Monday, August 02, 2010

A Further History of Mostly Harmless

When we left off last time, our intrepid hero had just changed his blog's name to the one that would stick for more than five months. It was June of 2006: Pixar had just released Cars, gamers were actively awaiting the soon-to-be-released Wii, and Sam Austin was still busy posting lengthy paragraphs of boring nothingness on his dark void of a blog.

Noteworthy during this period was less what I was doing and more what else was happening in the very tiny blogosphere in which my friends and I spent so much time. The Guest Blog, an experiment I had tried with my friend, had pretty much officially failed, a couple of friends and I were trying a team blog called Triple Threat (which would later be deleted), and The Vanquisher of Anonymous-ness was beginning to become a regular on our comment threads. I only mention this shady loner because of the inspiration he provide me with - I wrote Anonymous in December and Ideas Are Bulletproof in January of the next year. Both of these extra blogs were pretty terrible, but I like to think of them as important stepping-stones down a path that would lead to what is now my world-famous and award-winning blog.

In September 2006, I started posting photographs with every post. They weren't fantastic pictures, but I still had some favorites. This went on pretty well for the whole time I spent in ninth grade, but, a year after the photographs started, a slump in the picture-taking process immediately preceded the mysterious loss of my camera. Between July and December, my posts became sparse and irregular. I started writing The Propagandist again - a story I had started in February - but stopped after just a few chapters. I dreamt up the briefly aforementioned Bloggies, but lacked the follow-through to actually give the winners the trophies they could put on their blog.

Chapter 2 of this exciting account ends with New Year's Eve of 2007, when I wrote an appropriately upbeat post about the wonderful new camera I had received for Christmas a few days earlier. With this gift I was prepared to fight back the demons of apathy and laziness to revive my blog. Would it be done? Would I be successful? Would Mostly Harmless survive to one day possibly see its thoroughly uninteresting history chronicled in multiple-post format, possibly, like, after its author graduated high school? Find out on Thursday, when the thrilling HISTORY OF MOSTLY HARMESS resumes!

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