Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My First Post!

My last blog failed because I printed something, well, insulting about someone who could punish me for it. So here it is. My blog! Anyway, I'm Sam, I'm 13 and in the eighth grade as of now. Anyway this is mostly for my friends.

Today was good. We learned about stuff in science. English was good. I had a music lesson. So umm... yeah.

This is a rather bizarre screen shot of an odd extension in firefox called "Virtual Joint". It allows you to smoke a joint over the web. I'm rather confused on what it does, though I did manage to take a screen shot!

I'm blogging. This is super!
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Everybody Dance Now said...

As the eyes of blue stare at the skies of gray
The world spins twice over the other way
As the moon glows through the night sky
The wind picks up and begins to die

The pain from hell is blissful
As the bliss from heaven is painful
The utopia soceity created tomorrow
As the invisible tears show no sorrow

This has been a painfully cliche poem by DaRunningMan, commonly know as Everybody Dance Now.
Thank you

Everybody Dance Now said...

I must correct myself, it was a portion of a poem.
Written by DaRunningMan, commonly known not know as Everybody Dance Now.
Thank you and I bid you all farewell, for the time being.

Everybody Dance Now said...

I just realized I spelled society incorrectly.
I spelled it s-o-c-e-i-t-y where it should be s-o-c-i-e-t-y.
Oh well.