Saturday, December 31, 2005


Shirts are for sale. They are $15.00 each (they are actually expensive to make). I'm thinking if I sell like three or four I'll break even. You can order by emailing me here. If you snail-mail me the money, and email me the size and what you want (I currently offer the two in the picture, called "Your Mom" and "Free will make the world go 'round"). I'm also offering the spicy food one, and if you want something else I'll make it no extra cost (you could also order one of your own comment!). Your address is also necessary. Shirts are available in white and black. If you want another color, you will have to wait slightly longer.

Shirts that are mailed pay a $3.00 S+H. They will most likely arrive in one to three days from the time I get your money (I make the shirt when I get the order, I ship it when I get the money) if you live near me. If I can't get it to you that soon, I will tell you and you will be returned one dollar for your wait (look, I'm only 13, okay?).

Anyway, think about it, and keep in mind they're great for adults, too.

This has been a SAM sales pitch. And I am accepting orders starting nnnnnnnnnnnnnnow.

Shirt Pics

From now on, if we want to post more than one picture, it will be on this website. It will be linked to on the sidebar.

Currently it has the pictures of our shirts. Wait, that has an "r" in it right? (only Tim and those in his math class or those that heard this story will get it).

Read the post below this!

Winner of Link of the Week

A winner has been selected for "link of the week" number 2. This week's winner is (drum roll please) Jesse Silliman with The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster. Congrats Jesse.

And I'm almost done with my first shirt. Screen shots will be available later tonight. Happy New Years everyone.

I can be random! Why don't people use firefox? It's just stupid. It's so much better than anything... er, uh... eh, screw it.

Good News

Got the shirts. What do people want on them. If you would like one, comment.

How Long Till Next Year?

So I just wrote this whole blog and then I previewed it and then it went away. So I'm rewriting it.

I forget how I started.

It was about Sam's post down below. Which you should look at because then we can publish your link of the week. Which I don't get to choose by the way even though you all know you like my posts better than Sam's. (or, since we have a couple we like you could wait until next week to submit your link- unless something should happen, why does this always happen, I should be outside playing getting fresh air and sunshine...)

So I was reading this book this morning about magic. I'm just saying now that even though I am little too old for things like that (books written for third graders I mean) I don't mind saying how much I like them. But here's the real question: if you could be a character from Harry Potter, or a Star Wars guy (like Luke or Leah or even Darth Vader who Sam would pick hands down) which would you be? I would totally be Hermione over Yoda. Because Hermione could kick Yoda's butt. Although Yoda does have a lightsaber...

So Sam and I didn't finish our variety pack of cereal. There was still cornflakes and raisin bran left when we came home. But that's cool with me because Sam was supposed to eat the raisin bran and I don't even like cornflakes. I was lying about the cornflakes so that we could buy the pack. It was good. (not the lying because lying is bad because then you have to tell more lies on top of the lies you already told and then you get in trouble and in my case have to eat cornflakes unless you get a break and you leave the cornflakes somewhere or drop them on the floor and then your dog has to eat them. but that only happens with small lies like about cereal and pop tarts because once I said I like strawberry poptarts to eat the edges even though I hate the middles but then Sam ate them all so it was ok)

So I was watching Friends yesterday.

Last night I had this dream that I showed my Hebrew School class Tarzan. And we were in this dark room watching it on desks and I was buring the sound track or something and then everybody liked it. But then when I told my director about the movie she was like 'what educational value did that have and why did you do it' and I was like 'I don't know.' but then I told her that Tarzan was like Moses. which in my dream I really thought was true. So I was wondering if you guys ever dream about Disney Movies. or Tarzan. Or both at once. And then she was like 'why didn't you just show them Prince of Egypt' and I was like 'good idea'.

