Friday, March 31, 2006

Part 3

Heh heh it's nothing part 3!

These things come to me right out of thin air.

First, for those of you with short attention spans who don't read the whole post, get the new google talk here.

Okay so I'm having a weird day. We went out to dinner and someone spilled water on my dad. It's his birthday. And me and my sister were keeping track of who was the most polite. And our waiter Anita was like, "the plates are really hot" and my sister decided to touch it. So did my mom. I'm proud to say that I managed to restrain myself. And I whenever we wanted our waiter I thought we could have sang, "A-ni-ta, A-ni-ta" to the tune of "Evita". That would have been funny. Anyone who reads the whole post comment on the "seven-oh-two" post and indicate that. Okay so I had the most interesting email conversation with [NAME REMOVED]. (S)he congratulated me on [THING YOU ALL KNOW ABOUT BUT I REMOVED ANYWAY] and I said "thank you" and (s)he said "your welcome". And I don't know whether to reply or not. Eh, whatever.

So I think that's it.

For those of you that don't have Gmail but want it, send me your email address to either my primary mail or the one on the sidebar and I'll be happy to invite you so we can all get the new Google Talk.

Shut up, Hong!

No you shut up.


A hospital called us and I hung up, thinking it was a sales call.

I am so stupid. But the lady was nice about it. Luckily.

I feel really terrible.


It's actually before school.

Stop discussing my social life using the comment board, please.

And I'm not joking!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Post after Post 115

So, that would be 116.

Or maybe 117 because I said it was 115 when my blog said "115 entries". So then the last one would be 116. I'll check.

Crap! I can't find where it said the number of posts. Ah well.

My cat is climbing around the room. Now he stares out the window.

YAGMCB is officially over. Today was our last performance. I am very sad.

But I am very happy I didn't do The Music Man. That is I'm glad I didn't make it. Because this was more fun, I think.

So that's over.

But something new has begun. I'm not sure if it will be good or bad, but you know what?

I'm excited to find out. Did I spell "excited" correctly? It looks wrong.

Eh, whatever.

I hate it when kids try to help kids with their relationships. I can handle it, already. (a note to Frances: Was I mean to you today? I was just nervous. And freaking out)

I have to go homework now.

And I think this is probably the last of my criptic posts.

Edit: I'm adding some crappy haiku I wrote a while ago.

It seems as though it won't come
But I know it will

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Post 115

My world is spinning. I am learning. My morals are being challenged.

Well they really aren't.

I should be upstairs.

But I'm not.

And deja vu gets worse. Today someone asked me what I did.

I cannot think of anything that I did wrong. I can't think of anything.

And today's events will change tommorow.

And tommorow's will change the next day.


Monday, March 27, 2006

On well... nothing

Bah. I hate puberty!

Well actually I guess it's kind of okay.

It's the boy-girl stuff really. Well I guess most of the time we just pretend to hate it.

But is it really fun? Yeah. I guess so.

So we had YAGMCB. And after every joke it was like "cricket cricket". And how did "cricket" become and onamotapoeia? What is that? It's an insect, not a sound. Ugh.

So check this out.

*Edit* Ugh. Now I'm having deja vu from hell. And it's really not fair.

And I can't tell any of you about it because I said I wouldn't.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Part 2

Heh heh it's nothing part 2.

Oh crap I just realized I have to sign up for platinum! whee.

I love platinum! It's like there's a party in my brain.

But Emma is so much better than I am. Bah.

Carissa you have to remind me!

And Romeo and Juliet filming tommorow. That will be ever so much fun with Christie, Taylor, Emily, Carissa, and myself (4 girls are good odds for me. heh heh).

And another YAGMCB during school! I miss 2nd, 3rd and 4th if it's the whole thing. Which I think it is.

But I'm only in chorus. And I know that's still cool but once you go lead, it's hard to go back.

And I miss health. And Spanish is a sub so Tim and I just work on our skits. It involves the following (for those of you that take Spanish just assume we have the appropriate accents):

Tim: Samuel, como fuiste al supermercado? En coche?
Sam: No, mi coche esta en la estacion de servicio. Fui en my helicoptero.

