Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday Night

Saturday night here. I've been working on a couple videos but both were really bad, so I'm blogging like a normal person.

So, how are you?

Maybe I can find some inspiration in Carissa's blog.

Oh I know! I'll finish "My Readers" then update my sidebar.

Hey LOTW would be today *sob*.


Carissa said...

ummm.... inspiration from my blog??? YAY! *Everyone reading this should go to it* hehehe!!!!

movies are fun. i like movies... lalalalalala.. i just watched a movie... but i'm not telling what it was... go to my blog tho.. and u can see what it was!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you really need to put the "my readers" post on the side bar. because i cannot find it!

Carissa said...

'I thought girls only thought actors were cute in the movies and as jokes.'

???? what is that supposed to mean???? also.. if u miss LOTW so much.. why don't u start it again???

jeff said...