Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Blogging at Night, Part 2

Watching NBC Nightly News. It's 8:15 (we tape it). Ooh. Next up: Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holiday. Fast-fowarding through the commercials.

What the heck? Is this American's priorities? First, we have a 2 second story on the possibility of cancer caused by Non-Stick Cookware, then a 2 second story about the stock market. Then, believe it or not, an entire segment on the automated phone services. It was just a bunch of shots of telephones saying things you hear on automated phone services. It was really pretty stupid.

Now I'm watching the Simpsons. Lisa apparently thinks she's a moron. It comes in the family.

My mom's telling me to stop.

Oh no wait, all I have to do is move somewhere else. So now I'm at the foot of the bed. And watching The West Wing.

By the way, if this blog entry seems kind of detached, it's because I'm watching TV. So I'm doing my best now to concentrate.

They took all the best characters out of this show. First Rob Lowe, who tried to start his own show titled "The Lion's Den". It failed miserably and I haven't seen him ever since. No I'm serious. I haven't seen his name for three years. Then Kathryn Joosten got hit by a car as Mrs. Landingham (just in the show, not in real life), then Richard Schiff got sacked when he committed a federal crime this season. He was on Entourage recently, so he might have a fighting chance. On the the other hand, he wasn't a real character, just to play himself.

Now Leo McGary (John Spencer) just got a medal for being very Jewish. By the way, in the pilot episode, Josh referred to him and the president as "you people", which later he clarified to mean Christians. Guess they decided to change that.

If this is the most boring entry you've ever seen, it's because I'm trying to watch TV and type at the same time.

I'll post something tomorrow about the new Longhorn (or Vista) slate tomorrow, you'll also find out what that means.

Man, now they're suggesting a high school student wouldn't know where you would find the separation of church and state.

Well, this has been the next episode of "Blogging at Night". Thank you, and good night.


Carissa said...


What about the Separation of Church and State? that = found in letter from thomas jefferson when he = ambassador to frances... ugh... he was SUCH a cool guy other than that... well.. it isn't HIS fault the stupid people decide to misinterpret it!

Jesse said...
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Jesse said...

You watch West Wing too? Its awesome. I can't believe John Spencer died. They're gonna have to cut him out of the show somehow. Its really sad.