Which translates to:

Tim: Sam, how did you get to the supermarket? In your car?
Sam: No, my car was in the service station. I went in my helicopter.

And also...

Tim: Donde esta el banco?
Sam: Esta al lado del teatro.
Tim: Y... donde esta el teatro?
Sam: Esta aqui.

Which translates to:

Tim: Where's the bank?
Sam: It's next to the theater.
Tim: And... where's the theater.
Sam: Over there (obviously I'll point somewhere)

Got to go now. Watching "The West Wing". No time for subjects. Only predicates.

What are full sentences anyway? Aren't they the same as normal sentences?

Oh yeah bury me next to Juliet.

The ennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd.

Tommorow's looking good for me.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Insert Witty Title Here

I can't think of a title.

Oh well.

Would it be worth blogging if no one reads it?

Hey if I rephrase that...

If a blog is on the web, and no one reads it, does it really exist?

Than it's a hilarious alternative to...

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around, does it make a sound.

YAGMCB today. I fell like I should be excited but I'm not. My lame excuse is tonight I'm only in the choru-

Holy crap.

I just felt that feeling of a mix of bliss and fear that can only come from knowing either you're going to see someone you have a crush on soon or you're going to be onstage.

I'm not going to see anyone I have a crush on.

I'm excited. It eats away at my stomach like a curiously welcome parasite. And I can't stop moving. My chair's legs jump off the ground slightly as I rock back and forth. My fingers fly over the keyboard too quickly; my right pinky is constantly seeking out the backspace key.

I used a semi-colon. I think.

Bah. It doesn't matter because I'm excited.

YAGMCB (pronounced "YAG-muh-cuh-buh") is coming. Yay.

But soon the feeling will depart. It will exit in the back left with everybody else.

One hand clapping?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

On Depression

I'm very depressed.

Not like contemplating suicide or anything like that.

But depressed.

Some reasons I cannot list, for fear of retribution and embarrasment. For the multiple parties involved in the reasons.

YAGMCB is over. Bah. I feel like it was just a couple months ago when we started. Well, it was only a couple months ago. But I'm still depressed. Cause after the cast party I'll have nothing but a huge void where that used to be. I'll probably fill it with drugs and such.

Rather obviously, I'm kidding.

God puberty stinks! I hate this. Yesterday people were crying at my school because a boy said he liked a girl and the girl was like, "you ruined my life" and then started crying.

Personally I feel that the boy is the one who was wronged. There are better ways to reject people then telling them they ruined your life.


The girl is more my friend than the boy, too. The story, as I know, of course, is quite sketchy.

And I hate how girls get to cry and comfort eachother. If a boy cries, it is horrible. People laugh at him. But not girls.

This week has has seen a lot of people bragging. It just makes me want to throw up! Do I brag a lot? I can't tell. Someone answer me truthfully, and not just like kidding. Every answer I get I will hold as the truth.

And there's a person in my class who wants to be strange, but isn't. And now she's like desperate. She asks us where we would rate her on a strangeness scale. And today she actually said she was strange.

Not everybody is Dain and Frances!

And what is it with people and being strange? It's not that big of a deal.


My hands are cold.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I am annoyed. Today is our last YAGMCB practice.

To avoid any stalker things, a quick note:

Mrs. S: bell teacher, plays piano.
Mrs. B: Director of YAGMCB

So there is this scene where we are all singing a book report, and I run across the stage while Lucy is counting, and jump when she says thirty and land on "Down" and continue with "came the staff on his head, CRASH!". Basically I'm really energized. But whenever I do it either I land late or Mrs. S comes in late or w/e and it always looks bad.

And when I asked Mrs. B about it she suggested I don't jump.'

I love jumping.

Plus the person with the spotlight finds it difficult to manuever a 50 pound cylinder that has its fulcrum rusted over to follow a small boy.


For the record I'm kidding. I would find it much more difficult.

And today I was in the hall and this woman was walking and there were people at lockers on both sides of me, but a gap in the people ahead of me, so I was going to step into the gap so that she could walk by but when I walked foward she put her hand on my shoulder, pushed me out of the way, and said, "I think you should let me walk by" or something like that. Plus Margaret was behind me and she was like, "smooth Sam".

