Monday, January 30, 2006

The Prince and the Pencil

I know my title doesn't make sense, but I'm in a hurry. Okay first: new LOTW rule.

I'm tired of combing through the comment boards to find your stupid links. I'm not accepting them unless you email me. My email is also on the sidebar.

Okay? Okay. I'm done my major homework, that is my major core subjects. I still have to make some English notecards for the debate. Damn you Ben, Mona, and Hong, maybe Hong. I'm not sure if Hong was in on it.

Hey, here's a crazy idea. A blog like Maddie's, except just a bunch of team members. We'll have an admin with a password (s)he makes, and a guest account for anyone else. We'll call it, "All The Dirt", where we discuss the going abouts in school, and yeah...

Maybe it was a better idea in my head. Hey do you guys think damn and hell are swear words. And at what point is a blog "abandoned". I mean, Jesse, Sri, and Becky had the obvious one's, but still.

I've also decided my memory sucks. I remeber how I met Jen, but not any of my other friends. So that's bad.

And at what point is someone your friend.

A big hello out to Jeff B. (where are you, man?), and Tripp (has some sickness, get well soon). Tripp doesn't read my blog.

Today I visited someone's blog that was really annoying. Hold on, I'll find the link (well obviously you don't have to hold on, you'll just keep reading). Here it is. This girl is so annoying. Look at her post from the 26th through the 28th of January. It's hilarious. She is like, I got a date with Josh. Josh is my lover. I <3 josh. I like someone else, so I'm breaking up with Josh! I got a date with Justin! etc.

Ah, well. Love is a fickle buisiness at 13, I guess.

Especially with dirt bikers.

That's it for now. See ya.


Carissa said...

First again? wheee.... i like being first.

DEBATE IS FUNNNN! I LIKE DEBATE! Who CARES if its extra work... besides me that is.... and hong was in on it. it was HER idea.

OHHH! BLOG IDEA SOUNDS COOL! The admin would have to be a trustworthy person though

Yes... those words ARE curse words.

Abandoned means no update in 3 weeks.

Do u remember how u met ME? probably not. i don't remember how i met you though.. so all is fair.

Ummmm........ yeah.. that blog.. IT BURNS MY EYES!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Sam. It was really Hong, Mona, and Catherine (Vanderlist). Ben had really nothing to do with it, but if you do count him, then you can count Joe and Matt and everyone else in Core 7 English. Yeah

Insiders Edition,

jen said...

oh, oh, I want to be on admin! I can help with the layout and with the info!

Jeff said...

Well, your idea of a blog is intriguing, though I have no real information to share. Anyway, I would go on a rant about how you said "Love's a fickle business at 13, I guess." except that I'm sure that I would regret it once anyone I know read it. At what point is someone your friend, you ask? I can answer that on my standards. I consider someone a friend if: I trust them, I can hold a steady conversation with them, I like them (as a friend). If I don't trust them, you can't really get very close. Same with holding a steady conversation. If you don't even like the person, well, why are you even friends, then? Ah well, got to go be un-sick. Tata, for now.

Anonymous said...

What????!!!! Who said Matt did anything? It was basically all Blue Team Forensics people. I made the only good question out of all of them, so blame Hong, Mona, and Catherine for all bad questions.

m said...

if you joined, maddie would go for it cuz she's hot for you. but first you'de have to the gossip girl series. yes every single page no mater how much you hate it.

Abby said...

i'd pay money to see a boy sit through "gossip girl".

yes, damn and hell are curse words, but contrary to populary belief, crap is not. It's just not a "nice" word.

I like that idea, sam, about the open blog. It'd be like you're comments boards, except longer... much longer. I wouldn't have any idea what people are talking about, as I don't go to your school, but it'd still be interesting.

Hey, we should make an advise blog! It'd be like your idea, where anyone can post and then anyone can offer advise. That'd be cool.

I don't remember the first time I met most of my friends. Come to think of it, I can only specifically remember one: we met at a fourth-of-july parade. I was four, dressed as a princess for the costum contest, and we were standing next to eachother on some kind of brigde. That's all I remember.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Sam, you should da-blame Mona, Hong, and Catherine. Except Ben made up one question-that i don't think even got on the debate. not sure though...and, debate is retarded. go to to read about it. figure out who the people are. Matt was talking about fighting back against abuse by being happy when he debated against of course, he lost. And, that wasn't even sarcasm.

A said...

how the hell am i ssupposed to tell you and your sisters entries apart???? grr!! i said on my xanga that tim liked me- is that bad? well, every1 already knows (right?) thanks to M's blog!

Mistermisstoffoles likes uniqua's hands, and the ex is up to no good w/ Mr. sensitive those nasty pirates!!!!

melissa- i hope you r proud!!!!! that was some good shit!

Sri said...

Sam, my blog is no longer abandoned. It is back. Do not doubt me. Take me to your leader. Oh that's right, you don't have one.