Monday, April 03, 2006

Notes and Such

Notes suck. I don't care about Chief Little Bear or Crazy Horse or whatever. All I want to do is blog.

But I know society frowns on such an action. So what happens? I'm stuck with tingly teeth.

I'm sad YAGMCB is over. But I'll get over it. Oh my god! This is hilarious. Well, actually it's not. This prophet was like, "a flood will kill the white men and the buffalo will come back" and all the native americans were like, "yay! let's dance!" and they all started dancing and the whites were like "I they're up to something." and they went up and were like, "Look let's arrest them while we point this gun at the chief" and the native americans were like "WTF?!?!?" and the whites were like "we don't mean you any harm. just stop dancing" and then they're gun went off and shot the chief and they were like, "man, I just shot marvin in the face" and the Lakotas were like, "You stupid #$@*!" and were upset and ran. And the army was like, "let's follow them". So that happened and then the native americans were like "whatever we surrender" and the whites were like, "well don't try anything funny" and then someone shot a bullet and it started a battle and all these native americans died.

And that was the end of that.

And do any of you read the whole thing because I don't think you do. None of you commented on the "seven-oh-two" post.


Everybody Dance Now said...

Of course we read the whole thing, we just like messing with your mind so you think nobody likes you. BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

nerdjedi said...

I read the whole thing! Honest to gravy, I did!

Jen said...

Yeah, I read the whole thing too.

hm... you guys actually have to take notes? I feel sorry for you. We don't have to take notes for this section. But then again, I'm going to fail the test.... xD

Me said...

Yeah... I aread that too. IN FACT, I HAVE THAT PAGE OPEN RIGHT NOW!!!
What a co-inkydink! Did I spell that right?

Abby said...

yes, i did read the whole thing, sam.

and some people, LIKE ME, have no idea what that post was talking about because some people, LIKE ME, dont go to your school and are feeling sort of out of the loop at the moment... especially since i've been gone for the last 10 days.

honest to gravy?

Everybody Dance Now said...

Yeah not bein in your grade or goin to ur school does not help, Abby makes a good point there.

Everybody Dance Now said...


Carissa said...

i didn't feel like commenting on the seven oh two post. takes too much time!!!!!!

that is THE MOST POINTLESS SECTION EVER! the book should just use your version! :)

Jeff said...

I...skimmed it, I confess.

Ali said...

lol that sounds like the notes that i take sometimes. like that romeo and juliet essay? i wrote 1 real paper and 1 that i would like to turn in. i wanted to turn in this:
I don’t have a favorite character in Romeo and Juliet. I think that they’re all really obnoxious and that Romeo is kind of hot but too dramatic. Benvolio is boring, Mercutio is obnoxious, and Juliet is a wimp. I’m really only writing this essay because I want to watch Gilmore Girls and get into honors English. I’m just going to end up making up a bunch of crud about how I like Romeo for reasons other than how hot he is. Why am I bothering to write this, you ask? Because if I don’t, both my parents and Miss Cacciatore will come murder me, just like Tybalt murdered Mercutio and Romeo murdered Tybalt.
I guess that you really can learn something from Shakespeare besides how to talk in a really weird way that, most likely, no one will understand. The moral is this: don’t get married when you’re only 14 or 18, or you and all of your friends and relatives will somehow come to an untimely end, most likely in a sword fight. Also: don’t kill yourself over your “true love” (who you happened to only know for 5 days) unless you have PROOF that he is dead, I.E. an actual body. Thank you.

Abby said...

aww, thank you jon, i feel so loved :-)