Saturday, March 11, 2006

More Crap

I've decided to write a piece of poetry. It's pretty much just free-form.


13, they say, is unlucky.

I say it's not. Though this year has been different, it has not been inordinately difficult, and certainly not been unlucky.

My vocabulary has expanded to include both more complex and more (*cough*) colorful words.

I've started a blog.

And started writing really crappy poetry. Luckily my friends tell me its good.

And learned more about the social structure. And learned to see through the virtually opaque lies that lurk within it. And I've done my best to destroy the clever (or not clever) ploys for attention.

Not unlucky. Enlightening.

I've learned of secrets and lies. I've learned of promises broken, and been on both ends of the parasite that is gossip, as well as viewing it from the side. I've seen the damage it can do.

Things that have never occured to me started to. And fantasies drifted off in favor of a harsh reality.

Not unlucky. Bizarre.

The dances we hold so dearly to our hearts turned from games to hormone-fueled horror movies (eww... that was an unfortunate bit of alliteration), full of regrets and rumors.

Not unlucky.

Just 13.


Leah said...

'K, sounds like 13 was ok. Its really more of a rumination though. Hard to tell with poetry, if you've seen some of the weird stuff in The New Yorker.

Everybody Dance Now said...

If you really want poetry go to my blog, which has the chance of being updated, but most likely not. As far as I know only Abby views, so... YAY for Abby!!!

That and I might be insane I dunno I guess we will see BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
Oh if you want more poetry than I have posted, ie all the poetry I have, then leave a comment on my blog asking for my email with yours, or if you do not feel comfortable leaving your email address then ask for mine and I will post it and then you will have to send me an email for me to get yours, or skip that and ask Sam for mine. And yes I am rambling and taking up space and using Sam's blog as an advertising area, even though I don't even know if I will update ever or not or whatnot.

Carissa said...

YAY FUN POEM!! I LIKED IT.. ummm.. u might want it to have more rhythm tho??? just a suggestion


Jen said...

=D my favorite number.... and the poem really reflects a lot about what's going on right now xD

Jesse said...

13 is a cool number. I was born on the 13th day of the 13th month (or first month, whatever).

melissa said...

your poem isn't really poetic. It's more like a few statements with spaces

angie said...

hello everyone

jeff said...

13 is not an unlucky number. Oh, you forgot to mention the best part about the number 13: Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.

Carissa said...

don't call me a freak... :( that is meannnnnn!

Abby said...

yay, I got a "yay"!

I loved what your poem said, but I agree with carissa in that it could use a little more rythm. BUT I LOVED IT ALL THE SAME.