Thursday, January 26, 2006

Posters, etc.

Blogger makes it so easy to post pictures. Yes, once more, google makes my life easier (blogger is an affiliate of google). That is a picture of Windows "Bliss" wallpaper, complete with a "Tux Xing" sign (that's in case you can read, but are blind somehow). I doubt any of you, except for Tim, Jesse, Sri, and possibly Jeff S. Yes, many of my friends are nerds.

This is one of the many posters I bought offline and arrived today. They include (here comes my HTML skills. Thank you, Neopets)...
  • Mediocrity
  • Rent
  • Cute Penguins. This was not acually the poster I got. To see that go to and search "Penguins". It's two penguins reaching out.
  • The Simpsons. The one I bought was from again, but they're impossible to link to, so this was the image I went with.
  • Dizzy Gillespie. For those of you who don't know, he's a trumpet player. I bought the one that's at the top in the middle.
Well, I have to go now. Oh, and Maeve, if you would like to comment, click the button that says some number, then "comments". Then comment! Whee!

I'm going to hell and there are also some pills I should probably be taking. Dain, good luck with your new blog (Dain is named from the Lord of the Rings, possibly from the dwarf Dain Ironfoot).


Carissa is incredible and amazing. said...

no no no.. see... hell is badddd! you want to stay POSITIVE and go UP! heaven is gooood!

hong said...

quote:" ..I doubt any of you, except for Tim, Jesse, Sri, and possibly Jeff S. Yes, many of my friends are nerds."

i hate when i don't understand something, so explain:

if the sentence starts out "i doubt.."shouldn't it later indicate what you are doubting?

hong said...

oh yeah and carissa comment good! heaven is good! go to HEAVEN!

Jesse said...

I assume the penguin stuff is because Linux is awesome, right? Try Ubuntu Linux.

jen said...

o_O;; I've never heard Sam say "Whee!" before... actually not at all because it was on a blog...

I feel like making a bunch of links! Links here, links there, links everywhere!!!!!

Jeff & Maeve said...

Jeff: Well, I'll see you (and everyone else) in hell.
Maeve:Hello, everyone. Sam, your blog is... interesting.
Jeff: I am not a nerd. I got kicked out for getting a national fitness award.
Maeve: Dang, I did too. What does that make me, now?
Jeff: I suppose that makes you a geek. I'm also a geek, but that's because I was arguing with Tim one day and shouted "So proclaims the King of the Geeks!" now I'm a geek.
Maeve: And the rest is history. If I'm a geek, doesn't that imply that I can handle technonlgy?
Jeff: Hm...yes and no. Choose one.
Maeve: I'm going to choose both and run away!
Jeff:, what do you think Sam will think when he reads this? He was going on a few posts ago about how people shouldn't be using his blog for a conversation. Oh well.
Maeve: Well, we'll just have to direct some of the conversation towards other people. Sam, would you say I'm more of a geek or a nerd? Not that you know me. Pick one, but don't run away.
Jeff: She has a habit of running away whenever you give her a choice. And then she leaves the choice to you. It's rather ammusing, actually.
Maeve: You stole my move yesterday, you know... Not cool, man.
Jeff: Yes, but that's because it's so much fun!
Maeve: I'll let it slide... for now. Just know that I have a basement full of minions (they may or may not be paper towels) that are waiting at my beckon call.
Jeff: Yes, but you see, I have a list of 100 things not to do as an Evil Overlord...and a book on "How to Be a Villain" so, even if you did have a basement full of miniions (which may or may not be paper towels) that are waiting at your beckon call, I have an army of ninjas! Ha!
Maeve: Wellllllll I read both your "handbooks".
Jeff: Oh, that's right...
Maeve: I know all your evil villain secrets! Die, mortal!
Jeff: *Falls down dead. Comes back up as "Un-Dead Zombie #875"* *Groans Zombie noise*
Maeve: *Whacks you over head with Maxwell's silver hammer* now you're un-un dead!
Jeff: Dang. Now I'm part of the Ma'alls/Amalls.
Maeve: Oh, that's no fun. You have to choose a spelling, and then change it when you next talk about them to confuse everyone.
Jeff: Um...both! *Runs away*
Maeve: Yea, well... Paper towels, unite!

nerdjedi said...

Some things:

1) I am not blind! I have near perfect eyesight, and I could read the sign!

2) Linux does rock! It's better than Microsoft! When Microsoft starts giving away Windows and Office for free, let me know.

nerdjedi said...

In response to Jeff and Maeve's post:

WTM? (What the monkey, for those of you who don't know.) That was really wierd.

Carissa Again said...

I agree with Hong's 1st comment. And the second one too actually... but i want the answer to the first one now.

And what DOES qualify you as a geek or nerd or neither..... because that confuses me....... everything confuses me........ but that confuses me most.

Do you know something else that confuses me? Maeve & Jeff confuse me. A lot. but as i said before... everything confuses me......

i feel like rambling on

but then people might get annoyed about reading all of this

So i'll say ONE LAST THING!
GO TO MY BLOG AND COMMENT AND READ IT SAM! I GO TO YOURS! Yay. Actually... everyone should to to my blog. I'ts a really cool place. And read it daily. Cause i update daily. Almost.

Dain said...


Drop the chalupa

Angie the great and beautiful said...

i know i said i wouldn't talk about you and maeve anymore... but i can't resist.... aawwwwwwwwwww! you guys are meant to be!!!!!!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWW! i love romance!!!!!!! HIIIIIII MAEVE!!!!!!!! i'm angie and i'm gonna meet you at Honk! jr. i can't wait!!! if jeff is saying wierd things about me... don't believe him. really, don't.

oh yeah... i almst forgot this was sams blog. well hi sam. maddie's inviting you to her dad's house tomorrow and i really think you should come. we would have so much fun!!!!

okay, bye sam! bye jeff! bye MAEVE! i'll see you all soon,( weither you like it or not!!!) oh, and jeff- thanks for the advise. youre the besttest!

Madeline Margaret said...


Abby said...

Rent: good movie. I'm using that poster as a base for my yearbook page. Every year, the 8th graders @ my school get their own yearbook page, a sort of about-me page made on photoshop. But this year we had to base it off a poster, so i used that rent poster.

jen said...

wow, Abby that sounds cool.

((I guess that means you don't go to our school xD))

all we get is a quote. and seriously people try to do hilarious ones, but their parents think that they're inapropriate-which most of them are not.
((*pokes tim as an example*))

and also we have a 60 character limit... ¬.¬

((how do I do those characters that look like a dash and a comma morphed together, you ask? you'll never know!!!! why? because even I don't know!!!! how don't I know? well, I copied and pasted them from someone else who used them somewhere else!!!))

Frances =) said...

I've never heard you say "whee" either. . .
And links are fun! They're so. . .linkish! I LOVE the color part of HTML. . .it's fun to make colors!
I think I'm more blind than most people. . .just soccer teammate, goalie, glasses broke, blood on face and arm. Scared me. Was gross.
So now I wear contacts! Plus, it's a lot safer. . .ever tried continuously jumping with your glasses on? They might fall. . .haha.
Well, I gtg now. . .I'll go to other posts later, I guess.

serena said...

neopets is DA BOMB


this is serena btw