So that went well.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I'm so happy. But I'm not sure if I can post it on the web. You may not think it's a big deal but I'm not sure if I can post it online.

You know, I'll just say it: someone no longer totally hates me.

They don't totally like me either, but it's a start.

And the other person that hates me? I don't know. I think they still hate me. Frances doesn't regularly read my blog, but she could probably clear that up...

My regulars have been replaced by readers that pop-up sparatically with odd comments.

Got to email Carrissa now.

And eat my...

(why do I even bother? I know you'll just obsess over it)

(sigh) pop-tart.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

On Sugar-Crazed and Unsupervised Teenagers

Well, the title kind of says it all.

Here is a recipe for disaster.

20 kids that are going through puberty
20 sets of hormones that are freakishly out-of-whack (due to the previously mentioned puberty)
8 boxes of pizza
5 2-liter soda bottles
1 package of jelly-beans.

1. Whisk together pizza and soda in medium pizza box. In 20 different homes, mix together a child with his or her respective set of hormones.

2. Put children in school and let sit for 3 hours. After they are sufficiently stir-crazy, add the pizza-soda combo. Sprinkle liberally with jelly beans.

3. Do not supervise children for 45 minutes. Check on them to reveal a raging out of control situation in which Chris D. is getting beat up by a girl, and Sam is depressed because he isn't the center of attention.

4. Attempt rather valiantly to calm them down.

5. Remember that discretion is the better part of valor.

6. Give up. Walk dejectedly away.

I have to go. Hope you enjoyed it (it's about play practice).

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Ah! I'm swamped.

I have...
HSW (mon)
Radon (tues)
Math take-home test (mon)
Essay on "Romeo and Juliet" (mon)

erm... well that's it. but it's a lot.

stupid shakespeare. Tragedy my butt. just a punishment for the kids that will eventually have to right an ESSAY ON IT!


Friday, March 17, 2006

On Some Random Poetry

I love poetry. And whenever I mention this Jon always seems to pop up and comment some.

Here is a great poem (some other favorites are The Walrus and the Carpenter, also by Lewis Carroll, and The Raven, by E. A. Poe)

"The Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll

'Twas brillig and the slithy toads
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe
All mimsy were the borogroves
And the mome raths outgrabe

"Beware the Jabberwock, my son.
The teeth that bite, the claws that catch
Beware the Jubjub bird and shun
The Frumious Bandersnatch"

He took his vorpal sword in hand,
Long time the maxnome foe he sought
So he rested by the Tumtum tree
And stood a while in thought

And as in uffish thought he stood
The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame
Came whiffling through the tulgy wood
And burbled as it came

"And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
Oh frabjous day! Calloo, callay!"
He chortled in his joy

'Twas brillig and the slithy toads
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe
All mimsy were the borogroves
And the mome raths outgrabe

Alright new contest! It's called "Plagiarism". I will provide a few sentences and you are to write a story with them, as well as a title I provide. The winner will get the same prize (a post).

I will also post a story made by the same method, just so you can get an idea of how different they are.

"Nuts and Bolts"

Sentence 1: It seems as those kinds of doors had always been troubles for the carpenter.

Sentence 2: The wire was not exactly meant to be used like that, but it would do for now.

Sentence 3: The hammer made a clicking sound.

Sentence 4: He wiped the sweat from his face as he ran from the room.

The sentences could be in any order. I'll post a winner when I get enough for a decent contest.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

On Midgets that Dress up as Clowns

Carissa! You freaked me out. A midget that dresses up as a clown doll and steals things. God that's weird. And how did the parents just like realize he was bad? Creepy.

But that's not really what I'm here to talk about. I'm here to talk about...

bum bum bum buum (c c c g! I did that without being on the piano! I am so cool. victory dance in honor of myself. Since you can't see me dancing I'll just type the stuff I'm singing: uh huh, go sam, you rule, etc.): STEREOTYPES!

