Thursday, January 05, 2006

I'd say the butler

Whodunnits are fun, doubtless. But you know what's even more fun?

Whocommentedonits! The newest fad here at Four Years Apart (we're just always bringing you new things, whether we came up with it or not) is commenting anonymously and providing hints about yourself. We have a couple of regulars here, including a depressed person who's in Communication Club, and someone with two sisters. My guess at Comm. Club person is possibly Tim, as he didn't comment last time, but whatever. I actually kind of think it's a girl. The two sisters person I have no idea.

But who could be doing it? I have no idea (but see my title). But in the legendary explanation of eighth-graders, they probably just had a really smart hamster.

Two readers I'm sending a big hello out to: N. Milson and Charlotte! They are currently my only readers in other countries: Canada and Germany respectively. Charlotte comments about how much she misses Rachel, then says she's kidding. N. Milson's comments (they number few) actually have some meat, so you get the picture.

Abby has ordered my first shirt, coincidentally in a size and color I don't have. Thanks, Abby.

It's a small world after all. It's a- oh wait I was posting.

You've got to try my quiz (see several posts below this). It's really a classic. No you shut up!


Anonymous said...

"Cigarettes are burning
Watch the embers down the side
Watch as if it's the last thing I will ever see"

That is an exert from my most recent poem, and your clue.
And yes I made an easy first guess me.

Anonymous said...

xD you're Jon, we all know. Even I, another anonymous, yet depressed (as of yesterday and the day before. Now I feel a lot better since it's Friday) blogger.

How about another clue for you all? hm... *pretends to think*

okay, only a few people will understand, but that was my clue, the "pretend to think part". it's from our skit for the variety show.

Anonymous said...

I think I know who you are! Yay! Posting as anonymous is FUN!!!!!!!!!!! =)
I'm EXTREMELY bad at trying to be secretive, though. . .because by now you all probably know who this is! YAY!
Hm. . .person from communications club and is in the skit. . .it's either Sam (posting as anonymous on his own blog. . .definently special!), Jen (who I can't imagine "depressed". like, REALLY depressed), Tim (who I can't imagine depressed either. but that's just me), or Jeff. Wait, which Jeff? Sherman. Ok. . .I KNOW WHO IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM A SPECIAL DETECTIVE!!!!!!!!
Am I allowed to just say it? I won't for now. b/c if I'm not supposed to and I do that would be bad!!!!!!! I think it's someone in my social studies class tho. I still can't imagne you depressed. . .what's wrong??????
Ok, I've talked enough. . .and definently totally given myself away! If you don't know who this is by now, you probably don't know me at all! YAY!
K, ttyl everyone!!!!!!!
P.S. I've seen the skit and I know who's im Communications Club (Well, I'm sort of in it. . .) so YAY! So maybe I'm not that much of a special detective. . .*sobs*!!! Yay!!!!! O well!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"are you pAtronizing me?"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

{depressed person again} holy smokes!!! this entire page is anonymously posted. okay, you with the long post, you're Frances... (obviously)

Abby said...

oh, and dont worry about the t-shirt, sam, I really dont mind.

and just for the record, I think your posts are just as funny as rachel's, just funny in a different way. don't change anything!