Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Tragically Low 90's

Two posts in six hours?

Yeah whatever.

I hate it. It's the worst way to be.

The tragically low 90's.

I have nothing going for me besides my mind. I'm no good at sports, of course. I'm socially inept.

But you know what? I don't even have my mind going for me.

I can't stand it.

Because I'm a mediocre smart person. I could never compete with Anthony, Jimmy, Emma, Carissa, or any of those people.

Tim knows about science. I do my best to keep up with him, but I can't.

Maddie, Angie, and the two Jeffs can sing.

Dain is funnier than me. Frances plays better piano. Christie and Sri are in the knoledge bowl. Emily swims.

I'm nothing.

I can play chess.

Freakin' chess is all I have going for me. And no one cares about chess unless you're like Bobby Fischer.

So that's that.

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Melissa said...

you know what? I get low 90's, and I can't do anything special. Get over yourself, you'll be much happier.

Jesse said...

I sometimes feel like that, Sam. I get mostly low 90's. But I like to think that that is just because I'm tremendously lazy and disorganized. I sometimes get 80s in math (I'm in geometry) and my teacher says that its only because I'm not doing my best on homework and studying. Whenever I feel mediocre, I try to remember that I could do better if I bothered. Try that, it might help.

Jen said...

Aw, but Sam, you're a good friend!

And you're great at a lot of things. Please don't be like that; I don't like worrying when I'm trying to recover from sickness!

Abby said...

low 90's are bad? since when? an A is an "outstanding", right?

sam, you're NEVER gonna be happy if you're comparing yourself to other people; there'll always be someone better, and there'll always be someone worse. Concentrate on what you want to accomplish for yourself, and forget how everyone else is doing.

Leah said...

Come on, I get low 90's too. You're the most charismatic person I actually like. I've been in dark places before, but you'll get out of it. I've never heard Frances, but I love it when you play piano. :)

nerdjedi said...

Are you kidding!?! You OWN the world when it comes to computers! You've built nearly al of the ones in your house! And you say you can't do anything! And you rock at PowerPoint! And HTML! You won my layout contest after all. And you play the piano like nothing else! I could go on, but we'd all be dead before I finished, so I'll stop.

nerdjedi said...

Oh yeah. Forgot to mention the fact you can argue nearly any side of anything. You're like the ultimate lawyer!!!

nerdjedi said...

And there's nothing wrong with being socially inept. I am. And also, you're a nerd. And, as we all know, the nerds always end up being the multi-millionaires who own the world. So yeah. I'm done now. For real.

Ali said...

um, please.
cry me a river, sam.
what have I got to offer, i wonder?
the girl with a 63 in math?
the girl who would LOVE to get low EIGHTIES, let alone low NINTIES?
i have very little of a mind to speak of
not much better at social crap than you are
i can't play chess, swim, or any of that.
can't sing, have no scientific skills to speak of. not in the knowledge bowl.
i'm not pretty, smart, or anything.
and i don't have grades in the ninties at all. besides, like, art and music, which i'm not even good at; they're just easy.
so forgive me for not sympathyzing like a few people on here, who are only doing so b/c you built them up in your post.

Jeff said...

I'll give my big, long, prepared speech on why you shouldn't feel bad about getting low 90's tomorrow in school. As for now, I leave you with a happy quote: "He killed Dead Tom!" "But...Dead Tom's always been dead. That's why we call him 'Dead Tom'!" Points to who ever knows what that's from.

Angie said...

I am in the singing group? really? omg.... wow. I didn't think....

thanks sam. and we all love you no matter what your grades are.

wow. i can sing.

Angie said...

Sam, you can...

speak spanish really well

make me laugh even when I'm really sad

sing and act as well as anyone else

cheer someone up very well

play bells better than me (curse you echoing and E flat!)

and you can fit in anywhere and make people happy.

I think thats saying a lot.

Everybody Dance Now said...

I have a point and a question.
Point: Low 90's is kickass no matter what, concerning grades.
Question: What is wrong about being mediocre, if that is what you are considering your self, cause where there are people who will be better than you, at almost everything, there will also be more people worse than you at the things you dedicate yourself to.

Carissa said...

I'm in the low 90s as well. so cut it out. Stop putting me in categories with ANTHONY JIMMY and EMMA when they are incredibly smarter than i. I could NEVER keep up with Tim in science, not many people could. you know more about science than most so be happy with that. You can sing good enough to get into YAGMCB... i STINK at singing.. i dont' know dain but i'm sure you are just as funny because i find you hilarious, frances plays a DIFFERENT STYLE OF PIANO than u (aka classical), christie is in the knowledge bowl? YAY FOR HER, and i didn't make it. i mean, i never thought i would make it cause i'm toooo stupid but w/e... i ALWAYS make it into semi finals only to fail... knowledge bowl this year and last...24 the 3 years before this. Emily is AMAZING at swimming, but would you really want to put in 2 hours a day to something like that? it TOTALLY consumes your life. Playing chess is SOMETHING better than the NOTHING that some people have.
Now... onto how amazing you are... *ahem* Also you can do COMPUTER anything amazing... everything you do other people follow... blogger and google talk for example, you are AMAZING at lawyerish stuff... u are probably good enough at that and politics to be the president of the US or attorney general or something, and you are AMAZNGLY FUNNY.. one of the funniest people i know.

there. Happy? have we sufficiently convinced you that you are NOT STUPID? because i don't want to read another post like this AGAIN. honestly. if you write something like that you must KNOW that people are going to say all the stuff that is good about you. so. "you are amazing" there. Happy? good

have a nice day

c u @ school tomorrow.

ECB said...

I like the comments that say get over yourself because everyone needs friends who like them enough to be honest and smack you upside the head when you need it. (Sam -- you needed it!) I also like the comments that try to make you feel better because its nice to have friends who do that too. I also like the people who say -- try harder if you dont like it.

the phrase "tragically low nineties" was coined as a joke, an ironic comment about a certain person (not Sam) who was used to getting amazingly high 90s (even 100s at times) and was mocking her own disappointment when she didn't quite get those grades.

Jon and Abby -- there is a poem for you guys: its called "Desiderata" and it includes this verse:

If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Wouldn't a world without grades be nice?

Abby said...

i totally second what carissa said (well, not the first part, because I've never met anthony or jim or emma or carissa for that matter, so I'm in no possition to say who's smarter).

and to further the point she and many others made, my brother and his friends, after meeting you at my bat mitzvah, are all convinced you're going to be the first jewish president. he told me himself. so there.

Abby said...


Everybody Dance Now said...

I don't know, there is Noah Becker, who maybe none of you know except those that are of the last name Austin. Sam to help make you feel better, I may permenantly damage my vocal chords if I am not careful, so there are worse things. And yes again this is another make you feel better. I cannot say stop whining, because, that is what I do and do probably best out of anything that I do, and most. So I no want to be hypocritical, FWAAAAHHHHH. And I actually got the title and who it was refering to.

nerdjedi said...

Jeff: The dead Tom quote is from muppet treasure island!

Angie said...


Angie said...

aww... tim got it first.


hong said...

a banan is the equivalent of the grades we get in school in terms of measureming intelligence.

hong said...

^^dang, that's surprisingly hard to type

hong said...

GARR typos

Everybody Dance Now said...

Hey, what happend to Rachel's posts??

Sri. said...

SAM YOU CUT THIS OUT RIGHT NOW! I'm not going to go on about how great you are, because everyone else already has, but I will say this: If you don't believe, you can't achieve. If you can't achieve, you won't believe. So believe in yourself, cut the self-pity, and the world will right itself automatically. Trust me on this.