My favorite stereotype ever is how adults think kids talk on IM and stuff. I will now go find a previous IM message (a feature of Google is saving chat histories) and translate it the two different ways that they will type it:

The actual conversation:

Carissa: u didn't just end out A bad e-mail u sent out 2!
me: how observant of you
Carissa: thank you?
me: how do you spell "vise-versa"
is that it?
Carissa: no... "vise versa"
i think
at least.... in microsoft word the spell check changes "viceversa" into vice versa
y don't u GOOGLE it and find out?
oh...and will you PLEASE stop saying that i am SMARTER THAN YOU???????
me: oh but you are
i'll leave you with that
Carissa: NO I AM NOT!
me: smart person
Carissa: ...
i really
I'll leave you with that
me: hi carissa
i'm bothering you
Carissa: i. don't. care.
me: okay
then I'll continue bothering
Carissa: sure.
knock yourself out
hmmm... i just thought of something.. that proves me right and you wrong
( i looove it when that happens )
[NAME REMOVED FOR SAFETY] compared YOU to Einstein
and said you were smart.

okay but first: the reason she compared me to Einstein is because she thinks I'm self-obsessed. Which I am. But I don't need her help inflating my ego. I do that by myself. And yes I am obnoxious.

Method One: Gramatically correct (since I'm bored I'll just do a section).

Carissa: You didn't just send out a bad e-mail; you sent out 2!
me: How observant of you.
Carissa: Thank you.
me: How do you spell "vise-versa"?
Is that it?
Carissa: No... it's "vise versa" I think.
At least in Microsoft Word the spell check changes "viceversa" into vice versa.
So why don't you Google it and find out?
Oh...and will you PLEASE stop saying that i am SMARTER THAN YOU???????
me: Oh, but you are.
I'll leave you with that.

Method 2: Ridiculously abbreviated:

Carissa: u didnt just end out a bad email u sent out 2!
me: how observant of u
Carissa: thank u?
me: how do you spell vise-versa
is that it
Carissa: no... "vise versa"
i think
at least.... in microsoft word the spell check changes "viceversa" into vice versa
y dont u GOOGLE it and find out?
oh...and will u plz stop saying that i am SMARTER THAN U???????
me: oh but u r
ill leave u with that

An all time favorite of mine is turning "ate" sounds into "8". Like the best stereotype ever for a username:


'nuff said.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


You think clowns are good? Check this out.

Monday, March 13, 2006

On How I Outsmarted Carissa

Or how I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb.

Hey Carissa. Before to pretend you're smarter than you really are, remember that I'm me!

Heh heh. I laugh at you. You looked up talmud and then pasted it on your comment.

Here are a few liks as proof.

One: The Inciting Incident. Read the 6th comment (mine) then the 10th comment (Carissa's), then the 12th comment (mine again).

Two: The Crime. My favorite was how you phrased it. You were like, "isn't the talmud" blah blah blah.

Three: The Evidence. Scroll down to "T" and find Talmud.

Talmud is a couple of books that (word here. I don't know what the word is. It's like to add to. SOMEONE HELP ME! It's like alliterate or reiterate or something) on the Torah. They make new laws to make the society clearer. Then people commented on the laws. Then more people commented on the comments.

You get the idea.

By the way, Carissa is smarter than me in most respects. And I've done what she's done before. I just didn't have anything to blog about today.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Charlie Brown

Well this is two things on Charlie Brown.

One: we should make a song to the tune of "Suppertime" called "Puberty". It would be hilarious.

And two: the following is an IM between Joe and I.

Joe: what traits does romeo have?
me: he's not very handsome or clever or lucid.

He's always been stupid at spelling and numbers.

Joe: no, what does he have , not what does he not have

me: he's never been much playing football, or baseball, or stickball, or checkers, or marbles, or ping-pong

he's usually awful at parties and dances

he stands like a stick or he coughs or he laughs or he doesn't bring a present or he spills the ice cream or he gets so depressed that he stands and he screams

oh how could there possibly be one small person as thouroughly totally utterly blah, as he

he's stupid, self-centered and moody.
he's moody.

he's terribly dull to be with.
yes he is.

and nobody likes him not mercutio, or juiliet, or friar lawrence, or the nurse

or Balthasar
or Balthasar

or Tybalt
or Ty-

Hey wait Tybalt likes him.

