Sunday, August 16, 2015

o to

o to be the kind of person who goes to the store to buy an onion, o to walk more quietly, o to be able to stop picking at my fingers and to stop whistling in the house, o to stop showing up to parties at people's apartments on the east side but then deciding to leave while i'm walking up the stairs, o to be able to say good morning to the receptionist like a normal person, o to be able to smoke a cigarette without coughing, o to walk to the river and jump in and breathe deeply in the water and sink to the bottom and live there forever, with my feet in the mud without worrying anymore about whether i have something stuck in my teeth or whether i should buy renter's insurance, o to stop drunk texting my sister things like "am i a sad person or do i just perform sadness" and later that night i borrowed michael's citibike key and you and i double rode up to van cortland park and lay in the of the cricket pitch and it was warm and i felt something new when we looked up at that orange sky and i realized i could walk as far as i wanted and you would keep your head down the whole time, or that i could assume some agency and be responsible for something small but significant

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Anonymous said...

o how I've missed u