Sunday, April 30, 2006

There's no business...

...Like show business, like no business I know!

Yes! One more musical under my belt: Annie Get Your Gun. I saw it at Shipley Middle School today and it featured none-other than our long time reader Abby!

Abby played Annie, and, personally, I thought she was the best one on the stage.

She sang beautifully (she takes voice lessons) and acted well too. There's this part in "I can do anything better than you" where they sing "I can hold any note longer than you can" and they argue and eventually Annie (Abby) goes, "Yes I (and holds "I" for about thirty seconds. During this time Abby played with her hat, strolled around the stage, etc. I thought it was hilarious) can". She also does a similar thing with "I can sing any note higher than you can". And what's funny is the other lead had lost his voice so right before Abby sang really high she was laughing at him trying to sing high. There was also this really weird song called "Doin' what comes Naturally" and that was fun. And the end was, "Good thing you did, cause if you didn't I would have shot you in the-" and then they all freeze and that's when Buffalo Bill ends the show.

Another favorite character was Chief Sitting Bull. One great line is, "How..." and everyone goes, "How!" and Sitting Bull continues, " buisiness". That was very funny.

For those of you that don't know, I met Abby because she went to my Hebrew School.

Now I have to go to, so I'll finish with a link to a summary of the musical, and a quote:

Well I can't think of a quote besides "There's no buisiness like show buisiness".

Abby, comment a good summing-up quote.


melissa said...

yea Abby!

Carissa said...


Fun sam. Musicals are REALLLLLY fun. i LOVE them. lalalalala.

Jeff said...

I don't think I've ever seen "Annie Get Your Gun". It's on my list of musicals to see before college.

Jen said...

Go Abby!!!

Big fan of abby's said...

Abby was amazing! SHe sings and acts s so well and she looked so natural up there! Plus she used a really cool accent (like a hillbilly twang) and was really good about being consistent with it!

A wonderful time was had by all Austins who are all bfoas (big fans of abby).

Anonymous said...

HOORAY FOR ABBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abby said...

awww, i feel so loved :-) thanks, you guys, and to sam in particular; haha yeah, sitting bull's cool (both the dude who played him and the characture)

hmmm... summary quote (from the play, im assuming)...

sitting bull: "Remember when you say 'can't get man with gun'?"
annie: "sure, I remember"
sitting bull: "You get man with THIS gun."

hahaaa, one of my favorite lines, and it basically sums up the whole play

Anonymous said...

good job abby! And I can't belive the rest of you are just discovering this musical!! Seriosly, I was singing doin What comes natrually when I was in first grade!

serena said...

i know someone named tony who goes to shipley.

i know. cool. right?