Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Posting Again

Sorry I haven't posted since Sunday. Monday I had play practice, then a project and a try out (tryout?) the next day. Tuesday I had Hebrew School.

Today was very odd. First Mrs. B, our music teacher, told us to walk about the auditorium while we sang. It was funny.

Then we went to the high school to see the music program, and that was fun. That was where I met (again) Jesse (see his post).

I also saw my friend Sanjana (if she ever reads this, which she won't, I definitely spelled her name wrong). Anyway her friends kept telling me there names, and I'm hilariously bad with names so I told them that and they looked at me weird.

Then I had play practice where we sang songs.


Anyway it's possible Maeve (this is an opportunity to use these * with like an action inside but I HATE THAT except for when Jen does it because she's good at it) will be joining us, so Abby straighten your tie and Jesse put some pants on.

Why did I say that? That wasn't even funny. Damn me.

Today I decided I'm going to hell by the way.

And Tim don't show this to your mom.

Hi, Maeve (Jeff - send her my blog again so that she can see this if you don't think she'll read it. Maeve is, by the way, Jeff's girlfriend and I wanted to congratulate him). I was the one at Jeff's party with red hair who kept talking while we were playing some card game like murder or something (if someone would care to share with me the title...). Anyway I don't remember you at all (read above to see that I have bad memory). You should also read some of my sisters' posts!

Anyway, that's that. And maeve you should be a regular that would be fun


hong said...

you're going to hell..? er..that's not good. turn around...walk UP. as in towards HEAVEN. good!

Jeff said...

Ha! Running around during chorus was fun. Well, I'll meet you in hell...along with everyone else in the world. I have to thank you for publicaly announcing on the internet that Maeve's my girlfriend. That was my attempt at writing sarcasm. The game was "Mafia", by the way. We were going to use cards...but we decided against it. We used cards for Mafia on the way to Dorney Park, though.

Everybody Dance Now said...

This is my link of the week.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, I announced Maeve and you as a couple i month ago. If TOU READ MY BLOG, YOU WOULD KNOW!

Anonymous said...

You're shallow, self centered, and moody!-Guess Who

Anonymous said...

You're MOODY!

Anonymous said...


CARISSA said...

OHOHOH! CAN I POST A LINK OF THE WEEK??? CAN I??? THAT WOULD BE COOL! first i need to find one though........ riiiight... i'll go do that!
*five minutes later*

YAY! that was hard to choose. i <3 rinkworks.

OH! I SAW JESSE TODAY TOO! AND HE DIDN"T REMEMBER ME!!!!!!! WELll... he DID SORT OF.... I REMEMBERED HIM WELL THOUGH!! *Sigh* and he remembered CATHERINE well enough... well. beggars can't be choosers.

Abby said...

umm.... should i be worried that i dont wear ties?

cool, i didnt know you were in a play! what play is it?

Abby said...

woa thats really scarey... in the time it took me to type that last comment, 6 more comments were made for this post alone... that's downright creepy

Jesse said...

Its weird. I never before today realized how many people I know that go to VF. So many!

CARISSA!!!!!!!! said...

Jesse - of COURSE you know that many people that go there! You know a bunch of ppl from bellfest and then all of us from HILLSIDE whom you FORGOT! thnx a lot! jkjk!

Dain said...

Hello, This is the real Dain. (sam, we did our egg project together) (Gold paint+lampshade=Fun!)
I have a blog!
Go to

Angie said...

sam, this is the real angie. to prove it... me and you made fun of tim today when he chose to sing Mr. Mistoffoles the whole way threw in spanish... well, maddie's a really good liar and jeff ( i don't know which one) beleived her. i know everything now... but i'm lost and confused. how can this be? please call me or email me at i don't think i beleive them... it's just so misleading.....

Anonymous said...


Just a heads up, but as the paranoid person that I am, I feel that I must warn you to never, ever, ever EVER put your email address on the internet. After all, you don't want creepy people you've never met emailing you, right?

Everybody Dance Now said...

Jon go AWOL for a while...

Anonymous said...

Sam, my link to you of the week:
Is He Metrosexual? or, as I like to put it, "Are You Too Girly For Your Own Good?"
I can't figure out how to make a link, so here is the address:

Anonymous said...

na ahhhhhhh
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na ahhhhhhh

how's life?


Anonymous said...

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