Well this has been a rather long and random blog which according to jen who I have never met is a good idea. Anway it is almost as good as the one that disappeared when I accidentaly did a dumb thing like ten minutes ago. And before I go do the things that I have to do, I just wanted to give you a subliminal message.


see, and you wouldn't even know I was subliminally affecting you if I hadn't told you. And now you're probably confused because you're like 'what subliminal message?' But it's there, I promise. By the way, you should think about buying some tee shirts. And while you're at it, don't forget the link of the week!

ADIOS, mes amis!


Today is the last day for entries in this week's "Link of the Week" competition. Only four people have entered. Only one link is allowed! Enter now!

Friday, December 30, 2005

On This Blog

Well, either something big is beginning, or this blog will burn out.

And the title is like not like, on the blog, it's like, on the topic of this blog. I'll do that.

Maybe there's a middle ground. But really! My Google Adsense ads (see directly under the blog title thing that reads "4 years apart") have earned me a total of... well... keeping in mind this is just the beginning, they've earned me $1.86. But still! And I get paid once I earn $100. So it might be a while.

Some people can't see them. When I use firefox I can't, but when I use explorer I can.

Also, a lot of people see my page. Well, those that do visit it visit it a lot, anyway. It was viewed 80 times yesterday! That's pretty cool.

I'm also thinking of selling a line of T-Shirts with quotes and screen-shots on them. Tell me what you think by commenting, please. And I will never forget my loyal readers: Jesse, Jon, Jen, and Frances. Tim is in there too. Is it wierd that three of your names start with J? Maybe not.

Rachel's posts are more entertaining. That's pretty much why I picked her as my helper person.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

From the Desk of Rachel

So Sam caved and made me a guest commentator for good. I don't know what that means or anything but it had something to do with my email and now I can blog whenever I want. Although I still think Sam will probably still want me to clear stuff through him. Anyway he let me do this so I must be doing something right- maybe I should talk about being high some more (even though I'm not- come on it's like 11:30 in the morning- not that I am ever high- I just think that there are more appropriate times for getting so- although probably people who do get high don't think that...)(this isn't funny anymore;it's actually getting kind of sad...) (hey! I used a semi colon! I love those!)

Ok. Well my life is good. Sam and I bought this variety cereal pack at the grocery store last week and we're eating it now- I wanted the General Mills one because it has Lucky Charms and Cheerios but Sam won't eat Cocoa Puffs or Cinnoman Toast Crunch so we had to buy the boring one that's full of Special K and Corn Flakes, which I have to eat because Sam only likes Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops. Ok ready? Raise your hand if you are old enough to remember the Fruit Loops commercials with the tucan. Are those still on tv?

Ok here's a question. Do I sound like Sam when I'm writing? I mean if you didn't know it was me would you think it was Sam? If you got past the part where it was his blog. Because of course you would think it was him because it's his blog. But would you think that Sam was a little less sarcastic and dare I say a little more funny? Because I know I would (Sam if you are reading this, and I'm sure you are, I was just kidding- you are very funny and I do so want to be able to Blog in the future so please don't take my blogging priveledges away!)

Here's another question: How do you spell the word judgment? Does it have an e? I mean is it like this: judgement or like this: judgment? Is it different in England?

Well the main reason for this post is to give you this quiz: Are you a Sam or a Rachel? And you can take it now. I'm not sure you need a piece of paper and a pencil because it's going to be short since I still have psych and gov to do this morning before lunch...


1. On Saturday morning do you...
a. wake up really early and play computer
b. get dressed and go out
c. watch an episode of your favorite TV show
d. start your homework and get it out of the way

2. What is your favorite food?
a. chocolate
b. spaghetti
c. scrambled eggs
d. hamburgers and fries

3. What is your favorite writing utensil?
a. retractable blue pen
b. pencil stub
c. mechanical pencil
d. sharpies

4. What is your hobby?
a. reading anything-books, comics, etc
b. looking on the internet for anything fun to do
c. chess
d. piano

5. Are you busy...
a. more than three hours a day on homework, school stuff, jobs, college apps etc
b. about an hour a day on the above
c. an hour or two a day on the above
d. less than hour a day on the above

6. What do you do when you are hanging out with your friends?
a. talk
b. play nintendo or game cube
c. play cards
d. who has time to hang out with friends? I see them enough at school and other things

7. Where do you want to go to college?
a. what? who knows that? I'm only thirteen
b. not telling
c. College X is my first choice and then college Y,B, and C are my top three after than and...
d. I'm not going- I'm joining the circus

Ok- That's it! Ladies and Gentlement, count your points! (hey-did you need a pencil after all?)

