Sunday, April 30, 2006

There's no business...

...Like show business, like no business I know!

Yes! One more musical under my belt: Annie Get Your Gun. I saw it at Shipley Middle School today and it featured none-other than our long time reader Abby!

Abby played Annie, and, personally, I thought she was the best one on the stage.

She sang beautifully (she takes voice lessons) and acted well too. There's this part in "I can do anything better than you" where they sing "I can hold any note longer than you can" and they argue and eventually Annie (Abby) goes, "Yes I (and holds "I" for about thirty seconds. During this time Abby played with her hat, strolled around the stage, etc. I thought it was hilarious) can". She also does a similar thing with "I can sing any note higher than you can". And what's funny is the other lead had lost his voice so right before Abby sang really high she was laughing at him trying to sing high. There was also this really weird song called "Doin' what comes Naturally" and that was fun. And the end was, "Good thing you did, cause if you didn't I would have shot you in the-" and then they all freeze and that's when Buffalo Bill ends the show.

Another favorite character was Chief Sitting Bull. One great line is, "How..." and everyone goes, "How!" and Sitting Bull continues, " buisiness". That was very funny.

For those of you that don't know, I met Abby because she went to my Hebrew School.

Now I have to go to, so I'll finish with a link to a summary of the musical, and a quote:

Well I can't think of a quote besides "There's no buisiness like show buisiness".

Abby, comment a good summing-up quote.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

You Know Me?

I'm buying you a pizza.

This is the best link ever. Or at least one of them.

Okay, so I emailed Judith today. Assuming her email address hasn't changed. If it has, then I didn't email anyone.

I should be doing my homework. But I'm not.

Oh well.

And the most valuble link ever. It's the TKAM questions. I will not disclose my source.

Once again, I'm reminding you of the Douglas Adams contest. Enter!

Ummm... I think that's it.

I'm going to upload my video to the web. I'll do an edit with the link once I do.


I'm so freakin stupid.

I sent an email out pretending to be Sri.

I'm telling people on Monday but please spread the news.

I'm completely freaking out.

Friday, April 28, 2006

From Where I Stand...

I see a nation shining bright.

A vision of America where voices all unite. Where brothers and sister's ALIVE in peace are standing hand in hand.

And hope is running high.

From where I stand.

First before the dance: an anonymous person made a comment on my blog saying "Hahaha... some people can't make links". The word "links" had a link in it. However, the link was broken. I want to know that whoever did this, I'm laughing at you. You can read that chain of comments here. It's the one after the one where Carissa starts with "Huh? Freeze?" and ends with "Lalalala... freeze?". Apparently I'm not the only one with short-term memory loss.

For the poor soul who thinks they can make links, try this.

Now the most ironic thing was if that was broken.

And now for something completely different.

The Dance, part II.

This dance was different.

Not bad.

Just different.

For one, my idignant face got less use than normal. But I did use it occasionally.

Okay, now here's a question? Can I type "for two"? That sounds stupid.

Secondly, I discussed how I wanted to be a bench. I also hit my head on a door.

But all in all, it was pretty good.


Thirdly, I wasn't depressed. Well, I'm normally not depressed, but I was never "faux-depressed".

**NOTE** Any attempt to discuss my social life or any other person's social life on the comment board is strictly prohibited. Any comment I deem not appropriate will be deleted, and this commenter's comments will be deleted for the next two days.

If it is an anonymous person, it will be three days. That includes any name that I can't identify. So all you anonymous people will have to be nonymous. Or nonanonymous. Heh heh that sounds so cool.

The power blows.

Peanut Butter Post

I thought this would be a cool title.

And they got rid of the "Jumping Cats", so I put up "Bread".

Dance tonight.

As much as I like to bash dances, I do enjoy them.

Maddie and Angie's comments were funny for the last dance post.

24 was today. I did Platinum with Hong and Ben. It was fun.

I lost.

Whatever. Anyway, I had a lot of fun, and I got to miss part of school. And when you lose in normal 24, people are like "oh well that's because you suck" but when you lose in platinum people are like "oh well that's because you were doing platinum". What people have trouble doing something they assume is hard. No one knows what they're doing when it comes to platinum. It's just a matter of deciding to do it.

