Saturday, April 29, 2006

You Know Me?

I'm buying you a pizza.

This is the best link ever. Or at least one of them.

Okay, so I emailed Judith today. Assuming her email address hasn't changed. If it has, then I didn't email anyone.

I should be doing my homework. But I'm not.

Oh well.

And the most valuble link ever. It's the TKAM questions. I will not disclose my source.

Once again, I'm reminding you of the Douglas Adams contest. Enter!

Ummm... I think that's it.

I'm going to upload my video to the web. I'll do an edit with the link once I do.


Angie said...

i love strong bad!!! I like the email toon called "dragon" too.

Jen said... is hilarious. But that's not my favorite one.

Have you ever seen the character viedo-tape for the king of town? He eats a whole pile of salt xD

Then he sounds like he has hiccups, but he really has heart attacks!

Jen said...

oh, and caffiene is THE BEST!!! (sb e-mail)

awesome ali said...

je suis posting form a forreign place...across the street.
emma (not my sister) is saying hurry up
so bonjour...i mean au revioor.

this does not bode well for the french finals.

Jen said...

Oh yeah, Judith got a new e-mail address.

Jesse said...

Homestarrunner is awesome. I've watched every single everything on the site.

homestar ali said...

omg!!!!! lol i love that coolness!
so how was the dance like? i mean, what was the dance how...i mean...the dance was...srry i took two benadryls. my neighbors rabbit ate my face. actually, not really. i had to pick it up. cuz it was chewing on some electrical chords/cords. and it scratched me. and i'm allergic to rabbits. and now i'm tired. the end.

ali (who still doesnt know how to make a link) said...
"that's extracurriculariffic!"
"now, i'm no geographist, but i don't think that oregon is ANYWHERE near norway."

the last ali post by ali said...

otherwise known as what happens when you mix me, scissors, a new song, and an old band shirt

too bad i didnt have enough rhinestones.

omg i have a project says ali said...

everyone email me ur average grade and amount of time on the fone NOW!!!!
altho only sam has my email adress
but still!!
just post it here!!! gahhhhhh I HATE DITULIO

Carissa said...

ooO! that song is RANDOM.. but the TKAM is FUNNN! I'm NOT using it tho. That is CHEATING!But... it's fun to know that it is there!

Carissa said...

Oh.. my average grade = ABOUT... idk.... 97 or 96 or 95 ish. go with 95. and time on phone is about 21 minutes per week, 3 minutes per day?

ali-nonymous said...

lol ok everyone i got the stuffs!!
zoolander RULES
there is a person in our school for every person in that movie.
i'm running out of name ideas

hong said...

the TKAM questions have ANSWERS?!? not that anyone would use them, of course.. but wow.

Carissa said...

actually.. the site doesn't have ALL the questions and answers.. just like 99%

Anonymous said...

sooooo.... sam... you need to post that link. to the video. you never did.