Question 1: a:4, b:2, c:1, d:3
Question 2: a:3, b:1, c:2, d:4
Question 3: a:1,b:4, c:2, d:3
Question 4: a:1, b:4, c:3, d:2
Question 5: a:1, b:4, c:2, d:3
Question 6: a:2, b:4, c:3, d:1
Question 7: a:4, b:1, c:2, d:3

If you scored 1-9 you are a Rachel! You like to read, watch tv and talk with your friends. You would never under any circumstance (except most of the time when people ask) tell what college you are going to, and you are super busy all the time. Instead of pencil stubs, you probably use mechanical pencils, and you love blue (or hey- any color's good) ink. Your favorite food is spaghetti and scrambled eggs, and you are one of the coolest people anyone has ever met. (I mean how could you not be? just kidding- I really am pretty modest...) Try to be cool about stuff, and let things slide. You are only young once, so have fun, and quit being so neurotic! (not that I'm neurotic but you might be...)

If you scored 9-18 you are both! You have pieces of Sam, and Rachel in you! (no, not literally that would be gross) Sure you might like to play computer, or write with a gross pencil stub sometimes, and love nintendo, but you also might like to watch Friends, eat spaghetti and read books. It's all up to you! As a happy middle ground, you are laid back, have good self confidence, and go with the flow.

If you scored 19-28 you are Sam! You love dark chocolate, hamburgers, and pencil stubs. You make others laugh, and are extremely cute. You like to play computer, go on the internet and look at stuff your parents probably don't know about, and you like to play piano and show off. You are nice to your friends, and are comfortable with who you are. You are also probably better at writing these quizzes than your sister, who obviously is pretty bad...

Anyway that was a quiz. Hope you guys liked it! Anyway I have to go help clean the house now and take a shower and so on. But don't despair because Sam has made me the partial owner of this blog and now I can come on whenever I want!!

HOLA! (yes I know that's spanish for hello but I don't know the spanish for goodbye. You should comment on it and then I will know. Also you should comment on your score on the quiz and the other questions I've asked. You should also comment if you will eat my Cinnoman Toast Crunch and then I can buy a variety pack of the fun cereals...)

An Announcement


Maybe it's not that big a deal. Here's m,y problem. Whoops. I guess the comma is silent.

Anyway, today I woke up and I didn't feel like blogging. Naturally, I did (see below) just to make sure you weren't dissapointed .

But I've figured it out. My sister assists me. From now on, roughly every other day my sister does a post. Got it? Good.

I leave you with words I don't know how to make plural:


She'll probably post today.

The Best Laid Plans

Didn't blog yesterday. My mom was on the computer.

My post today is a review of Peter Jackson's "King Kong". So, here we go.

King Kong starts with a view of Depression-Aged New York. Featured mostly are people in line for soup, and a stage filled with actors dancing around. You soon learn that one of the actors is Anne Darrow. Meanwhile, you see Carl Denham (pronounced "Denim") losing his job as a producer. He wanted to sail to an island to film, but he it looks like now he won't be able to. His main actress has quit the job, and the people sponsoring him don't want to sponsor him any more.

Immediately, you know exactly what's going to happen. Or at least, you think you do. But the film takes its predictable course. This will continue throughout the movie. Never a twist, never a change. Everything runs its way just the way it's supposed to.

