Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Signal Problems On The JSQ-33rd Line

I attended a weekend seminar
in time management
in an effort to solve
the problem I have where
instead of working I sit
in front of my computer
picking at the skin under
my fingernails and thinking
about how you said to me
these years will be hard,
and how upset
I was with you because
I knew you were right.

Will I never learn to sleep
with the night sounds of
the street cleaner and the police?
Or with the orange glow
from across the river,
like a detonation frozen in crystal?
Could I not be the kind of person
for whom moving to a new
city could be a great and
wonderful adventure?
I will light a small fire
and then call
to say that we haven’t
talked in a while but you should
know I printed out the poem
you wrote for me and I read it
on the PATH train
whenever there are delays,
which is every day.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Detonation frozen in crystal is a beautiful image