Thursday, March 16, 2006

On Midgets that Dress up as Clowns

Carissa! You freaked me out. A midget that dresses up as a clown doll and steals things. God that's weird. And how did the parents just like realize he was bad? Creepy.

But that's not really what I'm here to talk about. I'm here to talk about...

bum bum bum buum (c c c g! I did that without being on the piano! I am so cool. victory dance in honor of myself. Since you can't see me dancing I'll just type the stuff I'm singing: uh huh, go sam, you rule, etc.): STEREOTYPES!

My favorite stereotype ever is how adults think kids talk on IM and stuff. I will now go find a previous IM message (a feature of Google is saving chat histories) and translate it the two different ways that they will type it:

The actual conversation:

Carissa: u didn't just end out A bad e-mail u sent out 2!
me: how observant of you
Carissa: thank you?
me: how do you spell "vise-versa"
is that it?
Carissa: no... "vise versa"
i think
at least.... in microsoft word the spell check changes "viceversa" into vice versa
y don't u GOOGLE it and find out?
oh...and will you PLEASE stop saying that i am SMARTER THAN YOU???????
me: oh but you are
i'll leave you with that
Carissa: NO I AM NOT!
me: smart person
Carissa: ...
i really
I'll leave you with that
me: hi carissa
i'm bothering you
Carissa: i. don't. care.
me: okay
then I'll continue bothering
Carissa: sure.
knock yourself out
hmmm... i just thought of something.. that proves me right and you wrong
( i looove it when that happens )
[NAME REMOVED FOR SAFETY] compared YOU to Einstein
and said you were smart.

okay but first: the reason she compared me to Einstein is because she thinks I'm self-obsessed. Which I am. But I don't need her help inflating my ego. I do that by myself. And yes I am obnoxious.

Method One: Gramatically correct (since I'm bored I'll just do a section).

Carissa: You didn't just send out a bad e-mail; you sent out 2!
me: How observant of you.
Carissa: Thank you.
me: How do you spell "vise-versa"?
Is that it?
Carissa: No... it's "vise versa" I think.
At least in Microsoft Word the spell check changes "viceversa" into vice versa.
So why don't you Google it and find out?
Oh...and will you PLEASE stop saying that i am SMARTER THAN YOU???????
me: Oh, but you are.
I'll leave you with that.

Method 2: Ridiculously abbreviated:

Carissa: u didnt just end out a bad email u sent out 2!
me: how observant of u
Carissa: thank u?
me: how do you spell vise-versa
is that it
Carissa: no... "vise versa"
i think
at least.... in microsoft word the spell check changes "viceversa" into vice versa
y dont u GOOGLE it and find out?
oh...and will u plz stop saying that i am SMARTER THAN U???????
me: oh but u r
ill leave u with that

An all time favorite of mine is turning "ate" sounds into "8". Like the best stereotype ever for a username:


'nuff said.


Jen said...

oh, Sam, you're talking about chatspeak and leetspeak!!!

Chatspeak is what we typically use (u, y, plz, g2t, ect.) (I don't use them; I think they are very obnoxious. On neo, we make fun of them and call them n00bs.)

There is also a really exaggerated form called leetspeak. That would classify with the "ate" and "8" thing. Here is an example of leetspeak: "OMGZZ!!! PLZ ST0P DAt!!! 1t'5 s0 m34an!!!!"

(translation: "Omg, please stop that! It's so mean!"

melissa said...

what did that actually have to do with stereotypes?

nerdjedi said...

I'm with Melissa: What does that havwe to do with sterotypes?

Leah said...

Man, that clown story sounds like one my friend told me. This things spread. To clear it up, go to
Yup, snopes rules. Personally, I do not IM, nor do I abreviate. But I agree that I'm not sure it's exactly sterotypes.

Abby said...

i think sam was saying that grown-ups think that all kids talk like that online.

I do to some degree, but a very small one if any. like i'l say "g2g", "ttyl", "brb" because it actually would be really annoying to type out. but i dont abrieviate d's for th's and stuff (like "dat" instead of "that). The only time I would think that would ever be logical would be if you wanted to put a song up on your away message, but it was too long, so you put in a bunch of abriviations to make room for the whole song. That's the only time i'd think it'd be okay.

Jesse said...

All I abbreviate is 'brb' and 'gtg'. If I ever start using chatspeak, slap me, please.

Jeff said...

There are many stereotypes in this world. There are stereotypes about race, religion, hair color, and even the clothing someone wears. For example, a common stereotype concerning race is that Chinese people are all geniuses, they do everything they can musically, and get upset if they don't get over a hundred on a test. A common religious stereotype is that Jews are cheap (which we are NOT!). Another stereotype is that blonds are stupid. People who wear glasses are often thought to be smart. Stereotypes, in conclusion, are a common prejudice based on just about everything.

There. A short post that actually is about stereotypes. :-P

Anonymous said...

every word you say makes me love you that much more...

Jen said...

omg!!! Sam, this anonymous person likes you!!! AH!!!

Carissa said...

.............. well
i guess............ is ok.......
...i would be soo.. someone..
.........other than

And i think there had been sightings of like a clown doll walking around.

Abby said...


Sam said...

no one likes me. It's just melissa or someone making fun of me, jen!