But the people are nicer. The people I was playing were very nice. When someone realized they made a mistake, the other people at the table were hoping they didn't. One person had the answer at our table but got it the wrong way and was having trouble. The other person and I were agonizing, hoping they got it. When you have like six people playing and you already know who's going to win (Emma and Ben), people lighten up and are themselves. The normal 24 people are more competitive. I heard people yelling.

I love Platinum.

Moving on...

Tim helps me analyze music, though I doubt he realizes it. HSB has helped me figure out the instruments in music, as well as what the composer was thinking when he made the piece.

For instance, Phantom is like a rock song. That's what Weber was basing it on. Though most of you know this already, I heard this song for the first time today. In HSB.

It's like seeing a song from a different side. Like normally you're used to seeing a song from the top, but by making it higher, you see the bottom, a part that used to be blocked by the top parts.

Thank you, Tim.


Check back at 10:15 or so.


And that's why drugs are bad.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

On The Variety Show

Bah. It's about a month to the variety show and I have nothing to do.

It's not other people's fault, of course, I've rejected about as many ideas as other people have rejected mine.

So I'm putting up an ad on my blog for a new modern play entitled, "Matchstick".

It has to do with how futile human efforts are and how life is very difficult.

It also has to do with how hard those paper matches are to light.

So here's the story.

In the background the whole time, Beethoven's lyrical "Waltz in E flat Major" is playing. It has a nice A section but a rather violent B section, perfect for this play. If this ever works out, I will be playing it on the piano.

A person walks on stage, and stops in front of a small table with a candle votive on it. They will take out a paper matchbook and show it to the audience. They will then proceed to try to light it. They will become more and more frustrated as time goes on, hitting the matchbook and generally freaking out. When they finally succeed in lighting it someone jumps out of the audience and blows it out. The End.

Alternate ending: once they succeed in lighting it, someone comes out with a suitcase and points angrily at the candle. The two silently begin arguing. The second person takes a small fire extinguisher out of the bag, smothers the flame, then walks away. The End.

The dress will be modest. A boy in either part will wear a white collered shirt with black pants and dress shoes. A girl will wear a blouse with a skirt or slacks.

If you want to join, please comment. I think it would be very funny.

After reading this, feel free to listen to William Bolcom's "Graceful Ghost Rag". I like it.

**EDIT** This is a reminder to check in tommorow after the dance ends (around 10:00 or 10:15) for my rather depressing view of the night's events. Dances seem to bring out my cynical side, as well as my poetic side, and I do enjoy posting my musings. To see my last dance post, click here. If you prefer a lighter topic, check "Why I'm Going to Die", a classic.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's Creation!

The opposite of war isn't peace.

It's creation!

Yeah so that's my title.

Yes! I found Rent karaoke. Sweet. I must have it. It's only $34.95.

Here's how you get people to be quiet in a crowded room. Jeff was doing something in Mrs. B's room today (I can't remember what) and I just yelled "Burn the Witch!".

Everyone quieted down. Then Jeff said "Okay" and went after Emilyn. Emilyn made this little screaming noise and they ran around the room a little.

Then I had to clarify. I yelled "By witch, I mean you!".

Then I realized the very subtle pun in that sentence. Which, witch. You get the idea.

I'm missing Hebrew School because I have no way of getting there.

I'm going to practice piano now.

Then I'll find a cursor for Jen's contest.

Then I'll make some HSB songs for my own enjoyment and possibly send them to Tim.

Then I'll make myself a poptart because I'll be hungry.

Then I'll do my homework.

*EDIT* Well, here we go. Tim started HSB (high-speed broadway), a series of songs played very quickly. So of course I wanted to leech on to this idea. What could I do that wasn't completely copying?

The exact opposite.


That's right, low-speed broadway. Songs played at a speed so slow you want to kill yourself. First song: Voice Mail #5, from Rent. So all you have to do is click here.

And it's beginning to snow...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Tragically Low 90's

Two posts in six hours?

Yeah whatever.

I hate it. It's the worst way to be.

The tragically low 90's.

I have nothing going for me besides my mind. I'm no good at sports, of course. I'm socially inept.

But you know what? I don't even have my mind going for me.

I can't stand it.

Because I'm a mediocre smart person. I could never compete with Anthony, Jimmy, Emma, Carissa, or any of those people.