Creepiness abounds in the beginning, plenty of slow-motion shots, plenty of huge insects, of quiet, then sudden bursts of sound. It was too much for my taste.

And when you finally think there are no more people to kill off, that no one else can die, more people come.

Hate the end. Hate it hate it hate it. And there's no real antagonist.

This has been a SAM review.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Old School

Yeah, that's my title. Get over it.

I decided not to blog yesterday, besides Jon's. It's supposed to be featured.

Well, here's my post. If you'll look at the picture, you'll see a marble high above what appears to be a halfpipe. If you don't see that, take my word for it.

This is a screen shot of a game I purchased last year in a Salvation Army store. I didn't think it was going to be that good, but it was like two dollars, so I bought it.

It's a simple game, really. You control a small marble, and maneuver it around the course, collecting gems. If you fall, you die. It's that simple.

But I just can't get enough of it. Perhaps it's the fact that there's little to do here. But for whatever reason, I'm obsessed. I feel like I can do it. I have to do it. I must.

Well, you get the point.

I uploaded this picture using google's Picasa. It's very cool.

And that's that. And, for the record, Jon has all ready played this game.

Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 26, 2005


This is Jon's post, link of the week #1. As far as I know he wrote it.


Feeling like a parasite
The parasite I am
Bleeding out the eyes
With red and invisible tears
Drowning out the sounds that lurk my mind
The voices that speak
The separate people inside of me
The ones that tell me to leave this world behind
If I were to be the hero I wish
If I were to be the lover I want
If I were to feel the feelings I should
I might be able to continue
All holding hands and singing songs
Go the hymns of old
I train to live in the twisted world I see
I train to go along with what I can
I train to act like nothing sees what I see
Yet those who see my soul
Take it just as fast
Rip cut destroy mutilate it even faster
The way I wish I could cut through the fog
To place my innards on the outside of me
Just sit atop the wall that divides me from me
Knock it down as though I were Berlin
But as I sit against the base
Wishing hoping I realize I take naught what I cannot reach
I run along the path of my mind
Dead ends on all sides
Get stuck within the maze I leave for others
Let no sun in
Let no shine out
Only the shadows that can be illuminated by the moon
The nocturnal self is confined
I run I jump I play I prance
I die I weep I kill I seem to be
The worst thing I can be on the inside
I am a parasite

I never said it would be light.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

On Nothing Specific, Part 2

Part two of my "Nothing Specific" posts.

Once again, I'm trying to figure out how many people read my blog. If you do, please leave a comment.

Got accepted to Google "AdSense". See directly above the most recent post. Yep, those are ads.

Christmas day, still. Jon's probably going to submit his post either today or tommorow.

New contest rule! You may only send in one link per week. You may, however, have the same link each week.

And if I forget to pick a winner next Saturday, someone remind me.

Bored, bored, bored...

Need to figure out my Social Security Number. I have taxes due. Not kidding

Let Down Day

Christmas bells are ringing!

In my dreams...

Next year.

Yeah. It's around 10:00, we're done opening presents. For the record, that does mean that we celebrate Christmas. That's mostly because my dad is Christian.

So, I've changed the contest. If you win, you may do a post the day after, or the next Friday. This way, if you are busy, you have time to write a post.

Jon can have as much time as he wants, as I pretty much just made this up on the spot.

And he's already sent me his link for this week's contest.

Don't know how many of you are looking at this, seeing as it's Christmas, but...

Down to buisiness here. We're done with presents, and I got what I wanted. Got Battlefront II (star wars game for PC), also some fun board games.

But now I'm all let down. It's like, I can't sleep in anticipation, and then suddenly, *POOF*, it's over. All I have left is some presents and an opportunity to blog. But I'm happy. It's just kind of a let down.

The beginning of my post is from Rent.

I'm still in Delaware, towards the south of it. Not really redneck country yet, but there are a heck of a bunch of gun stores on the way down, and "Adult Media" to put it lightly.

