Tuesday, April 10, 2007

47: The Bowling Shoe

This picture: Mediocre.

Alright, so my experiment failed miserably. Apparently the only the only one who submitted a real idea was "7", but even he seemed a little confused.

We're going to try this one more time. The scene is in this format:

Scene #: Character

Thought process.

Scene # is the line number (this will be 1 for you). The Character is who is speaking.

The "thought process" is what the character was thinking as he said is line. For example:

If the thought process was "Please remove yourself from the door, as the building is on fire and I would dearly like to exit", the line could be "Get the @#%$ out of my way! Don't you see I'm on fire, you &%##?!?"

Understand? If not, we'll try something else tomorrow.

Okay. I'm giving you the character and his thought.

Introduction: Louis

Please consider my point of view.


Jedi_Raptor07 said...

Scene 1: Detective

What is there to consider? You shot the man and his entire family in cold blood! And for what?!? Because you didn't like his shoelaces!?!

Carissa said...

oooooo see when you said the decision is entirely up to you
i thought you were talking about like the decision for what we type
i didn't know it was thought
i'm going to wait to see how other ppls make fools of themselves before i enter tho

kelly h said...

ditto carizzy.

Jeff said...

I'll make a fool out of myself.

Scene 1: Lestat

Is it my fault that you asked me to turn you into a vampire?


Scene 1: Krystal

You want me to consider your point of view? You were on an acid trip at the time!!! How much more screwed up could your POV be?!

Carissa said...

now i'm confused tho cuz the 2 ppl who entered i didn't think u were supposed to do it like that so now i don't get it again....

judith said...

interesting pic Sam. Um, I just wanted to say hi. oh and also can you email me pleez? Oh yeah if you are from Valley forge and know me hi by the way.

don't want to lose touch.

judith said...

by the way cool blog

kelly h said...