Tim knows about science. I do my best to keep up with him, but I can't.

Maddie, Angie, and the two Jeffs can sing.

Dain is funnier than me. Frances plays better piano. Christie and Sri are in the knoledge bowl. Emily swims.

I'm nothing.

I can play chess.

Freakin' chess is all I have going for me. And no one cares about chess unless you're like Bobby Fischer.

So that's that.

Make sure you read the post below this.

I Love You This Much

I don't know... that looks so oddly capitilized. Is it? Maybe I should just do, "I love you this much". Eh. Whatever.

Alright so my friends seem to have an obsession with Google Talking me when I'm not even in Pennsylvania. Yesterday I was in Connecticut. Today I'm in New York. Not the city. Just the state.

I wrote a really long post but it's on a laptop and I'll post it on Monday. Or later tonight when I get home.

But this is how much I love you. I'm blogging from a different state. And if I went to a different country I'd blog from there, too. And if I went to the moon, well, I'd have trouble getting internet access. But you get the idea.

I think "she-who-walks-in-pudding" is Maeve. Because she's very random, and refers to a male, probably Jeff. Ah, youth.

**NEW CONTEST** I'm making a new contest (obviously). I bolded that for the lazy bums who don't read my whole posts. Anyway it's called "The Hitchiker's Guide to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". You send in a maximum of three quotes from the book, up to 42 sentences all together. Then I'll post them all, rated from best to worst. I'm also picking one, but it won't be in the standings. I just want to see if someone picks it. You can either email it to me or you can comment it on THIS POST ONLY. The winner will be announced whenever I feel like it; probably like a week.

Also, in my profile my favorite book is, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 'Trilogy'". Only two other people have this in their profile. Some random person and Jeff and Maeve. How curious.

Okay I'm done now.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Indecisiveness can lead to regrets. Sometimes people are so indecisive they simply ignore the decision. This is the worst way things can go for anyone.

But that's not the point.

The point is...

Tomorrow I can miss the lab (thus abandoning Christie), book club, and the core extension thing.

Or I can skip the rock gym trip.

Bah. If I just could've gone today, this would've been so much easier.

I get to see Black Beauty tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Why, Thank You

I love our comment board.

However I have three things to say to Jon:
  1. There are many levels of depression, one of which I was on, one of which you were on.
  2. I don't doubt the fact that you were in a play. In fact, my sister went to see it.
  3. Here's the number for a good psychiatrist: 610-937-2100.
Heh heh. Alright moving on...

The Jazz Band finally got a decent guiro! I celebrate the arrival of "Black Beauty: The Guiro". I just call her Brittany for short. She's so beautiful. For those of you that don't know what a guiro is, it's a latin percussion instrument involving scraping a stick along some ridges to create a sound. The one we got is so cool. You can see it here.

I'm using it in the song "Oye Como Va", a latin number by Tito Puente.

I love getting new persussion.

For anyone that wants more information on the guiro we got, come to jazz band on Thursday morning. We're having a celebration.

Heh heh. What's sad is I'm really as excited as I seem.

And I would also like to commend Sri on his emailing the ENTIRE TEAM. And people keep replying to all. I love our school (*sighs and stares dreamily out window. Then decides to end post here*)

Monday, April 17, 2006

Quieres Cantar en la Nieve?

Heh heh. We're learning about movies in Spanish. This one is a musical. Though I'm sure all of you could translate this, I'll do it for you. It's "Do you want to sing in the snow?".

For horror it's "El Monstruo de la Montana" or, "The monster of the mountain".

The adventure film is "Adventure in the Ruins". And there's a picture of Indiana Jones. Well, it's him. But it doesn't say it is.

I love those films. They're so funny.

Today we were watching my parody during activity. We were almost to the outtakes and Dain decided to press stop. So we had to start over. For some reason it wouldn't fast foward.

I got Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0. Maybe I'll be a film producer when I grow up. That'd be fun.

Or a director. I would be a great director. I could say, "Bench, do this", or "Bench, do that". I could even be in charge of where we put the bench.

I've had so many symbols from YAGMCB recently. I've been depressed. I had to edit something with that in it, and I was reading the comics. And Margaret's away message is, "Supp3r Tim3". First I thought it was "Super Tim" and I wondered if she knew Tim.

