Saturday, December 31, 2005


Shirts are for sale. They are $15.00 each (they are actually expensive to make). I'm thinking if I sell like three or four I'll break even. You can order by emailing me here. If you snail-mail me the money, and email me the size and what you want (I currently offer the two in the picture, called "Your Mom" and "Free will make the world go 'round"). I'm also offering the spicy food one, and if you want something else I'll make it no extra cost (you could also order one of your own comment!). Your address is also necessary. Shirts are available in white and black. If you want another color, you will have to wait slightly longer.

Shirts that are mailed pay a $3.00 S+H. They will most likely arrive in one to three days from the time I get your money (I make the shirt when I get the order, I ship it when I get the money) if you live near me. If I can't get it to you that soon, I will tell you and you will be returned one dollar for your wait (look, I'm only 13, okay?).

Anyway, think about it, and keep in mind they're great for adults, too.

This has been a SAM sales pitch. And I am accepting orders starting nnnnnnnnnnnnnnow.


jen said...

Oo;; Sam are you even our age anymore? you're beginning to scare me between the t-shirts and the google ads and money and stuff...

Everybody Dance Now said...

Told you guys I would make a post at like three in the morning.