Thursday, March 02, 2006

Another Stupid Survey

Yeah Carissa emailed this to me...

1. what is your middle name? like I'd tell you
2. what size is your bed? Well I have this weird bed from Europe that's a single bed, but different. It's longer and thinner.
3. what are you listening to right now? Dave Brubeck Quartet - "Take 5" (they were playing it during that video we watched in Spanish, Tim and Angie! Except it was messed up)
4. what are the last 2 digits in your phone number? 51
5. what was the last thing you ate? Cheeseburger and fries- my sister made them.
6. Last person you hugged? Probably Rachel
7. how is the weather right now? Grey (not that that's a weather thing, but you get the point...)
8. who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Several weeks, I'd say.
10.who is the most famous person you've ever met? Wait, where did #9 go? Umm... Lois Murphy. I met her at the Jewish festival. She was running for congress.
11. do you want children? Only if my wife isn't averse to child labor.
13. ever get so drunk you don't remember the entire night? Where did 12 go? What is this? Oh but no. And then I'll like shift my eyes or something.
14. hair color? Reddish. But really more of a rusty auburn. I'm kind of kidding people.
15. eye color? Pink, of course.
16. What's your favorite thing to do? Take stupid surveys that skip questions at random.
17. favorite holiday? Lent. I like to watch people complain about what they gave up (if I insulted someone I'll remove this).
18. favorite season? Late Spring
19. ever cried for no reason? Yeah. Like when I cut onions. I don't feel bad for the onions, I just start crying.
20. last movie you watched? Elizabethtown. Ooh that sucked.
21. how many mirrors are in your room? One full-length in my closet, one hand mirror on a stand (I put it in front of my betta fish bowls. They flare at themselves. It's good excersise), and I used to have one in my bathroom but they're redoing it so as of now I don't have a bathroom.
22. do you know any fall out boy songs? You are, my fire, the one- I mean no.
23. have you ever decapitated a barbie doll? No. At least not that remember.
24. do you enjoy the sensational taste of starbucks? Nope.
25. does the word "horcrux" mean anything to you? Yeah that's that Harry Potter thing. Wait I want to see if I'm right... Yeah. Here's a funny Wikipedia - click here.
26. do you have any friends of the gay preference? Not sure. There is Tim...
27. do you know what the word "lipper" means? Wait... what is that?
28. is cheese like the best food ever, or what? No. No it's not.
30. piercings? That's not even a question. It's just a word with a question mark.
31. favorite movie? 13 days, I guess.
32. favorite Hockey team? The Canada people.
34. what were you doing before filling this out? Helping my sister clean.
35. any pets? Dog. Cat, cat. Fish, fish.
36.which one, dogs or cats? Cats.
37. favorite flower? The one's that look nice.
38. Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't suposed to do? Yeah.
39. have you ever loved someone? Psh. No. Well, I guess my family.
40. who would you like to see right now? Carissa's answer is hilarious: "the person who rings ur doorbell and goes 'CONGRATS!! YOU JUST WON THE LOTTERY'". Well, I guess that person. But my first inclination would be a friend. Maybe Tim or one of the Jeffs.
41. what's your favorite color? Yellow.
42. have you ever fired a gun? Yep! I'm pretty bad at it, though. You have to score 20 points with 5 bullets at 50 feet away. I shot once a week for 8 weeks for 4 years, and I got 20 points twice.
43. do you like flying in a plane? Ah! No, it makes me sick.
44. right or left-handed? Right.
45. favorite chips? Yes, thank you. many pillows do you sleep on? Two to read with, one to sleep with. many pillows would you like? A bunch, and I'd sell them and buy other stuff.
47. Are you missing someone? Yep. (but who?)
48. Do you have a tattoo? You mean like the kind on my skin?
49. do you still watch cartoons on Saturday morning? I play computer.
50. are you hiding something from someone? Yes. Many, many things.

Well, I guess that's it.


Jen said...

hm... interesting answers...

Anonymous said...

geez, slow day

Carissa said...

YAY! i like it when people use my fun surveys. even if they are retarded because they skip numbers. but hey, i didn't come up with the questions.

Guess what? i'm making 2 corndogs for dinner right now.... and it is 10:43. i feel like i should be having breakfast.

Abby said...

#22... oh, I could not stop laughing. Not even sure why; I have an odd sense of humor.

Jeff said...

Two surveys, both alike in freakiness.
If I had the rest of the Romeo and Juliet prologue mezmorized, I'd destroy it to relate, but for now the first line will have to do.
Oh, and #8 it asked for "who" not "when".