But then I read it again.

We need to do something for the variety show.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Splice Here

That's it. It's over. All over.

Sunday was always depressing.

But after a week of not going to school, it is doubly so.

So, here we go! It's a Four Years Apart special event, sponsored by the fact that I have nothing else to do: How to be happy about the end of spring break.

There are 10 reasons to be happy about spring break being over:
  1. You get to see the friends you haven't seen in a while.
  2. You get to go back to your old schedule. You'll never be bored with nothing to do.
  3. School is almost over anyway. Only two weeks of April, 4 weeks of May, and 2 weeks of July.
  4. Your parents get off your back about doing chores and such, since you have homework.
  5. Blogs are no longer pointless. Now they're about school.
  6. You can where shorts. In school!
  7. The end of Spring Break marks the beginning of Spring in Pennsylvania. Trees begin to have leaves, green is everywhere.
  8. All those movies that came out in the winter are coming out on DVD.
  9. Poems aren't depressing anymore. Now they're about flowers and creeks and stuff.
  10. You get a post on Four Years Apart about why you should be happy spring break is over.
So you want some attention tomorrow? You want people to notice you? Walk into school with a smile on. Then when people are annoyed by your smile, look for other people that read my blog. When you see that they aren't smiling, you'll wonder why you listened to me. And then when you yell at me about how you were smiling, I'll laugh at you.

Whoops. Ignore everything after "Walk into school with a big smile on".

Heh heh.

Oh, and despite the fact that you think you get the post title, you don't. Get over it.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

La la la do do dee d- oh this is my title

Alright that's the best I could think of because I don't have a subject because all I want to say is


Thank you, thank you.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Google Talk

Photoblogging is dead.

Here is a GTalk between me and Frances.

Frances: Spring break is HERE. . .but where IS everyone???
Frances: What's "seder"?
Sent at 4:03 PM on Wednesday
Sam: Frances?
Frances: hey
Sam: Frances!
Frances: ya. . .
Sam: ya!
Frances: Hi?
Sam: hi!
Frances: hi. . .?
are you feeling ok?
Sam: i am feeling okay
Frances: so ya. . .um. . .hi!
why are you so. . .excited?
Sam: IDK!
Do u know?
Frances: Okokok
just don't hurt me!!!!
Frances: (Gosh. . .)
just. . .
Sam: just...
Frances: ok, nevermind, Sam. Nevermind. . .
Sam: what?
you must tell me!!!
this is your conscience speaking, frances. Tell Sam what you were going to tell him.
Frances: Oh!
doing other stuff
Sam: um what?
Frances: more IMPORTANT
I mean. . .
um. . .
Sam: than me?
Frances: LESS important things
Sam: i laugh
Frances: laugh at who? urself?
Sam: laugh laugh laugh
Frances: I mean. . .
Sam: no at you
Frances: OH NVM>
i feel loved now
I actually didn't have anything to say
Sam: oh
well that's boring
Frances: yup!
so I have to have something to say to not be "boring", huh?
Sam: yup
Frances: I was just going to ask YOU that
actually. . .not really
Sam: well because...
Frances: but use your imagination!
Sam: because...
Sam: because if you don't talk i will be bored
Frances: Ooo, When Carissa called on WEdnesday
we spent the first 2 minutes
Sam: WEdnesday?
Frances: saying "hi" over and over and over again!
Sam: jeff wants to know if you like chowda.
Sam: Do you like chowda?
Frances: Jeff who?
Frances: Chowda?
Sam: do you like chowda?
Frances: HI JEFF!!!!
wait. . .is he there?
Sam: no
im gtalking him
Frances: oh
he has gtalk?
Sam: yup
Frances: wats his sn?
Sam: yuperdoodledo!
Frances: you're acting really strange right now. . .
did you have a sugar overdose?
Sam: only 1 bag of skittles
and an icee.
Frances: you seem. . .giggly and. . .un-Sammie-ish. . .
Oh goodness. . .
Sam: yuperroundtown
Frances: ok
Sam: it's "[REMOVED]"
Frances: . . .
Sam: hee hee
Frances: o.m.g.
Sam: jeff's thing is [REMOVED]
oh em je=e
Frances: . . .
Sam: yes
yes it is
Frances: are you Joe or Jimmy in disguise?
Sam: do you like chowda?
jeff wants to know.
Sam: do you like chowda?
jeff wants to know.
Frances: I KNOW
he's IMing me now
Sam: answer me!
Frances: first IM he's ever sent to me
Sam: you fool
Frances: "do you like chowda"?
Sam: do you like chowda?
Frances: FS:DJ lweaj ldsfj pwvd89efdsx
Sam: erfjeca;fo
Sam: wait.
Read my conversation with Jeff.