No, he only pretends to like Romeo because Romeo killed him!

or Tybalt.

Oh how could there-

well you get the idea.

On My Horrible Job

Ugh. Today Hebrew School was horrible.

For the record I'm an aide there. I aide with a class of second graders.

Today was even worse than the day someone thought I was a second grader.

Today someone threw up. And can you guess who cleaned it up? Unless you're a moron, you said me.

I cleaned up some kid's throw up with a mop that wasn't wet and several paper towels. But luckily I had some rubber gloves.

Rubber gloves? Were they joking?

No. I had to clean up throw up. But it was okay because I had rubber gloves?!? Stupid @*#$'s.

So I did. And then I washed my hands. Well, washed is hardly the word. More like boiled.


I hate my job.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

More Crap

I've decided to write a piece of poetry. It's pretty much just free-form.


13, they say, is unlucky.

I say it's not. Though this year has been different, it has not been inordinately difficult, and certainly not been unlucky.

My vocabulary has expanded to include both more complex and more (*cough*) colorful words.

I've started a blog.

And started writing really crappy poetry. Luckily my friends tell me its good.

And learned more about the social structure. And learned to see through the virtually opaque lies that lurk within it. And I've done my best to destroy the clever (or not clever) ploys for attention.

Not unlucky. Enlightening.

I've learned of secrets and lies. I've learned of promises broken, and been on both ends of the parasite that is gossip, as well as viewing it from the side. I've seen the damage it can do.

Things that have never occured to me started to. And fantasies drifted off in favor of a harsh reality.

Not unlucky. Bizarre.

The dances we hold so dearly to our hearts turned from games to hormone-fueled horror movies (eww... that was an unfortunate bit of alliteration), full of regrets and rumors.

Not unlucky.

Just 13.

Saturday Night

Saturday night here. I've been working on a couple videos but both were really bad, so I'm blogging like a normal person.

So, how are you?

Maybe I can find some inspiration in Carissa's blog.

Oh I know! I'll finish "My Readers" then update my sidebar.

Hey LOTW would be today *sob*.


Alright here is my video:


Now I have to go walking or something. Psh. That'll be fun (sarcasm).

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Okay I finally changed my profile picture.

If you don't get it, see this link. I'm commenting on how many people have the whole "no picture" thing.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

And Now for Something Completely Different

Yeah that's like the best Monty Python ever! Heh heh I just sounded like Angie.

Today was cool. We saw "The Music Man" and Tim played trombone! Congrats Tim.


Then we had easy S.S. test.

Oh, wait, first: my new obsession!

Alright... play practice today. With the chorus. I will see Tim, Maddie, Angie, Frances , Jeff and the people who don't get my sense of humor where I "pretend" to be self-obsessed, and everyone who doesn't get my jokes with Rent in them. Alright time for a story.

I'm at play practice, and we're all on stage, right? And Ms. B is talking to Tim's Mom and says "How about..." and I sing "love!" but no one gets it.

Ah well.

Hey why is someone not some one? Why isn't no one noone. Oooh. I get it now.

I need to enter the question tommorow so I win more chocolate! Yay!


Alright I've decided to upload a new picture to my profile (if you check this soon after 5:30 I'm working on it)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Moonlight Poetry

Well, the title is loosely based on Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata", which is a song in YAGMCB (you're a good man, charlie brown). This is some poetry I thought would be interesting.

Oh, and it's true. I'm scared of like, everything.

Moonlight Terror

My father has told me to go to retrieve the recycling bin.

Stupid recycing bin. Couldn't come in itself.

It's at the top of the driveway.

So I borrow my mom's slippers to go get it.

And then I forgot: the fear.

The fear that envelopes all. That closes in. That grips you in its icy claws lifting you...

Lifting just over the edge of the safe plane that is reality. It takes your subconsious, and holds it like a little dog (like Scooter!), to peer into the icy blackness of hell. And down there you see all the demons that you know don't exist.

