Sunday, April 02, 2006

Making something out of nothing

You guys have got to check this out: it's a blog about a taxi driver from NY called "New York Hack". It's really really good.

I'm bored. Let's see if we can get my adsense to be cereal sales. Fruit loops are good. So are lucky charms. General Mills makes good cereal. What is your favorite cereal? I like Cap'n Crunch and Corn Flakes. Some hot cereals are oatmeal and cream of wheat. Have you ever had cream of wheat? It is very good.

I could really go on raving about cereal, you know. But I won't. I wonder if that did change the adsense thing.

So I did my TKAM vocab and my spanish. Oh someone comment on what a "programa de entrevistas" is. Or maybe I'll just check on Google Translator.

I really haven't been keeping up on other people's blogs this week. Once I'm done I'll probably check them.

Grape Nuts are good, too.

Whoops my bad. Oh yeah the title is from La Vie Boheme from "Rent". Few people know the beginning of that song, but I think it's the best part of the whole play.

No, please, no, not tonight, please, no, Mister, can't you go? Not tonight, can't have a scene!


No, please, no, you. Hello, sir. I said no, important, customer.

What am I, just a blur?

You sit all night; you never buy.

That's a lie, that's a lie! I had a tea, the other day.

You couldn't pay!

oh yeah...


Anonymous said...

YES!! I AM THE FIRST TO COMMENT!!! adsense doesn't change...
we had vocab?
Rent was...all right.
Guess who this is from...

Ali said...

so we had vocab and reading only right? right???

carissa said...

i loved athat part of the song... my favorite part.. hehehehe

was NY fun? how did you find the blog???????

ooooo! guess what? i broke my computer! :( the cat spilled water on it while it was in my posession. I had to pay to get the hard drive backed up. and it might not even work. $70. :( i hope it works.. i had important stuff on there. gahhhh!

Anonymous said...

i hate you all, I wish you would die

weird... said...

programa de entrevistas=talk show

Anonymous said...

I like that part...

Leah said...

Ah, I haven't done any homework yet, though i should. So tired, cause I couldn't sleep. I like Cheerios and Trix (can't remember real name, not Trix).

said... said... said...