I got my sister "Zoo Tycoon 2". Now I'm going to go play it with her. There's not much to do in Lewes, Delaware, so I"ll probably be updating this later.


Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Bells are Ringing

Once again, I've taken my title from something else. This time it's the song "Christmas Bells" from Jonathan Larson's "Rent". And, I already added a christmas tree, so it's only fair I add a Hannukiah. Yeah, that's right. I said Hannukiah. That's what those things are really called...

Well, actually you can call it either way. But most menorah's have 7 candles, not 9.

And yes, those things above my post are advertisements (if they're not there ignore this statement). Next statement is a joke with a swear word. Avoid it if you must.

Well, it's December 24, 6:30 PM, Eastern Standard Time. From here on in, I blog without a script. See if anything comes of it, instead of my old shi-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-it. If you don't get it see this post. It's in the second long paragraph (greater than 3 lines).

Yep yep...

Well, I trust most of you got my email. It's a link to a hilarious website. It's good for you star wars fans. Click here. Thanks to Jon Mellinger for that.

Which brings me to my next point. I have a new contest! Link of the week. If you email me a link at, or post it as a comment (with your first and, if you wish, last name), I will consider you for the weekly contest. Each week I pick my favorite. That person gets to do a post on my blog as a prize. This week it was Jon. If you wish to do a post, email it to me by Sunday at 8:00 P.M. complete with a title. Pictures are not allowed, unless they are from the web. Jon is in San Fransisco for the week, so I doubt he will.

Hmm... I do believe the secret war is over. See the post 2 below this one.

No room at the Holiday Inn. Oh, no.

And it's beginning to snow.

Happy Holidays to all.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Through The Looking Glass

This is a guest appearance by Sam's sister. In case you are wondering, I can be just as obnoxious as Sam. For example, right now he is reading my book and I am writing an entry for his blog. I see this as a fair trade off but he probably won't...

As is the correct procedure for blogs, according to previous entries on this one, I could make some snide comments about other people's opinions, or summarize tv shows that I have recently watched, or am watching if I am "blogging in bed". Well I'm not, but I did watch tv today. I watched an episode of friends where rachel quits her job, but it was a christmas episode from a while back and I'm watching a different season now so it was kind of stupid. Then I halfway cleaned up a room. And now I am typing this.

I could be doing other things but I'm not.

Ok, well this has been a fun blog from Sam's sister. I am going to clean more things now while Sam reads my book in his pajamas. For a disclaimer and to make Sam less mad at me when he reads this and finds out what I did: I love Sam very much and he is a nice brother. Probably better than your brother. Then again, I am a pretty nice sister. Probably nicer than yours. Anyway, Sam is cool (regardless of your current opinion of him, which I hope will improve if it is indeed bad) and he is much less annoying when you consider him in the context of his life. Which is pretty good. So that is that. Anyway I love him and I think you should too. (unless you don't, which is totally up to you, because free will makes the world go 'round)(whoever said that was probably high- I mean the world go round part... and as a disclaimer I am not high and I don't do drugs)(and you shouldn't either becuase they are bad)(but it's totally up to you because free will makes the world go 'round...)

Anyway Sam will probably see this soon and yell at me but a shout in the dark is worth it even if it lasts for a very tiny amount of time. So get on your computers and read this people! before I am trampled by the censor of Sam. Just kidding. (and no, I am not high..)

Ok, well this has been a report from the mixed up files of Rachel. Tune in for more next week, when I finally find out Sam's password, and can do this even when he doesn't leave it open for me!


The Secret War

For the record, my title is off of a movie titled, as you might guess, "The Secret War". It's set during the Cold War. There is a KGB spy who wants to defect to the U.S. Well, you get the point.

I'm having a fight with my friend. She's mad at me.

See her point of view here. I still don't know what's going on. And she has a dog named Sam. It's not me. She's very poetic. I just am not sure I like the subject.

Trying to remain neutral. Not to give her too much ammunition. If she adds an entry about this, however, I will not be suprised.

