Friday, April 28, 2006

Peanut Butter Post

I thought this would be a cool title.

And they got rid of the "Jumping Cats", so I put up "Bread".

Dance tonight.

As much as I like to bash dances, I do enjoy them.

Maddie and Angie's comments were funny for the last dance post.

24 was today. I did Platinum with Hong and Ben. It was fun.

I lost.

Whatever. Anyway, I had a lot of fun, and I got to miss part of school. And when you lose in normal 24, people are like "oh well that's because you suck" but when you lose in platinum people are like "oh well that's because you were doing platinum". What people have trouble doing something they assume is hard. No one knows what they're doing when it comes to platinum. It's just a matter of deciding to do it.

But the people are nicer. The people I was playing were very nice. When someone realized they made a mistake, the other people at the table were hoping they didn't. One person had the answer at our table but got it the wrong way and was having trouble. The other person and I were agonizing, hoping they got it. When you have like six people playing and you already know who's going to win (Emma and Ben), people lighten up and are themselves. The normal 24 people are more competitive. I heard people yelling.

I love Platinum.

Moving on...

Tim helps me analyze music, though I doubt he realizes it. HSB has helped me figure out the instruments in music, as well as what the composer was thinking when he made the piece.

For instance, Phantom is like a rock song. That's what Weber was basing it on. Though most of you know this already, I heard this song for the first time today. In HSB.

It's like seeing a song from a different side. Like normally you're used to seeing a song from the top, but by making it higher, you see the bottom, a part that used to be blocked by the top parts.

Thank you, Tim.


Check back at 10:15 or so.


And that's why drugs are bad.


Carissa said...

YAY! i LIKE peanutbutter. Dances. Fun. So emma and ben won? Big surprise there! Emma is AMAZING tho.... not that you aren't but w/e....
Eah.. i noticed that about HSB... LSB just makes you want to DIE! Because it is so SLOW!

rambling ali said...

omg core ex was funny
gave me a ton of material for my latest top ten...too much material actually...
*comes back to life*
aw crap...i'll have to do a special extra top ten just for zoolander! making it, in effect, a top twenty. like on vh1. only, you know, without natasha bedingfeild and kelly clarkson. and in words. and with no music. ok, maybe not so much like on vh1.
and also, my new personal goal is to not have the same signature twice for the next two weeks (or longer)

a very superbored ali said...

proof that you can find anything on the internet:
morse code translator: check.
president bush quotes: check
dog bark translator store: check
sam austin's blog: check

ali's still bored said...
it's so funny!!

Jon said...

10:15!!!!!! That is so early, I may not even be home at that time. Or I may just be swimming, or hottubbing it up, which is not a real verb, although it should be, or just not checking my computer cause I will be busy. Hopefully, actually I will probably be sitting here onmy bed being all, "why am I so bored?"

Jen said...

ROFL. That game of freeze was HILARIOUS!!!

See you at the dance!

ali FREEZE!! said...

omg freeze in core ex was sooooo funny!

Carissa said...

freeze? huh?
ok... i found funny quotes from democrats... hehehehehe

such as this:

SENATOR JOHN KERRY - "I hope every o­ne of you will tell your parents that John Kerry is a wonderful politician."
(Betsy Rothstein, "When Kids Come To Visit, Lawmakers Better Watch Out," The Hill, May 22, 2002)
Good job John, I guess the pre-schoolers are in your court.

hehehehe... i like it... it's a fun site.

lalalalala.... freeze?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.... some people can't make links around here!

Sam said...

umm... yeah.

like you.

hee hee your link is broken.

Jen said...

x.X ack. I forgot the "http://" in the link. Darn it.

So now everyone knows who said it xD

Angie said...

The crease in my elbow is lovely isin't it?



melissa said...

drugs are bad? No way! I guess thats why they kept beating us with the "drugs are bad" stick since 3rd grade.

Anonymous said...

It's an inside joke from lunch, Melissa....

Jon said...

Drugs are bad campaign has been beaten into us so much that it creates a reverse affect, we just want to spite all those people who are like, "drugs are bad mmkay" so now they are used, *cough not by me though I may have tried some cough*

Abby said...

i am proudly incapable of making links *smile broadly* (sp?) :-D

hong said...

yeah, completely agree about Platinum: everybody knew it was going to be Ben and Emma and we were there for amusement while the other people were pounding the tables, stabbing the card the minute it came out, screaming, etc. (actually, i didn't hear screaming)

Carissa said...