Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Old School

Yeah, that's my title. Get over it.

I decided not to blog yesterday, besides Jon's. It's supposed to be featured.

Well, here's my post. If you'll look at the picture, you'll see a marble high above what appears to be a halfpipe. If you don't see that, take my word for it.

This is a screen shot of a game I purchased last year in a Salvation Army store. I didn't think it was going to be that good, but it was like two dollars, so I bought it.

It's a simple game, really. You control a small marble, and maneuver it around the course, collecting gems. If you fall, you die. It's that simple.

But I just can't get enough of it. Perhaps it's the fact that there's little to do here. But for whatever reason, I'm obsessed. I feel like I can do it. I have to do it. I must.

Well, you get the point.

I uploaded this picture using google's Picasa. It's very cool.

And that's that. And, for the record, Jon has all ready played this game.

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Everybody Dance Now said...

And it is an awesome game, and can you beat that level yet, we beat it once but we had to go.

jen said...

cool...how do you take screen shots of video games? I know how to on the computer, but there is no "prt scr sysrq" key on a game console of couse...

Everybody Dance Now said...

It is a computer game

jen said...

xD well, that would explain it...

Jesse said...

Whats the name of the game?

Leah said...

Hey, Marble Blast Gold! That came free with my grandparents' Mac! My sister and I played that for so long. I loved getting frustrated and just doing a bunch of suicide rolls of the track when it had that one over the lake. The little houses in the background were so detailed.

Everybody Dance Now said...

I have decided to share one of my favorite poems, of my own creation. I hope you like it like the last one.

The lion dies a lamb tonight
The mane is ruffled with the hair
The skin is cut
The heart is bleeding
The eyes are crying
The lamb is howling
The moon is changing
The yellow glow turns red
The shadows disappear
The entire kingdom just sits and stares
The state is in an uproar
The citizens are abhorred
The lion dies a lamb tonight
The owl feasts on the mouse
The rat gets the owl
The change of cycle is upon us
The lion dies a lamb tonight
But lives on as the sly fox it used to be
The hunting wolf cries to the sky
The stars that glisten above the country
Begin to fade
The stars disappear from view
The shadows reveal their true nature
But their lives go on
The lion dies a lamb tonight