "Play thing". Got back at 8:15. Am now on computer. Christie called. We are now on phone.
Yup. Just had to say that. . .

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys. It's the guy with two sisters again. Haven't been here for a while. I'm still waiting to see if anyone figures out who I am...anyway, your "fictional" story is very creative. I mean, it almost read like it was real! Right. Sarcasm aside, who here has heard of the word "kyphorrhinos". For those of you who have no idea what this word means, I'll be kind enough to spare you the pain of going to Kyphorrhinos means "Having a nose with a bump in it." Wow, that was off topic. To actually comment on the post, one of my sisters had a party this weekend for her birthday last month (don't ask). She spent a good half hour trying to figure out how much food she needed. She decided that she would bake 50 little hot dogs for her guests, lots of taquitos, vegetarian chicken nuggets, and a bunch of other stuff. Nothing burnt. I don't really remember why I'm typing this, but I do know that nobody ate and we had all this food leftover because everyone was concentrating on the game at hand instead of eating. In fact, we have so much food it's the only thing we're allowed to eat for the rest of the week. Wow, that was seriuosly off topic. I do have one comment, though: Even if you really want to do pot, don't. It kills you. Actually, someone I know treats people who destroy their lungs (because he's, yup, you guessed it, a lung doctor)so if you decide to destroy your lungs by smoking anything, be sure to go to him. I'd tell you the name, but that would severly break one of the most sacred rules of internet posting: never give out any name or address or anything that can be traced back to you. I think I'm done rambling now, so good bye!

Everybody Dance Now said...

What doesn't kill you now a days.

Carissa said...

You know what bugs me? when people post basically a blog in someone elses commment box. that is totally off topic tho.

Ok. Sam. I am officially going to your blog almost every day. WHY DO YOU NEVER GO TO MINE? my feelings are getting hurt :(

And now to comment on the blog:
Hot dogs taste bad unless they are little.

The end.

Jen said...

xD What's with all this talk about hot dogs????

Abby said...

clarissa: welcome to my life.

anonymous: i agree that it would probebly be a lot easier for you if you just got a blog. Then you wouldnt have to worry about going off topic b/c that's all people to on blogs. It's oodles of fun, even when no one reads it.