Sam: she's freaking out
Jeff: why?
Sam: something to do with chowda
personally, i don't blame her.
heh heh
do do do
la la la
Sam: chowda?
Frances: no
Sam: it's another name for chowder.
Frances: Sfh sdafj ;lskdjf ;l
I know
Sam: chowde
chowder is a soup
like new england clam chowder
it has clams
oh my god she's dead
i killed frances
oh well
that's the way it goes
Frances: Busy
Frances: Spring break is HERE. . .but where IS everyone???
Sam: frances!
Frances: Spring break is HERE. . .but where IS everyone??? P.S. NO MORE CHOWDA!!!!!!!
Frances: hi. . .
you killed me. . .
I don't like chowder at all. . .
Sam: no
you have to say "chowda"
hee hee
Frances: Spring break is HERE. . .but where IS everyone??? P.S. NO MORE CHOWDA!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!
Sam: oh well
Frances: j;alskjdf ;oaisfj ;klwefj klds
read my away message. . .
Sam: no more chowd
Frances: lol
Sam: chowd
I'm so posting this on my blog.
our conversation, that is.
i'm going to do that now

okay that's that.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Photoblogging not working. Computer freaking out.

No time helping verbs ever.

Oh, wait: Ali. Ali, everyone respects you. Ignore the anonymous jerks, please.

P.S. I would say we all loved you but people would be annoying about it.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Day 3. Things are looking up. I feel optimistic about this project. My pictures are now under 2mb so I can upload them. I am still using putfile.

I woke up and when I went to take a shower, I slammed the bathroom door on my middle finger of my left hand. It hurt like heck and I'm still trying to avoid typing with it (after like 11 hours).

To keep myself amused I was reading Douglas Adams' The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. For those of you clueless to Adams' writing, it's the sequel to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. And I was playing some good old-fashioned 24.

Later I set up a camera facing the window and set it up to do a time-lapse thing. It didn't come out to well, but the transition from light to dark is really cool. And it's really funny because at one point my mom's car just appears.

I went to Jeff's house with Dain, Jeff S. and Tim. For some reason I was armed with a cardboard tube for capture the flag. This is a picture of the inside of the cardboard tube using the flash. I think if you click on it it will get bigger. I really like the photo. Kind of a "light at the end of the tunnel" effect.

I was also working on Tim's layout, and writing a script for a short movie. But I can't really take a picture of that.

*EDIT* ALI! I added you to the readers list like days ago! Stop commenting that I should add you and go freakin CHECK!

Monday, April 10, 2006


Day 2.

Morale is low here at Four Years Apart.

Once again, there is proof that Yahoo is crap.

Flickr has a very limited upload capacity for each month. No more uploading pictures to Flickr.

Flickr is owned by Yahoo.

I have to use, the best I could find. It has pathetically slow upload times.


This is the only picture I have time to upload tonight. It's my new profile pic for Google Talk. My old one just said "creative" but no one got it. It was supposed to be like, "Instead of putting a creative picture here, I'll just put the word 'creative'". But instead it looks like, "I'm creative or at least I think I am and I like to brag about it.

Now it just expresses my frustration with those little paper matchbooks that with matches that are impossible to light.

I went bowling with Dain today. Then we went to dinner at Michaels.

Wow. The way I put that it really made it sound like I went on a date with Dain. Oh well.

I figured out how to post some more pictures. So here they are.

Just a shot of me driving on an overpass.

Warring water bottles. Dain and I got different kinds.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Day one of photoblogging. Hopes are high. This is simply a photo of this path in my yard with some buttercups near it.

This is my cat, Pumkin. I went out to photograph wildlife but couldn't find any. I settled on my cat.