But you don't really realize that you saw it. Your stomach does, though.

It feels odd. Someone has ripped out and taken a piece of it. And you know that piece is where safety is. You know it is in the well-lit box of hot air that is your house.

So you sprint, knowing that if you forget the recycling bin you will be forced back out of the box. You grab it quickly, after finding it through night's dark cloak, and through the creaking of the trees...

You run back to the door, your heart pounding in your ears. You run as fast as you can. And you yank the door open.

And fear flees. Your stomache is repaired. Your subconsious reattaches itself to the middle of reality.

And you catch your breath...

And you go blog about what just happened.


Well, I guess that's it.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Fat People in Bold

Carissa sent me this. For some reason it's in bold, but I'm not putting that on my blog.

k…. So I get the ummmmmm… honor… of writing the last LOTW post thing. At least, according to Sam at this moment it is the last LOTW thing. For all I know he could change his mind soon. And then I wouldn't have this honor. And then I would be all sad. Actually. Not really. But lets just pretend

Right. Now I have to decide on a topic for this thing now don't I? Maybe I'll get an idea from a previous LOTW post. Lemme see… there has been a poem, a few entries on social status, some random ramblings, and posts about life. Yay. Isn't that exciting. I can sense you all just falling out of your seats in amazement.

So. My sister is writing Saturday Night Live right now. I guess you could say that I am watching it too because I am in the same room as she is. Well… it IS a pretty funny show. NVM that I am too much of a loser to know WHY half of the stuff is funny.

See, all that celebrity stuff pretty much goes wasted on people like me who don't listen to music except for musical and classical stuff, and who are too "innocent to understand any of the REALLY bad stuff" as my sister puts it. How my TWIN can have a more complete understanding of stuff like that than I is TOTALLY beyond me, but w/e. I can stand to let her be delusional.

Right. Anyway. I digress. Although, I don't really know what I digress from because I don't even know what I was writing about in the first place.

So I have this English Project due Monday, the same as Sam…

…. And ooooo a bald fat guy just charged someone and fell down… and is rolling around on the ground. He is wearing a baseball uniform. Hmmmm… I bet that has some significance to people who are baseball fanatics like Chris…

…and I haven't even started it. You can either write a newspaper article or do a poster. I am doing a newspaper article, but I don't even know what I have to write about

How long is this thing so far? I guess it is a decent length. And if I write an extreme amount I bet nobody will read this entire thing.

SNL is making fun of Indians right now. And the guy is laughing and he isn't supposed to be. HAHAHA. I understand that much at least.

Well… my computer just crashed and I had a BIT more stuff written down than this. Hmmm. Let me see if I can remember what I said.

Well, my post is coming to an end

With some rambling so I don't bend

The unwritten rules of blogging

In this the LOTW ending

I also included poetry to an extent

And some events of my life came and went


Wow. That was lame. But I think I successfully included all the aspects of LOTW… maybe

Wow… overweight people are dressed in glittery stuff and dancing to "All That Jazz" fun. ny.

Everyone should go to my blog: . I don't know how to make a link so deal.

The End



Umm... I didn't say she would write like a normal person...?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The End

Well, not really from "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown", but kind of, I guess. If I had added a lot of "n"'s to "end". Ugh... computer troubles: music is skipping horribly, and I'm using *shudder* Internet Explorer. Oy...

LOTW winner - Carissa with Despair. And for the record, this is my last LOTW. No one enters, and your links are losing quality (no offense to Carissa, of course). So this is the end of LOTW. Carissa can send me a post whenever.

So that's the end.

Old Stuff

But first:

Currently Listening To: That blasted ticking sound my hard drive makes

Ah well...

So I'm done with all my homework for this weekend. I always do it early because I'm not allowed to use the computer on Saturday until my homework's done. So that English Project is out of the way. Thank God.

Okay I finished doing my email thing. I was just thinking about those books, Redwall. How many of you people read those? They were pretty awesome; a bunch of rodents killing eachother. I always had trouble picturing the badgers. Were they, like, huge? Or roughly the same size as everybody else. You'd think the hares would be the biggest. And weren't all the books, like, the same? Maybe it was just me.

