Friday, August 13, 2010

A Historical Conclusion

January started on a high note with the publishing of An Exposition, the script for a three-act film featuring hiccups, hijinks and Hannah Montana. I came up with the story idea on January 4 and wrote the script in the following three days. The only other really noteworthy post that month saw was With Apologies to Seth Zweifler, Editor-in-Chief, which attracted enough attention to earn me an invitation to write a school guest column. Though January didn't feature a whole ton of really awesome stuff, it was promising that I posted nine times. College apps were done, and I had more time on my hands.

On Friday, February 5, 2010, visitors to Mostly Harmless were greeted not by a story or photograph but with an announcement. The weekend forecast was calling for several inches of snow, and I planned on staying inside and blogging 12 times - more posts than I'd ever written even in a single month since December of 2008. I scheduled my posts faithfully; I had agreed to publish at 2:00, 6:00, and 10:00 every day, AM and PM. In the end I was left with what the marathon produced, which included two puns, one poem, and an original ukulele cover of a mildly popular indie rock song. The posts were not of incredible quality, but they were decent enough to consider the weekend a success.

March was another groundbreaking month for Mostly Harmless. A friend had recently convinced me that what my fiction really lacked was symbolism, and so my stories this month were stuffed to the brim. I was even giving my characters real-deal literary names: Azrael Pearlman, for the angel of death and a bass drum company, and Euterpe, for the muse of poetry and music. This was deep stuff. It was in March that I also wrote Storage, one of my favorite posts that didn't seem to catch on with many of my readers. March closed with On The Final Knight, a gut-wrenching tale of heartbreak and poorly-planned chess strategy. I guess that happens.

On May 1, I embedded Three Breaks onto my blog, an entry for my high school's film festival. Its script was based on the aforementioned An Exposition, and the movie itself won "Best Writing" at the contest, which was funny because anyone who glanced at the script would have known half of the lines were ad-libbed.

The summer after I graduated I decided to post every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. This policy soon just became a general "three times a week", as I don't have the follow-through to actually post on time for that long. Though the first post of this adventure was a pretty good one, the demand for quantity soon meant a decrease in quality. Though I managed to scrape together a couple love stories towards the end of July, by mid-August I had resorted to writing a history of my blog.


Esteban :) said...

It's a great time to write a history of your blog; I don't think it's really a last resort. In a couple weeks, you'll be living far away and it's just nice to wrap up all this PA stuff in a nice little box before you go so that when you look back, there is it, all of it.

I've really enjoyed reading this throughout the years, Sam. It makes me smile. Thanks. :)

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