Some friends and I decided to build a fort. So we draped a tarp over whatever these things are called. Like "play units" or something.

So not much happened today. I went to a youth group. That was fun.

It didn't really come up about how I was Jewish.


I'll probably end up posting my pictures at around 8 or so.

Check back then.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Today was a very good day.

I won't give you the details, but it was.

I bought a nice new camera: which reminds me. This week (from tommorow to Saturday: 1 week) I will be photoblogging my Spring Break. Just taking pictures and uploading them with a caption or an anecdote on its significance.

Crap my dad is intercomming me over our phone. Must go.

Great song by Jill Sobule called "Heroes".

*EDIT*: fixed the link.

I typed "hrer" instead of "href".

Friday, April 07, 2006

My Sincerest Apologies

I think that'll show up. It's just a picture of my yard. I would like to tell you about what a wonderful day it is, because you guys are clearly inside your houses reading a blog. If you can't smell what it smells like out there, you should. So open a window. I'll wait.

If you would like to see more of these pictures, check my flickr account here.

I feel really terrible about my little spat yesterday. I wanted to apologize. I've decided that I appreciate your candid opinions, and it helps me to better myself. So once again, I apologize.

Nextly, I feel it necessary to answer a comment on yesterday's post. I'll copy it so you guys can appreciate it.

"i realize now isn't the best time to risk offending you, but

you have accused every single person in the world except for Carissa and Jeff of trying to impress people out of sheer selfishness...

maybe some people do well for themselves, not to impress others...maybe some people study to get in college, not boast about grades; seriously, it's pretty impudent and presumptuous of you to wish a plague upon others and demand that everyone shut up because they are, as you are implying, obsessed with "impressing others"

since I am neither Carissa nor jeff, I assume you consider me one of the people in the world that do everything out of the want to impress others, and thus a target of your "JUST SHUT UP", I would like to inform you, since you don't seem to realize, that yes, humans are self-obsessed but not to the point where they should be told to "so just SHUT UP!" for being human

seriously, consider reading your most...considering your target is "ALL THE REST OF YOU", that is quite possibly much much more offensive that whatever the "anonymous coward" said

and one could argue cursing is cowardly too."

Well I will answer this rather [my mom read my blog and decided I had to remove this word. America isn't that much unlike Russia. Stupid censorship. It wasn't even a bad word] comment in sections.

When this person says the part about doing well for yourself, I don't even know what he's (I don't know whether it's a girl or boy, so I'll just call the person 'he') talking about. Not once in my post did I repremand people for studying. I am quite aware that people study and do well for themselves, and I have nothing against it. Bragging about their success, however, is self-centered.

Next paragraph: Why, yes! Humans are self-obsessed. It's so simple now! I was telling people to shut up for insulting me, not being self-obsessed. In fact, you're proving my point. You are telling me to do what I told them to do. I told them not to yell at me for being self-obsessed. You were a moron and have trouble comprehending things so you decided I was telling people to shut up because they were self-obsessed. And you told me to not to yell at them (and you) for being self-obsessed.

Next paragraph: I disagree. Since I was insulting many people, the insult has less meaning. Pointing out one person, say like how you decided to criticize me, has more meaning. Also, shut up isn't an insult. It's a command. However if this did hurt someone's feelings (other than whoever posted this comment), I apologize. For a second time.

And lastly: cursing is not cowardly. It's a way to make people understand that you are serious. As yesterday I was feeling serious, I decided to curse. Criticizing someone anonymously, however, is cowardly.

Okay I'm done with that.

God that movie today was horrible.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Note: This post is an angry one. But the majority of you aren't really involved. So don't worry about it.

And instead of swearing I used asterics.

Look you bunch of ****ing **** faces. I wish you lots of pain and a plague on your houses.

The question I asked was neither self-centered or about me. So if you want to keep insulting me, fine. But I want you to know that if I ever find out who you are, you ****ing anonymous cowards I'll bash your faces in. I may be weak but I'll still kick your stupid ***. So STFU already.

My post yesterday evoked a number of comments, including how I was self-centered and how the question was about my social life.


I took one of those stupid quizzes about my happiness. The question asked if you believed that happiness was something you had to find alone, and if you answered yes, you were happy. I disagreed with that; I thought you could find happiness together. So I decided to ask you, my readers.

