Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Why disappointment sucks

Didn't blog yesterday. Was busy.

I guess we've all been disappointed. Whether it be a small disappointment, or a large disappointment. But it has happened to all of us.

It's kind of bugging me that I write in sentence fragments.

Back to the point. I was kind of disappointed today. Our aunt sent us some beef as a gift yesterday. It arrived, and believe it or not, it was in a cooler with dry ice. That's right, frozen carbon dioxide.

I was going to take a picture of it fogging, it was so cool. But my mom didn't let me. So I got disappointed. It wasn't that big of a deal, I guess. But I was incredibly sad. Like, I almost felt like crying.

Well, that was an exaggeration, but you get the point. So why is it such a big deal? Am I so used to getting what I want I'm sad when I have to wait one more day to do something?

My sister is mad at me.


Went to the Keswick Theater today.

Pretty wild. We saw some plays.

I'm changing my blog template.


Anonymous said...

Sam, why do you do this to yourself?

Sri said...

that last one was from me

Frances =) said...

I got a blog on this. . .I'll update once a month when I do my xanga, I guess. My xanga is leef3, btw. It's the ONLY one that's not leefkitty. . .lol.
This is messed up. . .my comp automatically makes sites Chinese if they have a Chinese version. . .so I'm sort of half guessing what stuff says!!! Sort of. . .it's still complicated tho. Y is ur sister mad at u? Or did I miss something b4 that. . .hmmm. K, ttyl!
~Frances =)

Frances =) said...

I DID IT!!!!!!!
I POSTED AND I GUESSED WAT THE BUTTON SAID! Wow, I'm excited now! YAY!!!!!!!!!
~Frances =)

Anonymous said...

when you write your satirical humor book, mention me...i'll be waiting

♥ julie

Everybody Dance Now said...

Sam has got some female callers, way to go Sam. The Sam man, the Saminator, Mr. Samaroni and Cheese.
I cannot think of any more annoying-make-no-sense nicknames.
Oh well, and dissapointment sucks, big time.

Jen said...

Oo;; who is "everybody dance now" anyway??? I have no clue as to who it is...

oh, and I made an "about me" webpage. Just click on my name.

Oo;; Frances, why do you use chatspeak?

Anonymous said...

um...get a xanga, it makes it easier for me...and maybe even easier for you

dana said...

that was me

Jesse said...

Dry ice really is cool. You shouldn't get disappointed, but you know that already. You've got quite a lot of people reading your blog now, I see.

Jen said...

hiya. why hasn't Sam updated his blog today? Today's field trip was awesome. Sam, write about that!

After the performance, Timbo, me, and some other people wandered around the mall with three things

1. no idea what we were doing
2. no idea where we were going
3. bowties! gotta love them!