Friday, December 30, 2005

On This Blog

Well, either something big is beginning, or this blog will burn out.

And the title is like not like, on the blog, it's like, on the topic of this blog. I'll do that.

Maybe there's a middle ground. But really! My Google Adsense ads (see directly under the blog title thing that reads "4 years apart") have earned me a total of... well... keeping in mind this is just the beginning, they've earned me $1.86. But still! And I get paid once I earn $100. So it might be a while.

Some people can't see them. When I use firefox I can't, but when I use explorer I can.

Also, a lot of people see my page. Well, those that do visit it visit it a lot, anyway. It was viewed 80 times yesterday! That's pretty cool.

I'm also thinking of selling a line of T-Shirts with quotes and screen-shots on them. Tell me what you think by commenting, please. And I will never forget my loyal readers: Jesse, Jon, Jen, and Frances. Tim is in there too. Is it wierd that three of your names start with J? Maybe not.

Rachel's posts are more entertaining. That's pretty much why I picked her as my helper person.


jen said...

Sam, to make your posts entertaining, all you gotta do is be random!

take for example, the cereal. cereal's not a big topic that people usually blog about, yet you see Rachel posting about the tucan and not having the better-tasting kind and all that stuff.

then once you have a random idea, just put it in at the randomest times. like spread it all out. yeah.

nerdjedi said...

T Shirts would be cool! And thank you for including me in your list of loyal readers. It is appreciated muchly!

Everybody Dance Now said...

Speaking of the things we thought were extinct, ie the tucan, I did not know that there are still shoes with light in them, I mean holy crap, I thought those were gone a billion and half years ago, and for all you anal people I am exagerating.

Much appreciated Sam for being on the list.

Abby said...

wow, you really do have a lot of readers, dont you? I dont know how you do it. According to my profile, my blog's been viewed by a grand total of two people. Oh well. The point is that it's fun to write :-)

I'm very up for the idea of t-shirts. I request, as a quote to put on it, to put that question about hot air and spicey food on the front and your answer on the back. That actually did make me laugh out loud.

Jesse said...

I'm proud to be a loyal reader. Firefox has better adblocking extensions, probably. I can see your ads fine, though. I've clicked on them some to make you money. But now you change it to a search for ads bar? What person would search for advertising?

Frances =) said...

I don't see the ad. . .
and Rachel's are entertaining because they sound HYPER!!!! Or at leaset semi-. . .but I don't suggest you try that. You'll probaby scare everyone away. . .JK!
I've had a total of 8 people that's been to my blog. . .oh well. But then I have 2, so it's a bit spread out. . .
And this is kinda out of date, so no one's gonna see the anyways. . .o well.

Rachel w said...

Wait how do you make money from the little ad thing?

And don't worry, your posts are just as good as Rachel's... well kind of anway... (lol jk)

Anyway, I can't believe you take all the good cereal! I mean, how could you leave someone with the stuff that gets soggy really fast? Now thats not fair!

Good luck with your blog, I hope it doesn't burn out!