What about Animorphs? Those were those old books about the people with the power to turn into animals. Those were funny.

Alright I have to go now, I promise I'll try to blog later: LOTW today.

Hey, I'm going to the tile place. Maybe I'll get Jen tile samples for her birthday! Cheap and convenient.

Yes, I am kidding.

Friday, March 03, 2006

My Friends

Okay first to important links:

My first post on worth1000 is here. My story is called "Fireworks". Just read the rules and then scroll down.

My next thing is kind of bad. This is a link to a story about blogs. Well, actually about MySpace. My dad got right on yelling at me because I once said something insulting and once tried to post an arty photograph involving a swasticka. So here ya' go: Um... well this is the link.

Alright: On to my friends (is "onto" a word? like "into"? and why is that a word? are we just too lazy to add a space?). First off: Everyone who reads this blog is my friend (even you Jesse, even though we've met like twice. and to be fair the second time I didn't really remember you). If you're not in here, it's because you don't eat lunch with me.

I just wanted to say without my friends my life would be pointless. Humans are social creatures (and with dolphins, apparently, the only ones that have sex for pleasure. curious), and I need my friends. You comfort me, and make me laugh, and watch me as I cry (wait, no. disregard that last thing). And today for some reason, when we were walking down the stairs to lunch with you people (wait. Frances was there, right? Now I can't remember. I know she ate lunch with us. I think she was there. Did Jeff Binner come down the stairs? ), I just thought there would be no one who I'd rather face the challenges of school then with you people. Although I'm sometimes rude and obnoxious, I would like you to know that I value our friendship more than anything... Okay now this is petering off now so I'll just type about a magazine I'm reading called "The Week".

So there's this picture of the world where... wait. There was this West Wing once where CJ was talking to these people about maps and how they were wrong. Is that true? I think I'll call the suicide hotline and ask.

I'm kidding. Oh by the way that was a joke from The Simpsons. Anyway, there's this cool site I found called You'll enjoy it.

Now I have to go. Bye.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Another Stupid Survey

Yeah Carissa emailed this to me...

1. what is your middle name? like I'd tell you
2. what size is your bed? Well I have this weird bed from Europe that's a single bed, but different. It's longer and thinner.
3. what are you listening to right now? Dave Brubeck Quartet - "Take 5" (they were playing it during that video we watched in Spanish, Tim and Angie! Except it was messed up)
4. what are the last 2 digits in your phone number? 51
5. what was the last thing you ate? Cheeseburger and fries- my sister made them.
6. Last person you hugged? Probably Rachel
7. how is the weather right now? Grey (not that that's a weather thing, but you get the point...)
8. who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Several weeks, I'd say.
10.who is the most famous person you've ever met? Wait, where did #9 go? Umm... Lois Murphy. I met her at the Jewish festival. She was running for congress.
11. do you want children? Only if my wife isn't averse to child labor.
13. ever get so drunk you don't remember the entire night? Where did 12 go? What is this? Oh but no. And then I'll like shift my eyes or something.
14. hair color? Reddish. But really more of a rusty auburn. I'm kind of kidding people.
15. eye color? Pink, of course.
16. What's your favorite thing to do? Take stupid surveys that skip questions at random.
17. favorite holiday? Lent. I like to watch people complain about what they gave up (if I insulted someone I'll remove this).
18. favorite season? Late Spring
19. ever cried for no reason? Yeah. Like when I cut onions. I don't feel bad for the onions, I just start crying.
20. last movie you watched? Elizabethtown. Ooh that sucked.
21. how many mirrors are in your room? One full-length in my closet, one hand mirror on a stand (I put it in front of my betta fish bowls. They flare at themselves. It's good excersise), and I used to have one in my bathroom but they're redoing it so as of now I don't have a bathroom.
22. do you know any fall out boy songs? You are, my fire, the one- I mean no.
23. have you ever decapitated a barbie doll? No. At least not that remember.
24. do you enjoy the sensational taste of starbucks? Nope.
25. does the word "horcrux" mean anything to you? Yeah that's that Harry Potter thing. Wait I want to see if I'm right... Yeah. Here's a funny Wikipedia - click here.
26. do you have any friends of the gay preference? Not sure. There is Tim...
27. do you know what the word "lipper" means? Wait... what is that?
28. is cheese like the best food ever, or what? No. No it's not.
30. piercings? That's not even a question. It's just a word with a question mark.
31. favorite movie? 13 days, I guess.
32. favorite Hockey team? The Canada people.
34. what were you doing before filling this out? Helping my sister clean.
35. any pets? Dog. Cat, cat. Fish, fish.
36.which one, dogs or cats? Cats.
37. favorite flower? The one's that look nice.
38. Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't suposed to do? Yeah.
39. have you ever loved someone? Psh. No. Well, I guess my family.
40. who would you like to see right now? Carissa's answer is hilarious: "the person who rings ur doorbell and goes 'CONGRATS!! YOU JUST WON THE LOTTERY'". Well, I guess that person. But my first inclination would be a friend. Maybe Tim or one of the Jeffs.
41. what's your favorite color? Yellow.
42. have you ever fired a gun? Yep! I'm pretty bad at it, though. You have to score 20 points with 5 bullets at 50 feet away. I shot once a week for 8 weeks for 4 years, and I got 20 points twice.
43. do you like flying in a plane? Ah! No, it makes me sick.
44. right or left-handed? Right.
45. favorite chips? Yes, thank you. many pillows do you sleep on? Two to read with, one to sleep with. many pillows would you like? A bunch, and I'd sell them and buy other stuff.
47. Are you missing someone? Yep. (but who?)
48. Do you have a tattoo? You mean like the kind on my skin?
49. do you still watch cartoons on Saturday morning? I play computer.
50. are you hiding something from someone? Yes. Many, many things.

