Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Post after Post 115

So, that would be 116.

Or maybe 117 because I said it was 115 when my blog said "115 entries". So then the last one would be 116. I'll check.

Crap! I can't find where it said the number of posts. Ah well.

My cat is climbing around the room. Now he stares out the window.

YAGMCB is officially over. Today was our last performance. I am very sad.

But I am very happy I didn't do The Music Man. That is I'm glad I didn't make it. Because this was more fun, I think.

So that's over.

But something new has begun. I'm not sure if it will be good or bad, but you know what?

I'm excited to find out. Did I spell "excited" correctly? It looks wrong.

Eh, whatever.

I hate it when kids try to help kids with their relationships. I can handle it, already. (a note to Frances: Was I mean to you today? I was just nervous. And freaking out)

I have to go homework now.

And I think this is probably the last of my criptic posts.

Edit: I'm adding some crappy haiku I wrote a while ago.

It seems as though it won't come
But I know it will


Carissa said...

aww... but i LIKE cryptic posts

wait... if u had done Music Man would you not have done YAGMCB?????

what is the new thing that has begun? or is that part of the crypticness.

Jen said...

Sam, guess what? I saw your performance today during 8th period. haha.... another day I got to miss French class. B)

Ya' know, I've seen your cast perform 3 times, but the other cast not at all.

Leah said...

Why do both you and Abby do plays? Maybe Becky will start doing them... God, I should be doing homework.

Ali said...

i saw u 2!! yyaaaayyy!
srry about the science class spaz-out...u know, stuff happens.

Jeff said...

I know what you mean (when you say you hate it when other people try to help you in relationships). And I agree with Carissa - I like cryptic posts!
I taped your performance today. Hee...I got to miss Core Extension and Math. Which means I have to make up a quiz. :-( Ah, well. Adieu, for now.

Jen said...

Oh, so that's who Miss B. went to find after I told her I couldn't film it.....

Ali said...

like the hiaku.
deep sam deep
american idol beckons!
(yes i still watch that)
srry bout that
i just realized that no one will know what i'm talking about so...seriously shutting up now.
*sniffs* so saaaad

Anonymous said...

Your posts aren'y terribly criptic, everyone knows...

Anonymous said...

well... i don't know anything. i never know anything. it bugs me. *sigh*

monica said...

its over. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! looks like lucy finally got schroeder after all...

Ali said...

lol so tru..
awww sam has a gf

Jen said...

O__o;; But what about Felix???

Abby said...

this is extremely frustrating: will someone PLEASE cue me in??? because, suprises of suprises, I DONT GO TO YOUR SCHOOL, so i actually have no idea what your talking about and i wish i did

sam has a girlfriend? When did that happen?