Friday, March 31, 2006

Part 3

Heh heh it's nothing part 3!

These things come to me right out of thin air.

First, for those of you with short attention spans who don't read the whole post, get the new google talk here.

Okay so I'm having a weird day. We went out to dinner and someone spilled water on my dad. It's his birthday. And me and my sister were keeping track of who was the most polite. And our waiter Anita was like, "the plates are really hot" and my sister decided to touch it. So did my mom. I'm proud to say that I managed to restrain myself. And I whenever we wanted our waiter I thought we could have sang, "A-ni-ta, A-ni-ta" to the tune of "Evita". That would have been funny. Anyone who reads the whole post comment on the "seven-oh-two" post and indicate that. Okay so I had the most interesting email conversation with [NAME REMOVED]. (S)he congratulated me on [THING YOU ALL KNOW ABOUT BUT I REMOVED ANYWAY] and I said "thank you" and (s)he said "your welcome". And I don't know whether to reply or not. Eh, whatever.

So I think that's it.

For those of you that don't have Gmail but want it, send me your email address to either my primary mail or the one on the sidebar and I'll be happy to invite you so we can all get the new Google Talk.

Shut up, Hong!

No you shut up.


Leah said...

Yah! First post. Must rush. Post was good. Sam has overfascination with musicals. Happy birthday Sam's dad!

Jesse said...

Did you ever get the photograph for your dad's birthdya to put in your GTalk image, Sam?

Ali said...

HEY i find that insulting!
I have a short attention span AND i read the whole post.
god, sam, way to be ignorant.
lol jk

Ali said...

ugh SAM or should i!
u don't have me on ur readers list *makes deeply insulted face* i feel soo aloooooone!
(at this point i realize that yyou would be staring at me like "what...the...", and you should know that i would and WILL keep bugging you if you don't put me on there cuz i'm kewl like that)
lol actually i'm not really that insulted. i'm more mad at my sister for waking me UP and saying that DEMARIS was on the fone with my DAD at 8 AM on SATURDAY which is why i hate april fools day as many gullible people do.
Ok i'm done now

Ali said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ali said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ali said...

ok i know that i said i was done but i must add: srry!!! my computer is ertarded and it posted everything twice. it wasnt on purpose.

angie said...

Monica is my HERO

Carissa said...

wow. ali. you like commenting even more than I do!!!! Special! And sam, i read the entire thing. i did. And i forget half of it already. my bad.

hong said...


...and Google talk has effectively brainwashed yet another poor, poor soul