Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Blogging at Night

Hey, I figured out I can blog with my dad's laptop in my parent's bed (they have a TV). So here I am, watching The Simpsons. Oh, how witty! Homer's moved in with a couple of gay guys. How comical! How coy!

Well, so still on this blogging thing. It's really. I kind of worried that I'll be obsessed with it and then just stop. If that starts happening, someone email me and say that. Hopefully I'll continue with this blog in order to provide you, my reader, with intellectual stimulation and comedy.

Simpsons is over. Hopefully my mother will let me continue watching, as it is around 9:00.

Another kind of surreal thing I found on the web! Really it's wild. I'd be a little more comfortable if she had some more clothes on, I think. For those of you who became nervous when I said that, it's not revealing, just kind of weird. She is in a bikini, so you won't be considered viewing something, well *cough* y'know. Anyway, it can be viewed here.

Blog number 2 here. Got to go, my mom's telling me to go to sleep.

To quote Homer Simpson: "Mmm... Sleep".


Everybody Dance Now said...

I noticed you had zero comments so I decided to add one, with a quote my friend Marmstrong said at school the other day, as he was sampling the disgusting looking ice cream, it was pink with multi- colored spots in it and shards of something I do not even want to know what it was. He mentioned it tasted like Christmas and I asked him what that was in other words, he said it tastes like crap.
That is my story and congrats on your first comment to something.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the boneless girl is very very very very very very very wierd where did you find that?

Anonymous said...

it was probably peppermint jon