For fun, I'm adding a marquee!

Turns out I can't. Oh well.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

On nothing specific

Promised you a post on dry ice. Can't always have it your way, can you now? The dry ice sublimated. Stupid chemistry.Starting to play "Need for Speed Underground: 2". Screenshots can be seen in at below. If I talk about it, I'm going to call it "NFSU2" just so you know.

No, I'm not going to run into the car in front of me.

Well, Christmas is in a mere three days.

What else? What else? The piper pays him!

Hmm... this post was better in my head.

Happy Holidays! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Why disappointment sucks

Didn't blog yesterday. Was busy.

I guess we've all been disappointed. Whether it be a small disappointment, or a large disappointment. But it has happened to all of us.

It's kind of bugging me that I write in sentence fragments.

Back to the point. I was kind of disappointed today. Our aunt sent us some beef as a gift yesterday. It arrived, and believe it or not, it was in a cooler with dry ice. That's right, frozen carbon dioxide.

I was going to take a picture of it fogging, it was so cool. But my mom didn't let me. So I got disappointed. It wasn't that big of a deal, I guess. But I was incredibly sad. Like, I almost felt like crying.

Well, that was an exaggeration, but you get the point. So why is it such a big deal? Am I so used to getting what I want I'm sad when I have to wait one more day to do something?

My sister is mad at me.


Went to the Keswick Theater today.

Pretty wild. We saw some plays.

I'm changing my blog template.

Monday, December 19, 2005

An entry? Intriguing...

Do I dare actually put an entry about myself? About what happened today?

I love being a nerd. Really. Anyway...

Interesting little thing here. I was on xanga looking at various people's blogs, when I came upon a comment made on Hong's blog (I did the HTML for that myself. Being a nerd is satisfying.) by a user named "TheVoice". Anyway, check it out. I am the person who posted a comment after him.

One other bizarre story. Charlie Brown wasn't the only person to complain about the commercialization (yes, that's how you spell it) of Christmas. That and other stories here. Probably the funniest thing I've read about Christmas for a long time (like a year, seeing as those stories crop up about once a year. That's kind of wierd how things like that works. I can't figure it out...).

Anyway, I did promise you an actual post. So here it is. Today was very normal. It was freakish in its normality.

My parents are out late tonight. Stupid office dinner.

I'm guaging how many people look at my blog each day. When you see this, leave a comment, please.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Holiday Spirit

Ah, December. A month full of a lights, Coca-Cola commercials, and bad scratch-and-sniff stickers. Of Charlie Brown Christmas Specials, and of fires in a fireplace.

It seems to me that holiday spirit is growing. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing. In fact, I think it's a good thing. It's a time when the country, not only it's Christians, but everyone, bonds together. Lights fill the streets, creating a sort of
"perpetual twighlight". Smoke spirals upward from chimneys, to create acid rain and holes in the O-Zone.

I feel such a part of something. I feel so, not Christian, not religious, but American. I feel as though the Christmas trees replace American flag. It's a symbol of our blatant disrespect of the first amendment.

If someone read this post previously, I apologize for deleting the rest of this post. It was a point which was pretty stupid. Believe it or not, I have actually changed my position on something.

Bill O' Reilly, and I can't believe I'm mentioning him in my blog, is trying to convince us that saying "Happy Holidays" is stupid. He argues (well he doesn't really argue, he just says and then makes some bad jokes, hoping that people mistake that for information) that saying many Americans don't celebrate any holidays. I guess New Years doesn't count as a holiday. Anyway, you can check out his position (if you could call it that) here.

So, I would like to wish you all a happy holiday, and a happy new year.

It's hard to be opinionated sometimes.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Censorship and Taboo Subjects

My mother's a patriot, I guess.

Not allowing children to swear is a tradition of the United States. It has been carried from generation. So my mom tells me not to curse. I think that's reasonable. But hypocritical? Certainly. I don't know how someone can tell you not to curse who curses. It seems to me that adults, in general, swear. That's just how it works.