My blog will be temporarily out of commision while I calm down. I'll never ask you a philosophical question again, of course. But I just need a break right now.

If you think I'm overreacting, I am. So you're right. But I'm really angry. And I know I get these comments a lot but these were really obnoxious.

It's true I'm self-centered. But I don't think much more than any of you. I just make a bigger deal of it, because I like to make it into a joke.

But you people do plenty of things to impress people, just trying to make yourselves feel good. Because people are self-obsessed.

Oh except for Carissa. I've never seen her do anything to impress others.

All the rest of you...

Well maybe not Jeff S.

But the rest of you do. So just SHUT UP!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

An entry? Intriguing...

This is going to be an actual post about today. It was fun.

English was so much fun! Leighton D. convinced me that Alexandra's and Atticus' style of parenting produced a child that was bad either way. Then for fun I decided that Alexandra's style was better and people debated with me. Tucker said that lying isn't so bad and I agreed with him, corroborating on his answer.

Lunch was okay. I was going to go to Ms. B's room but I had work to do. And bells, so I stayed with Mrs. S.

Math was fine. Social Studies led to some hilarious results (among them: "Salt Lake City, Idaho". Not only was Salt Lake City wrong, but IDAHO!?!?). I forgot where Virginia City was, but I still got 4 points...

Core ext. was okay... so that was basically my day.

Quick philosphical question (Damn my spelling): Do you think happiness is found with someone, alone, or either or? Do you think finding happiness is finding someone? I think it just depends...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Finally! A cool title.

Alright this is a "recycled" post because I have like two minutes to post and this is just a poem I wrote for English.

"The Narrative Poem"

The clock on the wall reads 9:02
I have to finish this poem
My mom is telling me to hurry it up
As I struggle to rhyme with “ohm”

I take the easy way out of rhyming
By explaining what I need
I need a plot to finish this work
One of evil, sin, or greed

Perhaps my problem is right there
Right where I can see it
To finish the poem is the way to go
My problem? I will be it.

6 minutes went by in the flash of an eye
My dad has gone upstairs
My mom and sister watch TV
“Friends” from their comfortable chairs

The day that past was hard and fast
My schedule was hectic, yes.
School and play practice for 9 hours straight
And my poem is not over, I guess.

I still have no plot! I know what it is,
I just can’t say it in my head,
I feel like I’m just pouring words in this poem,
And I just want to go to bed

But I continue until I finish my work,
Under the monitor’s glow,
For soon, maybe soon, it will be done,
And this is what keeps me going, I know.
This is what keeps me going.

I look at the clock in disbelief
9:20? You must be joking.
This, the 8th stanza, must be the last.
I hope my poem’s provoking

One more stanza to finish the beast,
To finish my problem, my plot
The irony is obvious to me.
Since my poem’s not done, I’m caught.

I’m ending it now, I must, I have to
For my sanity, for god’s sake!
My life seems to revolve around this poem.
And now, it’s over, my ache.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Notes and Such

Notes suck. I don't care about Chief Little Bear or Crazy Horse or whatever. All I want to do is blog.

But I know society frowns on such an action. So what happens? I'm stuck with tingly teeth.

I'm sad YAGMCB is over. But I'll get over it. Oh my god! This is hilarious. Well, actually it's not. This prophet was like, "a flood will kill the white men and the buffalo will come back" and all the native americans were like, "yay! let's dance!" and they all started dancing and the whites were like "I they're up to something." and they went up and were like, "Look let's arrest them while we point this gun at the chief" and the native americans were like "WTF?!?!?" and the whites were like "we don't mean you any harm. just stop dancing" and then they're gun went off and shot the chief and they were like, "man, I just shot marvin in the face" and the Lakotas were like, "You stupid #$@*!" and were upset and ran. And the army was like, "let's follow them". So that happened and then the native americans were like "whatever we surrender" and the whites were like, "well don't try anything funny" and then someone shot a bullet and it started a battle and all these native americans died.

And that was the end of that.

And do any of you read the whole thing because I don't think you do. None of you commented on the "seven-oh-two" post.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

It's actually not that far off...

You work well with others. That is, you're good at getting them to do work for you.

