Saturday, April 01, 2006

Quick Post

Well I really should be packing now. We're going to New York in like half an hour.

But I will blog from there. And hopefully post some pictures on sarpics. I'm using Flickr now, Picasa has been messing with my computer. I sometimes use it on the other one.

Assuming my aunt's laptop has some sort of media importing software. Which I doubt it does. But whatever.

Check back later for a more interesting post that probably has something from "Rent". In the title.

To life, my friends.

Heh heh.


Ali said...

OMG I'M FIRST TO POST!! thats never happened b4! *stares off into distance* like i havent posted enough already lol.

Carissa said...

I watched rent last night. it was pretty good. Not as good as some people seem to think it was though. Now, i wasn't really paying attention much. i was trying to convince my mom to let me go see WICKED today because there were still some saats free. she said no. :( w/e... i'll watch it again later and see if i like it better.

Leah said...

I liked Rent, but again, musicals? It's cool you're going to New York.

serena said...


i'm so effing jealous. new york is so pretty.

visit my brother in NY.

o and rent is supposedly really good, especially the theme song

525600 minutes
525000 so dearrrrrrrrrrrr
525600 minutes
how do you measure, measure a year.

ah what a great song
have fun!

Jen said...

Sam, are you going to be back on Monday? =o