Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Indecisiveness can lead to regrets. Sometimes people are so indecisive they simply ignore the decision. This is the worst way things can go for anyone.

But that's not the point.

The point is...

Tomorrow I can miss the lab (thus abandoning Christie), book club, and the core extension thing.

Or I can skip the rock gym trip.

Bah. If I just could've gone today, this would've been so much easier.

I get to see Black Beauty tomorrow.


Jen said...

Skip it. All you do is team building and rock climbing. Trust me; it's not that great.

There was like not even a bus full of kids that went today. It was funny.

Abby said...

this post will soon expload with comments, but people (if you've been tied in with this experimental e-mail business), please do me a favor, and read the last two comments of the last post. For reasons I don't know, my e-mail won't send it out as an e-mail, so I had to put it in the comment board instead. Please read it.

Srifucius said...

Skip the rock gym. It's really stupid. Plus, you would be missing the book club (not good), and Cacciatore would HATE you for missing her thing. Well, maybe not, but missing the rock gym would be the best thing to do. I have spoken

melissa said...

indecisiveness ruins everything good.

Carissa said...

oooooo... hard choice.
The rock gym trip was fun last year. And Phil is cool. However missing the LAB and a BOOK GROUP... hmmmmmmm.... i have NO CLUEEEE what u should do. i would go on the trip. hehehehe.. i accidentially forgot to turn in my money.. whoops. IF you go tell Phil that i say 'Hi'... but he probably won't remember me.

Everybody Dance Now said...

Indecisiveness is what got me into a few of my dilemas and situations and WHAT WHAT PROM TOMORROW!!!! DAMN STRAIGHT!!!!!!! Can you tell that I am excited for the prom?

Ali said...


She-Who-Walks-In-Pudding said...

As an expert on all things, I have this to say: "When a sheep climbs the tallest mountain in the land, leaving his flock behind, only then does the true king gain his crown, unless it is in between the three bushes." As an added word of wisdom, I say, "Allow time for french fries to cook. They take longer than you think." He-Who-Walks-Not-In-Pudding has this to say about cooking french fries: "THEY ARE EVIL!!!!!!!!!! But they taste good. Ignore the recipe - it's wrong, especially when it mentions potato pancakes and chicken..."

Jen said...

Sam are you planning on checking your e-mail anytime soon???

One who types when bored said...

Wik Wik
Also Wik
A moose wons bit ma sester
it was a big un
i bit eh bak
ma sester bit ma too
in da leg
(word of advise, don't fight a moose)

monica said...

decisions confuse me

Ali said...

doo dee doo...i'm bored.