Sunday, March 12, 2006

Charlie Brown

Well this is two things on Charlie Brown.

One: we should make a song to the tune of "Suppertime" called "Puberty". It would be hilarious.

And two: the following is an IM between Joe and I.

Joe: what traits does romeo have?
me: he's not very handsome or clever or lucid.

He's always been stupid at spelling and numbers.

Joe: no, what does he have , not what does he not have

me: he's never been much playing football, or baseball, or stickball, or checkers, or marbles, or ping-pong

he's usually awful at parties and dances

he stands like a stick or he coughs or he laughs or he doesn't bring a present or he spills the ice cream or he gets so depressed that he stands and he screams

oh how could there possibly be one small person as thouroughly totally utterly blah, as he

he's stupid, self-centered and moody.
he's moody.

he's terribly dull to be with.
yes he is.

and nobody likes him not mercutio, or juiliet, or friar lawrence, or the nurse

or Balthasar
or Balthasar

or Tybalt
or Ty-

Hey wait Tybalt likes him.

No, he only pretends to like Romeo because Romeo killed him!

or Tybalt.

Oh how could there-

well you get the idea.


Carissa said...

ummmmmm.... Do i know you????

Carissa said...


isn't talmud the compilation of Jewish oral teachings, assembled in written form in the early centuries of the Christian era??? or smthing like that??? how is THAT like me commenting on ur comment???