But not allowing your kids to is hypocritical. That's not to say it isn't right. I mean I have no desire to swear. Most of us don't. And I don't think kids should.

But it's hypocritical, I think. I get punished if I swear. I can't use the computer.

I guess we've come a long way from washing your mouth out with soap and water.

Okay, so you get it's hypocritical. So I won't go over that anymore. I move now to a slightly more extreme version of this rule.

I have this funny story, in which I was listening to Rent on my cruddy CD player. In case you didn't know, there is quite a bit of swearing in this musical. So I was listening to a song with the "s-h" word in it. In case you're wondering, I typed that with a snigger. Anyway, the car I was in hit a bump. The music started skipping on the word, playing the first portion of this word over and over.

I grant you the story would have been funnier if I had used the actual word. Anyway, I was going to tell this story to my mom. Thinking of her rule, I asked her for permission to swear "in quotes", certain that she would say yes. If you didn't figure it our yet, she said no. I was incredulous. I could not believe what she had said. So then I came and wrote a blog post about it, complete with an ironic picture.

Anyway, I would also like to impart to you my ideas about taboos. Taboo subjects are subjects people feel uncomfortable talking about, because our society deems it "socially wrong". A famous comedian, named Lenny Bruce, was famous for using Taboos on stage. He talked about sex, race, and religion frankly, using swear words and derogatory terms.

Rather ironically, Bruce was arrested several times, for both possesion of narcotics and obscenity. He died at 41 of a morphine overdose.

Anyway, I encourage you all to challenge those boundaries that hold you back, or at least not to do morphine.

This has been Sam Austin, hoping you don't show this to your parents.

How "Aardvark" changed my web browsing experience

Seen below is an interface seen an innumerable amount of times by everyone who is looking at this blog. It is the "Google" interface, used to search for things on the web.

But something's missing.

If you're not a complete moron, you've realized it's the search box. And that's how Aadrvark is changing my web browsing experience.

Aardvark is another firefox extension (for another, see my first post). It allows you to change websites. For instance, if a font is hard to read, Aarvark allows you to make it size 14 Times New Roman font, with a black color and white background. For fun, you can also remove things, or color in things.

It's a strange extension. It's usefulness is obvious, and yet at the same time, it's useless.

This has been my pathetically short and pointless post for today.

To download Aardvark, click here.

If you don't have Mozilla Firefox (and I laugh at you), go to this website. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 16, 2005

How a Laser Pointer Saved My Life

Stress is a terrible thing. It can really ruin a person's holiday season, or life. It gets under your skin. Nervousness is pretty bad, too. And god knows we have enough of that. I've had so much of both in the past few days. For those of you that know why, stop laughing. For those of you that don't know, don't ask me.

To relieve these two evils, one may use a variety of methods. Most of you may think of things like stress balls or eating a snack. Some of you may be thinking of laser pointers, because of the picture and the title of this post. You are correct.

My post features laser pointers. These (seen left) are mostly used for presentations to point at things, or to indicate things in the distance, or that are too high to reach.

Laser pointers, however, are an excellent stress and nerve reliever. The troubles just seem to flow out to that little red dot. Waving it around provides an equal relief of stress. I don't know how it does it. Just waving it around, forming a circle. It is a sense of joy equal to that of, say, insulting Tim Milbourne on what he does that's not nerdy, or making fun of Jeff.

But I digress. My point is, if you're feeling stressful, one of the greatest ways to relieve it, is one of those two-buck things you pick up at Radio Shack: A Laser Pointer.

This has been a very random service announcement.

Dance tonight. I go by my own accord. I think it's a masochism thing.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Longhorn Slate

This is an old longhorn slate. Is it still used? Who knows? Anyway, there it is, to the left. It's not so bad.

As an added note, you can all post comments now.