Well, I guess that's it.

The Appeal of Online Games

My title was going to be "On the appeal of online games", but I've been doing that a lot recently. So it's just this.

I love online games. I love them. I can't get enough of them. But what, I ask myself, is the appeal?

Well, several things, I suppose.

The first is their variety. Very rarely are any games the same. You can play tons of different kinds of games in one day. Instead of having to play one shooter over and over, you can play tons of puzzle games, action, adventure, etc. As I blog I'm also playing Warbears (thanks to Jesse for showing it to me). It's hilariously fun!

The second is how instead of being made by adults trying to make money, they're made by kids trying to impress others. The cost is free, another benefit. You can also converse with the author easily using a system of comments and such.

The third is it's free. I already told you that.

The fourth is time-saving. I don't have to find the CD and load it, I can just go on the web.

Alright well I have to finish my game and eat lunch, so I leave you with some links for games...

Well, that's all for now.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

On My Bad Handwriting

Yeah, I wrote that. I don't have good handwriting. I think if you click it it'll get bigger...

I have like the worst handwriting ever. Everyone makes fun of it. It's insulting. But recently I realized I have a bigger problem than previously thought.

I got back my radon test results. They think my first name is "Som". And they changed my last name too, but I can't put that on the blog. It's really kind of bad.

So here is a short history of my handwriting...

Pre-K: The writing begins. I'm bad at it (like everyone), but I'm the only one who can write a lower case "n" (it's basically an upside-down u).

First Grade: I can't spell, and my writing sucks. However, if necessary I can make it pretty neat. I am in "Handwriting Group", so I leave to practice handwriting every so often. I'm also so stupid I have my own class aide. Don't know how that happened.

Second Grade: Cursive begins, and ends. I don't hold my pencil correctly.

Fifth Grade: Teacher insists I learn cursive, gives me packets to do.

Seventh Grade: Essay requires I write in cursive. I hold my pencil incorrectly. It takes me hours to do.

Eighth Grade: After my hand aches, I hold my pencil correctly during a social studies test. It sticks, but the grip moves slowly back from the pencil. I now write a couple centimeters from the tip. I also do a pointless blog post on my bad handwriting.

It's late and I kind of have to go, but here are some words of wisdom.

If you have bad handwriting you'll never need help reading anyone elses handwriting.


Handwriting has very little to do with intelligence.

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