Sunday, December 25, 2005

Let Down Day

Christmas bells are ringing!

In my dreams...

Next year.

Yeah. It's around 10:00, we're done opening presents. For the record, that does mean that we celebrate Christmas. That's mostly because my dad is Christian.

So, I've changed the contest. If you win, you may do a post the day after, or the next Friday. This way, if you are busy, you have time to write a post.

Jon can have as much time as he wants, as I pretty much just made this up on the spot.

And he's already sent me his link for this week's contest.

Don't know how many of you are looking at this, seeing as it's Christmas, but...

Down to buisiness here. We're done with presents, and I got what I wanted. Got Battlefront II (star wars game for PC), also some fun board games.

But now I'm all let down. It's like, I can't sleep in anticipation, and then suddenly, *POOF*, it's over. All I have left is some presents and an opportunity to blog. But I'm happy. It's just kind of a let down.

The beginning of my post is from Rent.

I'm still in Delaware, towards the south of it. Not really redneck country yet, but there are a heck of a bunch of gun stores on the way down, and "Adult Media" to put it lightly.

I got my sister "Zoo Tycoon 2". Now I'm going to go play it with her. There's not much to do in Lewes, Delaware, so I"ll probably be updating this later.



Everybody Dance Now said...

The holidays are a total drag, if you didn't know, that comment about the holidays being depressing was me.
I get to put off chanukah until I return from California.
So hooray for me.
I am not sure how many links we are allowed to subscribe perweek, but I put two more in your comments thing for the previous post.
Happy twenty fifth of December, and I await your return to the interesting, no right of way when driving state, PA.
I really like just yammering on and on and on and on and on in the comments, it is oddly fun.

dana said...

That's ok...i don't mind really. anyway, i got DDR Ultramix3..isn't that awesome...???

Jen said...

Hi, Sam. I'm going down to Maryland tomorrow to visit some family for the day. That's pretty close to southern Delaware, isn't it?

Off to play DDR! ((just got it today))


Everybody Dance Now said...


Frances =) said...

I love DDR! It gives me a good excuse to jump around. . .lol.
Wow, we finished presents at 7:30. I was at this party at my parents' friends' house last night (and the youngest "kids" other than me and my brother were in 12th grade. . .) It was pretty weird. And boring. So neways, got back and 12 and went to bed at 1. Then my brother woke us all up today at 6:30. Ahhhhhhhhh. . .
Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy New Years, etc. to everyone!

Jen said...

*coughs from dry throat* @.@; I think I played a little too much DDR...

Everybody Dance Now said...

You just need to learn to pace yourself at DDR.
My friend, marmstrong, and I can play for two hours straight no breaks at about the same pace.
That or you just may need to hydrate a little more.
WOOHOO DDR, Sam needs to throw a DDR partay.

Leah said...

Yeah, I got my first Hannukah present. A big box of Geradeli chocolates, which I now get the pleasure of staring at and thinking what it would do to my hips. Damn.

Everybody Dance Now said...

Screw the hips, CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!