I don't know what to write about

I don't know what to write about. Today was stressful. I got a test back. I did well.

I am watching Martha Stewart: The Apprentice. Finally this annoying guy, Jim, got sent home. He was the worst candidate. He was also very annoying, a loose cannon. He does this thing where he thinks of his life as a "game". He kept saying, "I'm a master at this game". It was the most annoying thing ever.

So now they've started the next task. It's not normally two tasks a show, but this was a different show. It got narrowed down to the final two, so they started an event and the last show will be next week.

Well, I guess that's it. I'll be adding one other entry later tonight on the new longhorn slate.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Blogging at Night, Part 2

Watching NBC Nightly News. It's 8:15 (we tape it). Ooh. Next up: Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holiday. Fast-fowarding through the commercials.

What the heck? Is this American's priorities? First, we have a 2 second story on the possibility of cancer caused by Non-Stick Cookware, then a 2 second story about the stock market. Then, believe it or not, an entire segment on the automated phone services. It was just a bunch of shots of telephones saying things you hear on automated phone services. It was really pretty stupid.

Now I'm watching the Simpsons. Lisa apparently thinks she's a moron. It comes in the family.

My mom's telling me to stop.

Oh no wait, all I have to do is move somewhere else. So now I'm at the foot of the bed. And watching The West Wing.

By the way, if this blog entry seems kind of detached, it's because I'm watching TV. So I'm doing my best now to concentrate.

They took all the best characters out of this show. First Rob Lowe, who tried to start his own show titled "The Lion's Den". It failed miserably and I haven't seen him ever since. No I'm serious. I haven't seen his name for three years. Then Kathryn Joosten got hit by a car as Mrs. Landingham (just in the show, not in real life), then Richard Schiff got sacked when he committed a federal crime this season. He was on Entourage recently, so he might have a fighting chance. On the the other hand, he wasn't a real character, just to play himself.

Now Leo McGary (John Spencer) just got a medal for being very Jewish. By the way, in the pilot episode, Josh referred to him and the president as "you people", which later he clarified to mean Christians. Guess they decided to change that.

If this is the most boring entry you've ever seen, it's because I'm trying to watch TV and type at the same time.

I'll post something tomorrow about the new Longhorn (or Vista) slate tomorrow, you'll also find out what that means.

Man, now they're suggesting a high school student wouldn't know where you would find the separation of church and state.

Well, this has been the next episode of "Blogging at Night". Thank you, and good night.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Blogging at Night

Hey, I figured out I can blog with my dad's laptop in my parent's bed (they have a TV). So here I am, watching The Simpsons. Oh, how witty! Homer's moved in with a couple of gay guys. How comical! How coy!

Well, so still on this blogging thing. It's really. I kind of worried that I'll be obsessed with it and then just stop. If that starts happening, someone email me and say that. Hopefully I'll continue with this blog in order to provide you, my reader, with intellectual stimulation and comedy.

Simpsons is over. Hopefully my mother will let me continue watching, as it is around 9:00.

Another kind of surreal thing I found on the web! Really it's wild. I'd be a little more comfortable if she had some more clothes on, I think. For those of you who became nervous when I said that, it's not revealing, just kind of weird. She is in a bikini, so you won't be considered viewing something, well *cough* y'know. Anyway, it can be viewed here.

Blog number 2 here. Got to go, my mom's telling me to go to sleep.

To quote Homer Simpson: "Mmm... Sleep".

My First Post!

My last blog failed because I printed something, well, insulting about someone who could punish me for it. So here it is. My blog! Anyway, I'm Sam, I'm 13 and in the eighth grade as of now. Anyway this is mostly for my friends.

Today was good. We learned about stuff in science. English was good. I had a music lesson. So umm... yeah.

This is a rather bizarre screen shot of an odd extension in firefox called "Virtual Joint". It allows you to smoke a joint over the web. I'm rather confused on what it does, though I did manage to take a screen shot!

I'm blogging. This is super!
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