Friday, December 23, 2005

Through The Looking Glass

This is a guest appearance by Sam's sister. In case you are wondering, I can be just as obnoxious as Sam. For example, right now he is reading my book and I am writing an entry for his blog. I see this as a fair trade off but he probably won't...

As is the correct procedure for blogs, according to previous entries on this one, I could make some snide comments about other people's opinions, or summarize tv shows that I have recently watched, or am watching if I am "blogging in bed". Well I'm not, but I did watch tv today. I watched an episode of friends where rachel quits her job, but it was a christmas episode from a while back and I'm watching a different season now so it was kind of stupid. Then I halfway cleaned up a room. And now I am typing this.

I could be doing other things but I'm not.

Ok, well this has been a fun blog from Sam's sister. I am going to clean more things now while Sam reads my book in his pajamas. For a disclaimer and to make Sam less mad at me when he reads this and finds out what I did: I love Sam very much and he is a nice brother. Probably better than your brother. Then again, I am a pretty nice sister. Probably nicer than yours. Anyway, Sam is cool (regardless of your current opinion of him, which I hope will improve if it is indeed bad) and he is much less annoying when you consider him in the context of his life. Which is pretty good. So that is that. Anyway I love him and I think you should too. (unless you don't, which is totally up to you, because free will makes the world go 'round)(whoever said that was probably high- I mean the world go round part... and as a disclaimer I am not high and I don't do drugs)(and you shouldn't either becuase they are bad)(but it's totally up to you because free will makes the world go 'round...)

Anyway Sam will probably see this soon and yell at me but a shout in the dark is worth it even if it lasts for a very tiny amount of time. So get on your computers and read this people! before I am trampled by the censor of Sam. Just kidding. (and no, I am not high..)

Ok, well this has been a report from the mixed up files of Rachel. Tune in for more next week, when I finally find out Sam's password, and can do this even when he doesn't leave it open for me!



Everybody Dance Now said...

Rachel are you sure you are not high.
And I don't have a sister, so I cannot compare the you to her, although you would most definetly beat her hands down.
And Sam is definetly better than my brother, considering the fact that I never see my own brother.

And I am massively bored.
Like usual.

Jen said...

hi Sam's sister! ^^

I suggest trying to get his password as soon as possible; this is funny!

okay, so, yeah...

Frances =) said...

That was sooooooooooo cool!
I hope ur not high. . .and I'm not high either. I don't think. . .JKJK!
Have fun where ever you are!
~Frances =)

Jen said...

Oo;; why hasn't Sam found out about this yet???

Frances =) said...

My blog's so much. . .brighter than urs! Urs is all black. . .and mine's all. . .PINK! But then I guess I might be a little scared if urs was all pink 2. . .lol.
Hope ur having a good time! Ttyl!
The one and only,
~Frances =)

Carissa (was here) said...

Frances being BLACK??
Sam being PINK??? woah
Sam... u really need to have better security!

Jen said...

I wish I could put a comment section on my "about me" page. Oh well, =(

I at least was able to post my view of the dance.

Jen said...

darn =( I can't even change the font color on this comment section. How horrible! :o

Frances =) said...

This is pretty funny. . .yes, me+black=something very wrong! Acapalypse. Whatever that is, however you spell it. I can't pronounce it half the time. . .but I mean the end of the world and I think you guys all know!!!

Jen said...

Oo;; where is Sam? He hasn't posted anything since yesterday or the day before...

Anonymous said...

Sam's in Delaware. Ha! I'm posting anonymously. I'll give one point to anyone who can guess who I am. I would give a clue, but that's no fun. Anyway, onto commenting!

I have to say that I disagree with one of your comments. I have two sisters, both of which are very nice.

Hm...this is my first comment on a blog. Not very good. Anyyaw, good luck escaping the rage of Sam. Or if Sam's reading this, I probably won't be posting comments very often for the very good reason that I am not very good at commenting on blogs. It's Christmas eve today, but that does little to affect me other than I had to leave a friend's house earlier than I would have if it wasn't Christmas eve today. To those of you who are still trying to figure out who I am, that was a clue.

Since Chanukah's soon, happy Hanukah to all Jews out there! Happy holidays to everyone else. (I could get into a rant about how pointless it is to have "Happy Holidays" in red and green lights everywhere, but I won't.)

Wow, this was a really weird comment. I apoligize to anyone who actually read all of it.

Anonymous said...

in an addition to my last post:

cheese! cheese has no laxatives. "Melts in your mouth, not your pants" is what I always say.


Anonymous said...

For record, that "In addition to my last post" was not made by me, the same person as the "Ha! I'm posting anonymously!" guy. That's all. Happy Holidays (in red and green lights)!

Jen said...

Who is that anonymous person?