Sunday, April 16, 2006

Splice Here

That's it. It's over. All over.

Sunday was always depressing.

But after a week of not going to school, it is doubly so.

So, here we go! It's a Four Years Apart special event, sponsored by the fact that I have nothing else to do: How to be happy about the end of spring break.

There are 10 reasons to be happy about spring break being over:
  1. You get to see the friends you haven't seen in a while.
  2. You get to go back to your old schedule. You'll never be bored with nothing to do.
  3. School is almost over anyway. Only two weeks of April, 4 weeks of May, and 2 weeks of July.
  4. Your parents get off your back about doing chores and such, since you have homework.
  5. Blogs are no longer pointless. Now they're about school.
  6. You can where shorts. In school!
  7. The end of Spring Break marks the beginning of Spring in Pennsylvania. Trees begin to have leaves, green is everywhere.
  8. All those movies that came out in the winter are coming out on DVD.
  9. Poems aren't depressing anymore. Now they're about flowers and creeks and stuff.
  10. You get a post on Four Years Apart about why you should be happy spring break is over.
So you want some attention tomorrow? You want people to notice you? Walk into school with a smile on. Then when people are annoyed by your smile, look for other people that read my blog. When you see that they aren't smiling, you'll wonder why you listened to me. And then when you yell at me about how you were smiling, I'll laugh at you.

Whoops. Ignore everything after "Walk into school with a big smile on".

Heh heh.

Oh, and despite the fact that you think you get the post title, you don't. Get over it.


hong said...


melissa said...

#3 is the only one that makes me happy.

Abby said...

9 more weeks till summer vacation (at least for me)!!!

Jeff said...

Those ten reasons could also be turned into ten bad things. For example:
1) You get to see people you hate that you haven't seen in a while.
2) You get to go back to your old schedule, which for some reason consisted of work, work, work...
3) School, which is almost over, will feel very long because you anticipate it being over and done with until Summer.
4) You have homework.
5) You get to hear everyone rant about how much school sucks.
6) You open your drawer to see what pair of shorts you will wear...when you realize none of them fit because you grew during fall and winter.
7) The end of Spring Break signals flowers, and flowers create pollen, which gives many people allergic reactions.
8) All those movies that came out in the winter are coming out on DVD...wait, that's not bad!
9) Poems aren't depressing - they're scarily happy, about how happy people are with their flowers and frolicking in fields...those poems just CREEP ME OUT!
10) The end of Spring Break doesn't make many people happy, and thus you are forcing people to think, something which they have not done for a week or so.

Ha! All except number 8 can be turned into bad things.

Ali said...

hey mean person u took my top ten idea thingy...which i sent frances on fri but she cant figure out the
but don't wanna go to schooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. it's boring and stressful at the same time!!! :(
also i have other reasons for not wanting to go a certain seating arrangement in a certain class...grrr.

Jeff said...

8) All the really bad movies that came out in winter that your friends love you will be forced to watch because it is now on DVD. With special features.

Ali said...

oh yeah, and spring is pretty and everything, but since i'm allergic to everything that grows or has any type of fur, me and spring have sort of a love-hate relationship. seriously. spring is not a good time to b allergic to grass, trees, rabbits, pollen, leaves, etc., etc., etc.

Everybody Dance Now said...

Abby, nine weeks?? Including final exams I only have seven or maybe seven and a half, but still nine??

Abby said...

yeah... im pretty sure... h/o, ill double check

Abby said...

no, i take that back, 8 weeks including exam week, graduation day and hershey park

Jen said...

About the title..... I've never seen the word "splice" before.... except in 6th grade science. Our book defined "gene splicing" as "the splicing of genes". Very descriptive, isn't it?

Abby said...

what the heck is "splicing"?

Carissa said...


Ali said...

splicing...u know, to split up. wats with this comment box and the new layout!!?!? it's uglay!!

Ali said...

oops nvm that wuz just my comp

Abby said...

so its like a combo of slicing and splitting?