Saturday, December 31, 2005

How Long Till Next Year?

So I just wrote this whole blog and then I previewed it and then it went away. So I'm rewriting it.

I forget how I started.

It was about Sam's post down below. Which you should look at because then we can publish your link of the week. Which I don't get to choose by the way even though you all know you like my posts better than Sam's. (or, since we have a couple we like you could wait until next week to submit your link- unless something should happen, why does this always happen, I should be outside playing getting fresh air and sunshine...)

So I was reading this book this morning about magic. I'm just saying now that even though I am little too old for things like that (books written for third graders I mean) I don't mind saying how much I like them. But here's the real question: if you could be a character from Harry Potter, or a Star Wars guy (like Luke or Leah or even Darth Vader who Sam would pick hands down) which would you be? I would totally be Hermione over Yoda. Because Hermione could kick Yoda's butt. Although Yoda does have a lightsaber...

So Sam and I didn't finish our variety pack of cereal. There was still cornflakes and raisin bran left when we came home. But that's cool with me because Sam was supposed to eat the raisin bran and I don't even like cornflakes. I was lying about the cornflakes so that we could buy the pack. It was good. (not the lying because lying is bad because then you have to tell more lies on top of the lies you already told and then you get in trouble and in my case have to eat cornflakes unless you get a break and you leave the cornflakes somewhere or drop them on the floor and then your dog has to eat them. but that only happens with small lies like about cereal and pop tarts because once I said I like strawberry poptarts to eat the edges even though I hate the middles but then Sam ate them all so it was ok)

So I was watching Friends yesterday.

Last night I had this dream that I showed my Hebrew School class Tarzan. And we were in this dark room watching it on desks and I was buring the sound track or something and then everybody liked it. But then when I told my director about the movie she was like 'what educational value did that have and why did you do it' and I was like 'I don't know.' but then I told her that Tarzan was like Moses. which in my dream I really thought was true. So I was wondering if you guys ever dream about Disney Movies. or Tarzan. Or both at once. And then she was like 'why didn't you just show them Prince of Egypt' and I was like 'good idea'.

Well this has been a rather long and random blog which according to jen who I have never met is a good idea. Anway it is almost as good as the one that disappeared when I accidentaly did a dumb thing like ten minutes ago. And before I go do the things that I have to do, I just wanted to give you a subliminal message.


see, and you wouldn't even know I was subliminally affecting you if I hadn't told you. And now you're probably confused because you're like 'what subliminal message?' But it's there, I promise. By the way, you should think about buying some tee shirts. And while you're at it, don't forget the link of the week!

ADIOS, mes amis!


ECB said...

My entry for link for the link of the week is
on this link the cartoon changes about every minute. I think you need to cut and paste this in your address line for it to work.

Try it -- it's lots of fun!

jen said...

actually, Rachel I think you have met me... or at least seen me. Remember that exton mall field trip thingy? ((you were there, right?)) well, right after chorus performed, I was shopping with Kelly Murphy. ((even though I'm not friends with her or anything...)) I believe someone in your group came and said hi to her or something...

N. Milson said...

Howdy. I think that if I had to choose between a star wars and a harry potter I would go for Ron's Dad. I think that he leads a pretty cool life in the books... very relaxed and always interested in the obvious.

I love Friends, cracks me up... but what do you think of Joey. I don't think it as good.

I have never dreamed about Disney stuff, but when my wife comes out of surgery and she is just waking up, if she looks to the side, she sees Disney characters! Freaky.


Frances =) said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Frances =) said...

I only have one thing 2 say 2 all that. . .
Rachel, your posts are HIGHLY amusing. . .!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, 2 things. . .sry. I lied. HAHAHA. O, dear. But I'd b Hermione ALSO. We think alike. . ."We could of died, or WORSE-expelled!!! "

Frances =) said...

Oh, ya, the comment deleted was me, b/c I forgot the end quote thing! Lol.

nerdjedi said...

You're wrong. Yoda can defeat ANYONE. You name anyone/anything, and Yoda can beat him/her/them/it.

Leah said...

What about Godzilla? Could Yoda beat Godizilla? (Boy, I'd love to see that fight...)

Everybody Dance Now said...

Godzilla would get his/its ass kicked.
I would want to be Lupin, maybe sans the werewolf part.

Charlotte said...

Tonks. I mean, c'mon, minus the pink hair and the hot lycanthropic fiancee, I practically AM Tonks. So I'd be her.

On the other hand, Princess Leia (this is how you spell her name, btw) does get to snog Han Solo, who is so much cuter than Lupin. But she also leads a very hard life and lives to see planets blown up and whatnot, so I don't think I'd want to be her afterall. Though she does have a very pretty hairstyle and is very awesome.
Tonks or Leia. Tough choice! But since I totally like HP more than starwars it'll be Tonks afterall. Because I could morph my hair into Leia-hair. And Tonks has the cooler family!

ANYWAYS. Happy new year, dahling, and you, Sam.

Anonymous said...

The word pop-tart makes me laugh.
People should use it more often.