Thursday, December 29, 2005

From the Desk of Rachel

So Sam caved and made me a guest commentator for good. I don't know what that means or anything but it had something to do with my email and now I can blog whenever I want. Although I still think Sam will probably still want me to clear stuff through him. Anyway he let me do this so I must be doing something right- maybe I should talk about being high some more (even though I'm not- come on it's like 11:30 in the morning- not that I am ever high- I just think that there are more appropriate times for getting so- although probably people who do get high don't think that...)(this isn't funny anymore;it's actually getting kind of sad...) (hey! I used a semi colon! I love those!)

Ok. Well my life is good. Sam and I bought this variety cereal pack at the grocery store last week and we're eating it now- I wanted the General Mills one because it has Lucky Charms and Cheerios but Sam won't eat Cocoa Puffs or Cinnoman Toast Crunch so we had to buy the boring one that's full of Special K and Corn Flakes, which I have to eat because Sam only likes Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops. Ok ready? Raise your hand if you are old enough to remember the Fruit Loops commercials with the tucan. Are those still on tv?

Ok here's a question. Do I sound like Sam when I'm writing? I mean if you didn't know it was me would you think it was Sam? If you got past the part where it was his blog. Because of course you would think it was him because it's his blog. But would you think that Sam was a little less sarcastic and dare I say a little more funny? Because I know I would (Sam if you are reading this, and I'm sure you are, I was just kidding- you are very funny and I do so want to be able to Blog in the future so please don't take my blogging priveledges away!)

Here's another question: How do you spell the word judgment? Does it have an e? I mean is it like this: judgement or like this: judgment? Is it different in England?

Well the main reason for this post is to give you this quiz: Are you a Sam or a Rachel? And you can take it now. I'm not sure you need a piece of paper and a pencil because it's going to be short since I still have psych and gov to do this morning before lunch...


1. On Saturday morning do you...
a. wake up really early and play computer
b. get dressed and go out
c. watch an episode of your favorite TV show
d. start your homework and get it out of the way

2. What is your favorite food?
a. chocolate
b. spaghetti
c. scrambled eggs
d. hamburgers and fries

3. What is your favorite writing utensil?
a. retractable blue pen
b. pencil stub
c. mechanical pencil
d. sharpies

4. What is your hobby?
a. reading anything-books, comics, etc
b. looking on the internet for anything fun to do
c. chess
d. piano

5. Are you busy...
a. more than three hours a day on homework, school stuff, jobs, college apps etc
b. about an hour a day on the above
c. an hour or two a day on the above
d. less than hour a day on the above

6. What do you do when you are hanging out with your friends?
a. talk
b. play nintendo or game cube
c. play cards
d. who has time to hang out with friends? I see them enough at school and other things

7. Where do you want to go to college?
a. what? who knows that? I'm only thirteen
b. not telling
c. College X is my first choice and then college Y,B, and C are my top three after than and...
d. I'm not going- I'm joining the circus

Ok- That's it! Ladies and Gentlement, count your points! (hey-did you need a pencil after all?)

Question 1: a:4, b:2, c:1, d:3
Question 2: a:3, b:1, c:2, d:4
Question 3: a:1,b:4, c:2, d:3
Question 4: a:1, b:4, c:3, d:2
Question 5: a:1, b:4, c:2, d:3
Question 6: a:2, b:4, c:3, d:1
Question 7: a:4, b:1, c:2, d:3

If you scored 1-9 you are a Rachel! You like to read, watch tv and talk with your friends. You would never under any circumstance (except most of the time when people ask) tell what college you are going to, and you are super busy all the time. Instead of pencil stubs, you probably use mechanical pencils, and you love blue (or hey- any color's good) ink. Your favorite food is spaghetti and scrambled eggs, and you are one of the coolest people anyone has ever met. (I mean how could you not be? just kidding- I really am pretty modest...) Try to be cool about stuff, and let things slide. You are only young once, so have fun, and quit being so neurotic! (not that I'm neurotic but you might be...)

If you scored 9-18 you are both! You have pieces of Sam, and Rachel in you! (no, not literally that would be gross) Sure you might like to play computer, or write with a gross pencil stub sometimes, and love nintendo, but you also might like to watch Friends, eat spaghetti and read books. It's all up to you! As a happy middle ground, you are laid back, have good self confidence, and go with the flow.

If you scored 19-28 you are Sam! You love dark chocolate, hamburgers, and pencil stubs. You make others laugh, and are extremely cute. You like to play computer, go on the internet and look at stuff your parents probably don't know about, and you like to play piano and show off. You are nice to your friends, and are comfortable with who you are. You are also probably better at writing these quizzes than your sister, who obviously is pretty bad...

Anyway that was a quiz. Hope you guys liked it! Anyway I have to go help clean the house now and take a shower and so on. But don't despair because Sam has made me the partial owner of this blog and now I can come on whenever I want!!

