Sunday, March 12, 2006

On My Horrible Job

Ugh. Today Hebrew School was horrible.

For the record I'm an aide there. I aide with a class of second graders.

Today was even worse than the day someone thought I was a second grader.

Today someone threw up. And can you guess who cleaned it up? Unless you're a moron, you said me.

I cleaned up some kid's throw up with a mop that wasn't wet and several paper towels. But luckily I had some rubber gloves.

Rubber gloves? Were they joking?

No. I had to clean up throw up. But it was okay because I had rubber gloves?!? Stupid @*#$'s.

So I did. And then I washed my hands. Well, washed is hardly the word. More like boiled.


I hate my job.


Jen said...

Ew.... that's kind of disturbing. Why did they make you do it?

Jeff said...

My sister was an aide at my Hebrew school once. She ended up quitting because by "aide" they meant "being paid for doing your homework". This sounds like a good deal until you realize that most of your homework requries the computer at your house and you end up sitting at the school bored out of your wits.

Dain said...
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Carissa said...

hahahaha! do you get paid?????????

angie said...

andrew wanted a job at hooters. haha

Ali said...

EWWWW i would throw the mop at the kid....i h8 second graders

Abby said...

its not even the throw-up part that grosses me out so much, but a dry mop... that's just sick.