Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Behind the Scenes: An In-Depth Look at blah blah blah blah

Most of you have blogs. But hear at 4YA, we like to provide you with some information on how we make our posts. So let's get started.

Some pictures correspond with the post I'm making. To see them, find "Sam and Rachel's Pictures" on the sidebar.

First, we have the dashboard. When I log in, this is what I see (see SARpics). Mostly, I just click "New Post" next to the label that says "Four Years Apart".

Next I see the blog screen itself (see top). This is where I write my post. It's also where I do my HTML for links and such. Once I'm done that, I click the "publish post" button. After that, I'm done!

But that's not all. When I post a picture, like the one I did today, I use google's "Picasa 2". You can see SARpics for a screenshot of that. Then I do my post likek normal.

After that, I usually visit my blog, to see the finished product.

If that all seem's very simple, it's mostly because it is.

Tune in next time for how I do the HTML, sidebar, and template on Behind the Scenes: Blah etc.

Here's a question: Why is it that no matter how much lint comes out of your clothes when you wash them, they never get any smaller?

And don't forget to buy Tee-Shirts and keep putting up those entries for "link of the week"! Posted by Picasa


Frances =) said...

Ha. So THIS was what you were doing. . .wait, didn't say you were doing this yesterday? I'm confused now. As I always am.
Whatever happened to Rachel? It's not that I don't like your posts (lol), but she dissappeared! She should at least post a "hi" or something!!!! *cries* JKJK.
As for the shirts, I'm thinking about one for my little brother (I don't usually wear t-shirts. . .too big. Even if they are adult small. . .), and you said something about making one for Tim and I remember something about that. . .what were you going to make for him again? I'm still thinking. . .it seems like a cool idea tho. . .hmmmmmmmm.
Well, tell Rachel I said hi, (actually she might see this. . .in that case. . .HIII RACHEL!!!!)
I should go update my blog now. . .and take quiz. Haven't been on computer in awhile (a.k.a. 2 days). Ttyl!

Everybody Dance Now said...

Run around screaming
Like the headless chickens we are
School is more than a nightmare
It is a living hell

I HATE EXAM PREP WEEK!!!!!!!!!! WITH A PASSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesse said...

I'm still waiting for my post for winning the Link of the Week gets posted. I emailed it to you a few days ago.

Abby said...

about the shirts sam, should i wait for your go-ahead to send the money, or do you need to now to pay for it?

Charlotte said...

yeah, whatever happened to Rache? Cause she hasn't been emailing me *glare glare at Rachel*
naah, kidding! I wuvs you rachel!
anyways: Link of the Week would *obviously* be the HP-fanfiction I'm writing, to be viewed here. Haha.

Frances =) said...

Still no update. . .I'm updating my blog! YAY!
Bit hyper (from singing assembly) now. . .yay!!!

Anonymous said...

today I feel so sad. I don't know why; I just do.

Luckily we have communications club tomorrow. That always cheers me up.

I'm posting anonymously, but some of you might be able to guess who I am. I guess I sort of act this way at school. a little. I guess.

Anyway, see some of you at communications club tomorrow.

Everybody Dance Now said...

We miss you to Sam, just not as much.

Bleeding out the eyes
Tears strolling down your cheeks
I see you cry but laugh all the same