Monday, February 06, 2006

You opened your umbrella...

And we walked, between the raindrops, back to your door.

Ah, what a great album! Donald Fagen, "The Nightfly". It's really a classic. For me, anyways.

As always, I'm busy Mondays, so I don't have a whole lot of "blog time", however I do have a poem I wrote! It's not dark like Jon's (who never comments anymore. Ah well, I guess he's a little old for that), It's kind of funny. In a wierd way...

"Scale Factor"

Things are small.
Not really small.
But small none-the-less.

And people make them bigger.
Not all people.
But people none-the-less.

And when people
(not all people)
Make things bigger than they are.

Then life gets...

Not a lot harder.
But harder none-the-less.

And it's not that hard to stop making things...


It's really not.

But people do it anyways.

Life is hard enough as it is,

And when you think like an eighth grader,

Not all things
But most things

Are bigger than they really are. Harder than they really are.

So stop.

Stop making things bigger.

Life is short.
Not that short,
But short none-the less.

Huh? Huh? Yeah.

Well, last feature. This week is thanking my wonderful fans here at 4YA. So anyone who comments their name on THIS, and only this, post, gets a paragraph written about them, and their relation to me (nothing dangerous or personal). Yes, I did steal this from Serena.

Oh, last note: That girl Becky, from "CrushedByACrush" Xanga, is sad. Justin dumped her. So go say a nice word, will you? Then she'll be touched but creeped out. On the comment board, or maybe even the little "chat room" on the side if you don't have a xanga. Here's the link.


Everybody Dance Now said...

If you viewed my blog, well area, you would know why I not posting much anymore.
And I am against putting my entire name, so I give you my first name and would prefer you do not put my last name.

nerdjedi said...

Nice poem.

Admin said...

oh!! make a paragraph about me!!!! (but don't say what we've been talking about recently, 'kay?)


Anonymous said...

who do you guys think that "Claire" is anyway??? Well whoever she is she better KEEP HER PAWS OFF!!!! [read comment on Tim's post]

melissa said...

your poem was... indescribable? i'm not good with words anymore... but i can trip people like no-other

nerdjedi said...

Who on earth was that Claire person, and who's the person who wants her to "keep her paws off?" (See other post)

Carissa said...

wow..........that was a REALLY GOOD poem. You should get it copyrighted. Then publish it. That would be fun.

ur sooooooo mean. ok. i'll go consolidate Becky, but i'll be NICE about it........ lol......

OHOH! Paragraphs about people are FUN!

Jeff said...

Interesting poem. Yup. Right.
Visit my (our) new blog!
I find it scary that you actually keep up with Becky's blog. Maybe it's just me, but isn't it sort of strange that she's had two boyfriends in the past two weeks?
Regarding Tim: It seems you have a secret admirer. :-P
Hm...that's all I've got. For now. Later, I may have something else to say. But not now.

Sri said...

Wow. Deep, but wow. Very deep.,,, not true, but that's just for me. May not be for you, but hey! To each his own.

Admin said...

*reads all this 'Claire' business*

Oo;; okay then.... *walks away slowly*

*is still mad at art teacher*

Madeline Margaret said...

Well, you wouldn't want to do a paragraph on me, would you? Since you DONT CARE! Geez, I could have a blood infection, but does Sam care? No, he's too busy basking in his self-righteous, holier-than-thou glory. Publish a book already, or something like that. humph. i'm only going to school tomorrow to catch up on work and to WIN the spelling bee. Like i could. I look like I skinned MY FACE! Angry? Upset? Bored? ME? Never. Mad at you? YES!

Madeline Margaret said...

i am commenting so you'll see my comment. The 1st one.

Madeline Margaret said...

Did you really trip from Melissa?

Madeline Margaret said...

Did you miss me?

Madeline Margaret said...

Are you mad at me?

Madeline Margaret said...

I have an awful infection. Could develop into blood infection.

Madeline Margaret said...

Also possibly impetigo.

Madeline Margaret said...

Anyway, on Passions, my soap opera, Sheridan is on the hunt for her abducted son in Hawaii with the aid of her love interest, CHris, a British secret agent with mob roots. He enlists the help of his former comrades, but they turn on him and he is brutally beaten. Sheridan rescues him and nurses his wounds, then takes him to the hot tub for a different erm, kind of care.

Madeline Margaret said...

Meanwhile, Sheridan's much younger half sister, Fancy, is facing her boyfriend, Noah Bennet's attachment issues, especially after a conversation with a mysterious, beautiful woman whio seems to know all about her and Noah.Fancy is perturbed about her new knowledge about men and commitment, and decides to visit her rich tycoon grandfather whose only soft spot is for her. He also happens to be in a coma. After leaving him, she meets up with Noah. However, right after she left, Noah met the mysterious stranger. It is his ex-girlfriend that he never got over, his lovely Maia. he only broke up with her because of her association with s policeman's murder, especially because his father was the Police Chief at the time. Noah and Maia kiss passionately, but noah insists that he has feelings for Fancy. Maia admits that she's been following Fancy around.

Jesse said...

Thats a really cool poem. *Poetry clap* Very repetitive, though.

Admin said...

Sam, what's wrong? you weren't in school today, you haven't updated your blog, and you haven't e-mailed me...

Abby said...

sam, i didn't know you wrote poetry! i loved it! you should write poetry more often. *snap snap*

wow, you're going to be writing paragraphs for a looooong time.

Frances =) said...

Lol, I remember that. . .the poem and the Becky thing. . .
To someone's comment. . .(trying not to give anything away) MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Actually. . .I think you stole it from Serena who stole it from Hong who stole it from Carissa who stole it from Steph who stole it from Alice or something. . .but ya, do me. And yes, I already know I talk fast. . .=P
Interesting story, Maddie.
Sam, get well soon. I left a message for you on my blog actually. . .basically telling you and Maddie and Jeff to get better soon because school is sooooooo much more quieter (this is why I'm never absent. . .haha) and English class isn't the same w/o Maddie. . .but ya.
~Frances =)

Frances =) said...

I should actually say "feel better soon" b/c saying get weel soon makes it seem like you broke your leg or something. . .so ya, Sam, feel better soon.
~Frances =)

Everybody Dance Now said...

Questions sparked
Changes my train of thought
Don’t know what’s going on in my mind
Am I sure
Is this really it
Does the way I feel reflect in my actions
Or am I leading it on
I sit and ponder
Lay back and can’t decide
I guess I will just wait
Roll with the flow per say
And hope the best comes for what it is
Hope I don’t screw anything up
Go to fast
Ruin what I have
What I could have
What have I gotten myself into
Questions spark

Apparently you are sick Sam?
Feel better to all those who are sick in the Austin household.
I like poetry so I left you with my latest attachment onto the third part. You are the only ones seeing this, so feel special! Not like you've seen or read the first two in my blog. *wink wink*

Leah said...

Well I guess Becky has dumped one and been dumped by one so far. Tie game. Poem was...well, to be honest I'm not sure. Course selection is almost over. Any chance you'll post your choices?

Rachel W said...

poor becky! I really thought she and Justin were made for each other!

Okay now write a pargraph about me. lol i mean HAHA