Monday, December 26, 2005


This is Jon's post, link of the week #1. As far as I know he wrote it.


Feeling like a parasite
The parasite I am
Bleeding out the eyes
With red and invisible tears
Drowning out the sounds that lurk my mind
The voices that speak
The separate people inside of me
The ones that tell me to leave this world behind
If I were to be the hero I wish
If I were to be the lover I want
If I were to feel the feelings I should
I might be able to continue
All holding hands and singing songs
Go the hymns of old
I train to live in the twisted world I see
I train to go along with what I can
I train to act like nothing sees what I see
Yet those who see my soul
Take it just as fast
Rip cut destroy mutilate it even faster
The way I wish I could cut through the fog
To place my innards on the outside of me
Just sit atop the wall that divides me from me
Knock it down as though I were Berlin
But as I sit against the base
Wishing hoping I realize I take naught what I cannot reach
I run along the path of my mind
Dead ends on all sides
Get stuck within the maze I leave for others
Let no sun in
Let no shine out
Only the shadows that can be illuminated by the moon
The nocturnal self is confined
I run I jump I play I prance
I die I weep I kill I seem to be
The worst thing I can be on the inside
I am a parasite

I never said it would be light.


Leah said...

Hmm. Gruesome and sort of melodramatic in some parts, but I like it. Does he have any personal experience in something like this, or is it just his imagination working? (Sorry, I'm being all critic-y)

ECB said...

That poem is dark! The imagery is strong -- it makes it hard to read -- so gruesome as Leah says. But I get a real clear feeling of alienation both inward and outward, that is, feeling uncomfortable in your own skin and in the world, which is how alot of people feel right now.

Btw, loved the star wars bunnies!

Everybody Dance Now said...

Thank you, criticy is fine and encouraged. It is a bit of both personal experience and imagination. This is how I tend to write my poems, and I find it a little to cliche but that is just how it comes out so I leave it. I did write it if that was not guessed or assumed, and I alter nothing that I write down. It took me about five minutes to just type all of that out.

Everybody Dance Now said...

I almost forgot, Sam and Rachel, I am not in California this week considering the fact that my flight was canceled.

Frances =) said...

Wow, that was a really good poem. . .very dark. . .yet so truthful in a sad way.

jen said...

Oo;; uh, okay then...that was really dark and stuff.

Gosh, we spent all day in Maryland... it was so annoying. We were there for way longer than I thought. Oh, well, I'm going back home at 5PM today... ((I'm at my dad's house now))

Abby said...

wow, I dont know who you are Jon, but you really know who to write a poem. It was the kinda thing I'm always trying to figure out how to put on paper, but never quite succeed.

Everybody Dance Now said...

I have about nine poems.
One of which is seven pages, and another is eight pages. They are a little like a collection of poems but it is only to show how they break up in speech.
And Thank You.

jen said...

same here, abby xD