HOLA! (yes I know that's spanish for hello but I don't know the spanish for goodbye. You should comment on it and then I will know. Also you should comment on your score on the quiz and the other questions I've asked. You should also comment if you will eat my Cinnoman Toast Crunch and then I can buy a variety pack of the fun cereals...)


nerdjedi said...

In response to your questions...

1) Yes! I remeber when those Fruit Loops comercials came on. (Did you know they spell it "Froot Loops" on the box? How weird.)

2)You sound WAY different than Sam.

3) It's spelled "judgement." It least, it think it's spelled that way.

Well, there, I hope these awnswers help you some. That is all.

Jen said...

Oo;; um, I don't think I agree with my quiz answers... I think you can guess what I got already xD

oh, and I made a xanga so I can post on other peoples' xangas... so now my about me page is mophed into my xanga profile.

Everybody Dance Now said...

I got me a fourteen on the quiz. I am completely in the middleish. Judg(e)ment can be spelled judgment or judgement, the latter of the two will be seen more but both are acceptable. It is obvious that it is Rachel. And CONGRATS on your new position of power. The Froot Loop commercials still use that feuching tucan. Sorry for all I just offended by swearing in a scottish accent. And of course I remember the commercials of old. I will if you need me two eat the Cinnoman Toast Crunch, as awkward as they are. Adios (accentuation over the "o") is goodbye in spanish.
So aloha for now.

Frances =) said...

Following Tim's awesome format. . .and adding some more stuff

1)I don't watch TV. . .and I don't think they had cereal comercials when I was 5 in Taiwan. . .

2)You sound like Rachel and always will. . .HIIII!!!!!! Lol.

3) I have no idea. . .I hate stuff like that. Like, travelling, how is it spelled? Traveling or travelling? I looked that up. . .it's both ways. THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!! Waaaaa!

4)I'm more of a Rachel. . .no further comment available on this topic. . .

5)It's adios, but I see someone has already said that. Well, it Latin it's Wale (pronounced Wa-lae), in Chinese it's Zei-Zhen, in Japanese it's Sae-yo-nar-ra (that's how it's pronounced), in French it's au-revoir. . .before I got into any other languages. . .I'm gonna say good bye. (Get it? It's in ENGLISH! Hahahaha. . .I love laughing at myself. . .)

Jesse said...

Um, this is weird.... I got a 28... I'm like a clone. Weird...

Frances =) said...

Oh, goodness, I've disgraced the. . .Latiness of things. Wale is how it's pronounced. . .it's really supposed to be spelled "Vale". Sorry for the false information!!!
Just 'cause I don't have anything more to say, here's what I got as my results:
1-d(3), 2-b(1), 3-c(2), 4-a/d(So I averaged the 2. . .and got 1.5. I have this weird habit of reading everything. . .pamphlets, signs at train stations, etc.), 5-a(1), 6-a(definently talk!!! Points-1), 7-c(2)
And that all adds up to. . .11. Ok, last time I got 8. . .either I changed my mind or can't count. . .oh, sorry, it's 11.5 But by no probably no ones cares, so I'm going to leave. And also, apparently I can't spell either b/c I spelled good-bye wrong in Latin. Ooo, here's one more for your list:
German:"ah-be-da-zein", of simply "chow!"

Frances =) said...

And I definently talk a lot more than some people. . .for example Jesse. This is my shortest comment, and it's already longer than his longest (and shortest) one. . .lol.

Jen said...

Okay, I'm finally going to reveal my score.

I scored "Sam". yes, I know it's very odd... but I guess neither Sam or Rachel have a split personality.

You see, that's my problem. I always answer those quizzes with a different personality that you all know. Who knew that away from school I'm just as much of a weirdo as Sam is?

I have music on my blog! *pokes link*

frances, there is no "b" sound in the German goodbye. I'm not sure how it's spelled, but I think it's something like "Auf Veedasen"

oh, and there is no dash between "Au" and "revoir" in French

Charlotte said...

Can I comment here? Oh this is cool.
Anyways, this is so funny because I'm actually a SAM. haha. and YES, I can remember the Tucan comercials, which I think actually may be still on in Germany, because we're, you know, old fashioned. And yes, they have TVs in Germany. Who knew?! Haha.
Happy New Year, Sam and Rachel!!!

Charlotte said...

Can I comment here? Oh this is cool.
Anyways, this is so funny because I'm actually a SAM. haha. and YES, I can remember the Tucan comercials, which I think actually may be still on in Germany, because we're, you know, old fashioned. And yes, they have TVs in Germany. Who knew?! Haha.
Happy New Year, Sam and Rachel!!!

N. Milson said...


It's Norm from the "View From Saturday" blog posty thingy! Thanks for leaving a comment.

I just finished Angeline and maybe it is because I am a guy that I didn't like it all that much, I just think it had so much promise... but hey, that's the great thing about books, what is awesome for me might totally suck for you!

Anyway, I do remember the Tucan , even here in Canada.

Toodle-loo --- is that Canadian for good-bye?


laura said...

i am both
woo sam and rachel :o)