It's true that you get by on your charm. But so what? You make people happy!

You're dynamic, clever, and funny. And people like to have you around.

But you're so restless, they better not expect you to stay around for long.

Your strength: Your superstar charisma
Your weakness: Commitment means nothing to you

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

It's one of those crappy quizzes. However, this one proved rather true. Odd. Though I hardly consider my weakness to be a weakness. Is clever the same as smart? Because I am brilliant! Heh heh no but I'm kidding.

Making something out of nothing

You guys have got to check this out: it's a blog about a taxi driver from NY called "New York Hack". It's really really good.

I'm bored. Let's see if we can get my adsense to be cereal sales. Fruit loops are good. So are lucky charms. General Mills makes good cereal. What is your favorite cereal? I like Cap'n Crunch and Corn Flakes. Some hot cereals are oatmeal and cream of wheat. Have you ever had cream of wheat? It is very good.

I could really go on raving about cereal, you know. But I won't. I wonder if that did change the adsense thing.

So I did my TKAM vocab and my spanish. Oh someone comment on what a "programa de entrevistas" is. Or maybe I'll just check on Google Translator.

I really haven't been keeping up on other people's blogs this week. Once I'm done I'll probably check them.

Grape Nuts are good, too.

Whoops my bad. Oh yeah the title is from La Vie Boheme from "Rent". Few people know the beginning of that song, but I think it's the best part of the whole play.

No, please, no, not tonight, please, no, Mister, can't you go? Not tonight, can't have a scene!


No, please, no, you. Hello, sir. I said no, important, customer.

What am I, just a blur?

You sit all night; you never buy.

That's a lie, that's a lie! I had a tea, the other day.

You couldn't pay!

oh yeah...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Center of the Universe

Sing it, girl.

I feel like crap. I'm not like really sick but it's just sick enough so that I can be like, "I feel like crap".

Hence the previous statement.

Anyway, the title is from "Rent", as promised. It's the song "Santa Fe". Angel is talking about New York.

Hey, why isn't angel "angle". Like table. Or able. Or anything "-le". Or why isn't people prounounced "peepluh", or better yet, "pe-oh-pluh". From now on that's how I'll say "people". So get over it.

I forgot my sister's digital camera. So no pictures for you guys, I guess. And we got dry ice and I was planning on doing something with that but it sublimated.

Ah well.

So there is this grey sky outside. A brick building is directly across from the more modern apartment building. The bricks are old; few are red. Most are just orange. The remains of large, white lettering is still stained n it. Arch-shaped, marroon windows are scattered sparatically around it.

The East River flows next to the building, its shade of silver matching that of the sky. Some people are around looking at it. What, have they never seen a river before?

Across the river cars speed by at a frightening rate. I'm not quite sure why they're hurrying. I doubt where they're going is very important.

A group of five people, probably around their mid-thirties, walk by, each sipping their coffee mugs. They dissapear around the corner.

I can sill get to my email. Gabe seems to have gotten into a habit of copying the email addresses from chains people send him. I know that he doesn't know half of hem; that angers me. He emailed my neighbor, and a hebrew school friend, and a hebrew school friend, and a hebrew school friend's friend. I don't even know that person, yet he emails them. It annoys me so much.

The poor souls.

I think my family is home, holding the food I asked them to bring back with them hours ago. It's this delicious chinese restaurant called "Big Wong's". They have the best ribs ever! And really good duck.

I know that if I stop blogging I'll go back to reading, or even homework. So I continue.

I think they're talking about me up there.

People keep asking me how I'm feeling.

I have to eat now, and then do homework.

Ugh and I'm doing this on *shudder* IE.

I hate explorer.

Oh and I have a googlewhack, but they told me it wasn't. Well, the words never actually appear in the site, but still! Well, you be the judge: hexology parabolic.

Quick Post

Well I really should be packing now. We're going to New York in like half an hour.

But I will blog from there. And hopefully post some pictures on sarpics. I'm using Flickr now, Picasa has been messing with my computer. I sometimes use it on the other one.

Assuming my aunt's laptop has some sort of media importing software. Which I doubt it does. But whatever.

Check back later for a more interesting post that probably has something from "Rent". In the title.

To life, my friends.

Heh heh.